Carlson School in the Media

  • Kathleen Vohs in The Michigan Daily

    Why might we be happy to do things for free but not when we are paid to do them? If your neighbor asks you to watch their dog for a night, you will be happy to do it. But if they pay you after, you may not only be offended by the amount, you might expect to be paid even more next time. Humans are social animals and we are happy to help out others. But when we are paid for our work and market norms enter into the scene, social norms run out the door.

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  • Global Matters in CNN Money

    An atomic bomb. Disastrous. A nightmare scenario. Tragic. Absolutely destructive.

    These were the dire words used by three of the original negotiators of NAFTA to describe what would happen if the deal was thrown out and protectionist trade policies ruled. NAFTA is the trade deal between U.S., Canada and Mexico that's under siege from President Trump. He has threatened to rip up NAFTA if a new deal can't be reached from renegotiating it. The three original negotiators see the global economic and security order at risk if the Trump threats of tariffs and protectionism become reality -- and other countries adopt the same policies in retaliation.

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  • Global Matters in MPR

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