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Emerging Leaders Bootcamp

This course equips emerging leaders for the challenge of leadership. Topics include managing teams, persuasive communication, negotiation, strategy, and relationship building.

Program Details

In Person: Minneapolis, MN

About This Program

In the face of rapid business changes, the next generation is stepping up. This course equips emerging leaders for the challenge. Course participants will acquire specific approaches to managing cross-functional, geographically dispersed teams. They’ll practice persuasive communication, negotiation, and using data to make a case. Through experiential learning, individual reflection, and small group discussions participants will increase their ability to execute complicated strategies and develop strategic relationships. The course finishes with a road map exercise to help participants accelerate career development.


Coursework begins with a foundational discussion on managing an ethical business environment. Participants will learn how the ability to understand and manage an ethical environment can become a source of competitive advantage for firms and for emerging leaders. Class discussion will then pivot to strategy execution.  Without execution, the benefits of the great idea or big bang concept are not realized. This session will provide the practical insights and tools leaders need to effectively lead execution no matter how big or small the strategic initiative.


A leader's success depends on an their ability to work effectively in teams and across team boundaries. The inability to lead teams is one of four factors causing managers to “derail” off the track to higher level positions. Course participants will discuss strategies to help them successfully manage in cross-functional, cross-enterprise, geographically distributed and cross-border contexts. They will also deep-dive into strategies on how to increase personal influence and develop successful relationships with others who are critical to their success in a leadership role.

Learn how you can customize this program for your organization.


  • Professionals in the leadership pipeline
  • Emerging leaders with two or more years of experience managing people, projects, or initiatives
  • Experienced leaders seeking to update essential skills 

Key Benefits

  • Understand  how to manage cross-functional and cross-enterprise teams
  • Increase personal influence and capacity to build strategic relationships
  • Learn how to drive strategy execution via effective team management, project management, and governance
  • Create an individualized career roadmap and identify experience needed for success
  • Sharpen awareness of business ethics and the ability to lead ethically
From start to finish, this bootcamp was informative and beneficial in so many ways. I feel empowered to communicate as a leader and to my leaders. I would recommend this course to any emerging leader!

Participant Perspective

This three-day course prepares tomorrow's leaders today with a targeted and highly impactful program to enhance emerging leaders’ collaboration, communication, and leadership skills.


Day 1
The Competitive Importance of Managing the Ethical Environment of Business
Executing Strategy
Day 2
Team Effectiveness
Increase Your Personal Influence
Day 3
Building Strategic Relationships
Accelerate Your Development


Lori Abrams
Carlson Executive Educator Network

Lori Abrams is a Strategic and Organizational Communication Consultant with broad-based experience in workforce optimization, organizational development, and change management.

Jill Hauwiller
Carlson Executive Educator Network

Jill Hauwiller is Founder and Principal Consultant, Leadership Refinery. Jill works extensively with Fortune 500, high-tech manufacturing, professional service, and higher education organizations to address their critical issues in talent management, organizational development, and talent assessment.

Jeffrey Kaufmann
Senior Lecturer

Jeffrey Kaufmann (PhD, JD) is a Senior Lecturer at the Carlson School of Management where he teaches courses on ethics and managing change. Prior to teaching at the Carlson School, Dr. Kaufmann was on the faculty at the University of Illinois and Iowa State University, and taught at the Carroll School of Management at Boston College.

Jane Kuhn
Carlson Executive Educator Network
Jane Kuhn has over 25 years of experience in human resources management and development, change management, internal communications, organizational culture, and diversity and inclusion.
Svjetlana Madzar
Senior Lecturer

Svjetlana Madzar teaches courses such as Management of Teams, Leading Global Teams, Strategic Alliances, and Competing Globally, across several programs, including Global EMBA and DBA China.

Sue Willman
Carlson Executive Educator Network
Sue Willman is an Educator in the Carlson Executive Educator’s Network at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota.

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