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Executive Presence

Discover the power of executive presence—a dynamic blend of leadership skills and behaviors that seasoned leaders need to hone in order to motivate, inspire, and influence executives, stakeholders, and team members.

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Elevate your ability to inspire confidence. Discover the power of executive presence—a dynamic blend of leadership skills and behaviors that seasoned leaders need to hone in order to motivate, inspire, and influence executives, stakeholders, and team members. Executive presence enhances credibility alongside technical expertise and fosters career growth by instilling confidence in others. 

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Embark on a two-day, interactive journey that explores the essential elements of executive presence, including advanced communication skills, confidence-building techniques, emotional intelligence, professional image development, relationship management, and effective networking. Learn from respected leaders as Carlson faculty and industry experts unravel the “why” and “how” of executive presence and provide practical guidance through engaging discussions, group exercises, and personalized 1:1 practice. 

Benefit from insightful assessments, including the DiSC Behavioral Style, Emotional Intelligence 2.0, StandOut, and comprehensive network analysis. Leverage your unique qualities and characteristics to shape and refine your personal brand and discover how empathy may be one of the most crucial leadership skills needed to retain and engage employees, inspire innovation, and mitigate burnout. Explore how to utilize your network to acquire the information, insights, social support, and validation you need to be effective in your current role as well as prepare for your next role. Return to work with a practical toolkit and clear action plan to gain clarity, empathy, and authority in your interactions and leave a lasting impression.

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  • Leaders and aspiring leaders seeking to enhance their ability to motivate, influence, and inspire others

Key Benefits

  • Explore the key components of executive presence and why they contribute to a leader’s credibility and overall effectiveness

  • Enhance your emotional intelligence skills, such as self-awareness, empathy, and self-regulation to better manage interpersonal dynamics

  • Learn techniques for projecting confidence, composure, and authority

  • Discover how to motivate and influence different types of stakeholders, such as peers, teams, and senior executives

  • Improve your decision making skills and ability to handle difficult situations and conversations

  • Enhance your ability to create and deliver presentations with impact

  • Learn to improve your resilience during stressful situations

  • Discover tactics to strategically expand your network

  • Receive personalized feedback from multiple assessments, from which you will develop specific action plans 

The class was very insightful. It gave me tools to improve my network, brand, and my ability to present and persuade.
– Mahesh Mudradi, Senior Director, Application Development, Ameriprise Financial


Day 1
Importance of Executive and Leadership Presence
Increasing Influence via Networking
Building Your Leadership Brand
Day 2
Leading with Emotional Intelligence
Managing Executive Presence Under Pressure
Communicating with Impact
Analyzing and Structuring Your Presentation and Delivery

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Stephen Glomb
Senior Associate Director & Career Coach, Carlson Graduate Business Career Center

Stephen Glomb is the Departmental Director, Carlson Graduate Business Career Center, Carlson School of Management, where he works with graduate business students and professionals in the executive, full-time, and part-time MBA programs.

Alison Smith
Carlson Executive Educators Network

Alison Smith loves leaders and her passion is to inspire and support them to create extraordinary organizations. She is the founder of The Really Useful People Group, provides leadership development and leads the purpose ministry at Wooddale Church, and is part of the adjunct faculty at the University of Minnesota and the University of St Thomas.

Amy Tolbert
Carlson Executive Educators Network

Amy S. Tolbert, PhD, CSP develops multicultural organizations and individuals by bringing you cutting-edge topics, such as multicultural and diversity initiatives, leadership competency development, managing to style, and creating breakthrough teams.

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