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Carlson Analytics Lab

Expand your company’s analytics capabilities and build a pipeline to in-demand talent by partnering with the Carlson Analytics Lab.

In the Carlson Analytics Lab, teams of graduate students harness data to solve twenty-first century business challenges for client companies. 


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Pushing Forward

Land O' Lakes Chief Technology Officer Teddy Bekele talks about his company's partnership with the Carlson Analytics Lab.

Project Profiles

Mall of America

Mall of America Mines Wi-Fi Data

Read how the Carlson Analytics Lab helped generate new customer insights from a novel data source, and how Mall of America is putting those insights to work.

Forecasting patient Census

HCMC Patient Census Forecast

Putting machine learning into action, this Carlson Analytics Lab team helped Hennepin County Medical Center optimize nurse staffing decisions. 

Become a Client

The Carlson Analytics Lab works with client organizations of all sizes and from any industry. Bring us your data-intensive projects. We work on exploratory data analysis, machine learning, predictive analytics, causal experimentation, optimization, and more.

Carlson Analytics Lab