Leading Organizational Change

Prepare yourself to lead through organizational change. Learn the elements of a clear and compelling organizational vision and how this drives major change initiatives. Model change behaviors and learn to develop a culture of teamwork and collaboration that supports transformation.

Program Details

In Person: Minneapolis, MN

About the Program

Staying competitive in an ever-changing business environment requires a sophisticated understanding of organizational change management. You not only have to appropriately respond to changing markets, but lead others through the transition as well. Leaders who excel in this role draw on their expertise in multiple business and leadership areas.


This course prepares you to lead through organizational change as you: 

  • Learn the elements of a clear and compelling organizational vision and how this drives major change initiatives
  • Model change behaviors and learn to develop a culture of teamwork and collaboration that supports transformation
  • Learn fundamental elements of strategic management and how a firm’s strategy and strategic changes can enable organizational change
  • Acquire tools and techniques for effectively leading and motivating organizational change
  • Understand why transformation initiatives often face resistance and address the root causes
  • Learn how to design and reshape organizational structures and systems to support organizational change and transformation


Please note that "Leading Organizational Change" was previously called "Leading Transformational Change".

Learn how you can customize this program for your organization.


  • Leaders involved with developing or implementing change initiatives, in any functional area 
  • Leaders with P&L or significant project/functional responsibility
  • C-suite

Key Benefits

  • Identify organizational change readiness 
  • Successfully plan, execute, and sustain significant change initiatives
  • Avoid common change-related pitfalls and missteps
  • Cultivate an organization that embraces change
  • Establish leadership credibility in times of transition
Leading Organizational Change included an excellent variety of instructors, facilitation styles, and topics. The leaders engaged the participants in sharing real-world examples and I had many opportunities to discuss my company's own issues. I loved the class.
– CEO, Parsons Electric

Participant Perspective

A course participant shares how they left the program energized and ready to do the work necessary to ensure that their team is aware of the opportunity ahead for change and transformation within their organization. 


Day 1 (Virtual)
Understand the Need for Change
Planning for Change
Executing Change
Change Simulation
Day 2
Strategy and Change
Strategic Decision-Making and Judgement
Making Decisions Using Judgement
Day 3
Leading Change from the Top
Leadership Visibility as a Critical Success Factor to Change Success
The Human Element of Change


Mary Benner
Department Chair, John and Nancy Lindahl Professor for Excellence in Business Education

Mary Benner is Department Chair and Professor in the Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship Department. She has a PhD in Management from Columbia University, an MBA from Stanford's Graduate School of Business, and a BS in Economics from the University of Minnesota.

Louellen Essex
Carlson Executive Educators Network

Louellen Essex focuses on training and organizational development, leadership, communication, team building, and conflict resolution. She holds a PhD from the University of Minnesota where she studied leadership, psychology, and communication.

Jeffrey Kaufmann
Senior Lecturer

Jeffrey Kaufmann (PhD, JD) is a Senior Lecturer at the Carlson School of Management where he teaches courses on ethics and managing change. Prior to teaching at the Carlson School, Dr. Kaufmann was on the faculty at the University of Illinois and Iowa State University, and taught at the Carroll School of Management at Boston College.

Nathan Kuncel
Marvin D. Dunnette Distinguished Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology, McKnight Presidential Fellow

Nathan R. Kuncel is the Marvin D. Dunnette Distinguished Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology and a McKnight Presidential Fellow at the University of Minnesota. Professor Kuncel, a nationally recognized leader in the field of industrial-organizational psychology, received his PhD from the University of Minnesota.

Mary Zellmer-Bruhn
Professor, Organizational Behavior; Chair, Department of Work and Organizations
Dr. Zellmer-Bruhn is a Professor of Organizational Behavior and Chair of the Work and Organizations Department of the Carlson School of Management.

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