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Analytics for Good Institute Model

Data Analytics to Advance Your Mission

The Analytics for Good Institute is currently seeking partner organizations across government, nonprofit, and business sectors. We also welcome inquiries from mission-driven foundations looking to amplify their impact. Our engagement model is built around two kinds of projects:

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Business Analytics Consulting

Home to a top graduate program in analytics, the Carlson School teaches students how to use data to solve real problems. Sponsoring a project in the Carlson Analytics Lab provides valuable experiential learning for students and real results for your business or organization.

Sample projects:

  • Forecasting patient census in order to optimize nurse staffing and provide better care at a large hospital
  • Predicting which renters will be at risk of eviction in order to intervene with secure housing assistance
  • Quantifying crop growing conditions in order to optimize resource allocation and lessen environmental impact
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Collaborative Research with Data

Technological advances and the proliferation of data have opened new landscapes for learning and research. For the most complex, multifaceted problems, AGI pairs University researchers with partner organizations for longer-term projects with the potential to generate new knowledge.

Sample topics:

  • Fairness, transparency, and algorithmic bias in AI and machine learning
  • Societal impact and unintended consequences of digital media, platforms, algorithms, and AI
  • Addressing income equality, gender bias in the workplace, diversity and inclusion, and other social issues

To Learn More or to Discuss Partnership Opportunities: