Business as a force for good

Using Research as a Force for Good

Thursday, June 17, 2021

The unofficial motto of the Carlson School is “business as a force for good.” The saying is on signs, coasters, and posters in our buildings. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni bring it to life every day. 

During our recent AACSB Continuous Improvement Review, we pulled together just some of the many examples of faculty members who have tackled some of society’s most pressing issues. In doing so, we decided to share those as part of this issue of Discovery at Carlson. Some you may remember, while others may be new. All are impactful.

This article appeared in the Summer 2021 Discovery magazine

In this issue, Carlson School faculty research studies the wisdom of the crowds, the role of religion in the gender wage gap, the impact of cash injections, and highlights many others areas where our research has had an important impact.

Summer 2021 table of contents