Gary S. Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship Undergraduate

Entrepreneurial Management Major or Minor

An Entrepreneurial Management major or minor is for the person interested in successfully organizing, owning, managing and assuming the risks of a business (entrepreneurship), or successfully assisting organizations in developing new business opportunities (intrapreneurship). Curriculum is designed to range from introductory fundamentals through the development and implementation of real business opportunities.

Carlson Ventures Enterprise

The Carlson Ventures Enterprise (CVE) is one of four signature enterprises available to students in the Full-Time MBA program at Carlson and accepts a handful of undergraduate students each semester. CVE is a two-and-a-half-semester program that combines innovative theory with practice. Students learn both about the creation of new high potential ventures and about new business development in corporate settings.

Entrepreneurship in Action

The Entrepreneurship in Action (EIA) course gives our undergraduate students the unique opportunity of conceiving, launching, and operating a real business as part of their educational experience. Students gain hands-on experience with all aspects of the business including strategy, sales and marketing, finance and accounting, operations, human resources, and information technology. 

Social Venturing in Action

Social Venturing in Action (MGMT 4000) focuses on learning a multitude of entrepreneurial frameworks while directly applying learning to the non-profit sector and impact-related for-profit sector. Impact organizations are a growing and increasingly-entrepreneurial part of our economy. Students will complete a semester-long experiential project, working directly with a social enterprise. The course is taught by Matt Ladhoff, Career Program Director at Wallin Education Partners.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship - Cuba

An Introduction to Global Entrepreneurship will provide a survey, introduction, and overview of the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. Through case materials, guest speakers, and site visits, students will better understand how entrepreneurs are dealing with the opportunities and threats related to Cuba.

Management of Innovation and Change - Brazil

Managing Innovation and Change - Sustainability in Brazil focuses on how entrepreneurs create new businesses and how organizations innovate and change. We will focus on how the innovation journey unfolds in the creation of new businesses, technologies, products, programs, and services, and what paths on this journey are likely to lead to success or failure. We will look at Brazilian organizations that have innovated in areas of alternative energy and sustainability.

STARTUP: Customer Development & Testing

Students interested in pursuing their own entrepreneurial ventures are encouraged to apply for a new trial course offering based on lean startup principles and tools. STARTUP: Customer Development & Testing (MGMT 5102) is an intensive 2-credit course in which students test business model assumptions and receive recurring feedback from instructors and mentors. 

Building a Better Rollator Walker

What started out as an idea is now one of the most promising startups that could benefit millions of mobility-compromised people. Watch how Telo, a company founded by four former University of Minnesota students, rethought and redesigned the rollator walker.