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Enabling women to thrive and grow to their full potential.

About This Program

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Over the last few decades, women have made important strides ascending the leadership ranks. However, as a whole, they are still promoted less frequently and earn less than their male counterparts. In fact, according to McKinsey, women still lag behind men at every level. Women executives can help close this gap by increasing focus on the specific problems women face in the workplace, and intentionally planning how to navigate those barriers throughout their careers.

In this course, learners will hear perspectives and gain critical insights from women executives who have persevered and have achieved significant levels of success. They will also learn communication tools, negotiation strategies, and gain valuable insight about their own working styles, including when and how to flex their strengths to become even more effective leaders. Finally, they’ll discuss common missteps women make at work and explore approaches to avoid them.



This class is intended for mid- and senior-level leaders.


Key Benefits

In this high-impact, interactive course leaders will:

  • Engage with seasoned women executives from varied backgrounds and industries
  • Explore ways to lead courageously including: assertively voicing opinions, holding firm as others push back, dealing with others who overstep boundaries, leaning away from safety, and managing fear
  • Discuss how to refine communication methods to increase their receptivity 
  • Learn how to decode what others are conveying in order to respond more effectively
  • Utilize the StandOut Assessment to understand strengths and how they can be leveraged to accelerate performance
  • Build an action plan focused on enhancing critical relationship
  • Learn proven negotiation strategies to improve outcomes
  • Discover how to be more intentional to achieve work/life balance
  • Share experience and learn from others successes and missteps
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Cost: $4500.00

Negotiation Strategies: Capitalizing on Your Gender Advantage

Over the last few decades, women have made important strides ascending the leadership ranks. However, as a whole, they are still promoted less frequently and earn less than their male counterparts. In this 15-minute webinar, Associate Professor Pri Shah introduces tips for women to close the pay gap by harnessing negotiation skills that women are known to be good at.

If companies continue to hire and promote women to manager at current rates, the number of women in management will increase by just one percentage point over the next ten years. But if companies start hiring and promoting women and men to manager at equal rates, we should get close to parity in management—48 percent women versus 52 percent men—over the same ten years.

– Women in the Workplace 2018, McKinsey & Company

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Keynote Speaker:

Kweilin Ellingrud, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

Accelerating Gender Equality: Gender equality globally, in the U.S., and in Fortune 1000 companies

Communicating Strategically

Strategic Negotiations

Leadership Panel: Leadership Journey to the C-Suite - Inspiration and Insights

  •      Corie Barry, CEO-elect; CFO and Strategic Transformation Officer, Best Buy


Success Circle

Leading Courageously

Leadership Panel - The Leadership Journey, Including Challenges to Reach the VP Ranks

  •     David Edgerton, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Andersen Corporation
  •      Roycie Eppler, SVP Customer Experience and HR, Heraeus
  •      Leah Larson, SVP Customer Experience and HR, Ecolab
  •      Julie Theil, VP HR/L&D, Schwan's Company
  •      Marcia L. Page, Co-Founder and Executive Chair, Varde

Building Your Leadership Brand

Leading Forward

Leading for Sustainable Performance

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