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Executive Presence

Those wanting to be perceived as successors for key positions within the leadership ranks, must exhibit executive presence—a blend of competencies, temperament, and skills that project a truly authentic executive. 

This course runs every fall.

About This Program

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This three-day program explores three foundational elements of executive presence that any aspiring business leader must master: engaging in effective executive dialogue, establishing a personal brand, and increasing social capital.

  • Mastering the tools, techniques, and methods to engage other executives in a variety of contexts is critical to upward mobility and will enhance your credibility.  This class will enhance your ability to present clear and compelling 1:1 executive briefs, discover techniques for engaging executive teams and create impactful presentations.
  • You’ll build the foundation for increasing your leadership capital by exploring feedback from your individual Marcus Buckingham Standout Assessment report. From this solid base, you’ll then craft your personal brand value proposition, an essential element to differentiating and establishing yourself in business.
  • Establishing a deliberate social network increases your access to information, influence, and visibility. A deliberate and conscious approach to your social network will give you access to those who are critical to your success. In Executive Presence, you will create a roadmap for expanding and maintaining your network to maximize your credibility and increase your power.



  • Leaders who want to be more self-aware, effective, and successful
  • Directors and above who aspire to executive positions
  • Individuals who lead projects and programs which require executive engagement


Key Benefits

  • Create a strategy to increase your social network
  • Craft your personal brand statement
  • Use techniques to maximize digital communication
  • Develop a 1:1 executive summary
  • Design an executive dialogue
  • Storyboard a presentation
Program Details
Cost: $3500.00

Great topics! Very useful when rethinking how you’d like to present yourself and become more impactful at higher levels in your organization.


Additional Details


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


Increasing Influence via Social Networking

Social Networks in Organizations

Presenting Executive Summaries

Engaging Leaders in Dialogue

Presentation Practice and Feedback


Building your Leadership Brand

Positioning and Leveraging Your Personal Brand

Structuring Your Presentation

Delivering with Impact


Schedule subject to change.

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