Supply Chain & Operations Board of Advisors

The Supply Chain and Operations Board of Advisors is comprised of industry leaders whose guidance enriches teaching and research at the Carlson School, and creates career opportunities for students. By partnering with member organizations, the School delivers real-world wisdom to inform the next generation of supply chain leaders.

The Board of Advisors offers its members opportunities to network with senior supply chain executives, engage in a discussion of cutting-edge issues, access Carlson School academic programs and resources, and make a difference in the lives of aspiring professionals by bringing their expertise to the classroom.

Board meetings are held twice per year, in the fall and spring. To join the board, contact KK Sinha at

Supply Chain and Operations Board of Advisors Members

  • Kolleen Schneider

          Director of Supply Chain

  • Sallie Burke

         VP, Supply Chain Strategy

  • Terrance Brick

          VP, Global Supply Chain Strategy

  • Greg Mueller

          Global Supply Chain Leader 

  • Mark Ratcliffe

          VP, Global Supply Chain Planning

  • John Van Hoomissen

          Director, Global Supply Chain

  • Rob Brown

          VP, Supply Chain Global Planning 

  • Bill Drazkowski

          EVP, Sales - Western United States

  • John Kelly

         Director, NA Planning & Manufacturing Logistics

  • John Ehresmann

          VP, Global Supply Chain Management

  • Jennie Soderholm

         Director, Global Supply Chain Engineering Adhesives

  • Kevin Spinti

          VP, Global Procurement 

  • Tanya Dowda

          Director of Sourcing, Business Alignment and Diversity

  • Dustin Braun

           VP, Logistics and Planning

  •  Jim Schuld

           Director of Technology & Innovation Strategy

  • Dave Wagner

            Vice President, Global Operations Innovation

  • Shaun Bunch

          SVP of Supply Chain Operations


  • Joe Ruzynski


  • Chance Caffee

           VP, Supply Chain and Global Logistics

  • Hunter Saklad

           Senior Vice President, Supply Chain

  • Briana Birkholz 

          VP, Strategy Execution & Enterprise Systems

  • Eric Wold

          VP, Customer Service & Logistics

  • Greg Mays

          Chief Operating Officer

  • Sree Mangalampalli

          Vice President, Sales


  • Ryan Okeson

          Sr. Director of Global Inventory Management - Sales and Operations Planning

  • Dan Strike

          Supply Chain Manager

  • Amit Sharma

          Director, Advanced Analytics Solutions

  • Fletcher Wanless

          Director, Supply Chain Operations

  • Craig McKenney

          Chief Procurement Officer, Head of Supply Chain

  • Chris West

          SVP, Enterprise Operations

Supply Chain & Operations Department