Aseem Kaul

Aseem Kaul

Professor, The Mosaic Company - Jim Prokopanko Professor for Corporate Responsibility
Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship


  • PhD 2009
    Management Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  • MBA 2001
    Management Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
  • B.A. (Hons) 1999
    Economics Sri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University


  • Corporate Strategy
  • Mergers & Acquisitions / Divestments
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Organizational Economics / Transaction Costs
  • Nonmarket Strategy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Multinational Strategy


Aseem joined the Carlson School in 2009, having completed his PhD in Management from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Aseem's research focuses on the relationship between firm scope and capabilities, examining how new capabilities and technologies are best governed and organized, and how the organizational boundary choices firms make impact their subsequent innovation. More recently, Aseem has also been exploring the social and political strategies firms adopt to influence their business environment, focusing specifically on the consequences of such strategies for social welfare. Aseem's research has been published or is forthcoming in the Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Management Science, Organization Science, Strategy Science, and the Strategic Management Journal. Aseem serves as an Associate Editor at the Academy of Management Review, having previously served in that capacity at the Strategic Management Journal, and sits on on the editorial boards of  Administrative Science QuarterlyOrganization Science, and Strategy Science. He also currently serves as Director-at-Large for the Strategic Management Society, and sits on board of the Consortium for Competitiveness & Cooperation (CCC). Aseem's research has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Sumantra Ghoshal Research and Practice award from the Academy of Management's BPS Division, as well as multiple honorable mentions from the Strategic Management Society. Prior to joining academia, Aseem worked as a consultant with McKinsey and Company's New Delhi office.

Selected Works & Activities

  • Journal Articles
    Mohliver, A., Crilly, D. and Kaul, A. 2023. 'Corporate social counterpositioning: How attributes of social issues influence competitive response' Strategic Management Journal 44(5): 1199-1217
  • Journal Articles
    Kaul, A., Ganco, M., & J. Raffiee. When subjective judgments lead to spinouts: Employee entrepreneurship under uncertainty, firm-specificity, and appropriability. Academy of Management Review forthcoming
  • Journal Articles
    Nary, P., and Kaul, A. Private equity as an intermediary in the market for corporate assets. Academy of Management Review forthcoming
  • Journal Articles
    Berry, H., and Kaul, A. 2022 'Disaggregating multinationality: An empirical examination of aggregation, adaptation, and arbitrage activities by US MNCs', Strategy Science 7(2):: 90-105
  • Journal Articles
    Berry, H., Kaul, A., & Lee, N. 2021. 'Follow the Smoke: The Pollution Haven Effect on Global Sourcing', Strategic Management Journal 42(13): 2420-2450
  • Journal Articles
    Seo, H., Luo, J. & Kaul, A. 2021. 'Giving a little to many or a lot to a few? The returns to variety in corporate giving', Strategic Management Journal, 42(9): 1734-1764
  • Journal Articles
    Barach, M.A., Kaul, A., Leung, M., and Lu, S. 2019. 'Strategic redundancy in the use of big data: Evidence from a two-sided labor market' Strategy Science, 4(4): 298-322
  • Journal Articles
    Chen, M., Kaul, A., Wu, B. 2019. 'Adaptation across multiple landscapes: Relatedness, complexity, and the long run effects of coordination in diversified firms'. Strategic Management Journal, 40 (11): 1791-1821
  • Journal Articles
    Giustiziero, G., Kaul, A., and B. Wu. 2019. 'The dynamics of learning and competition in Schumpeterian environments' Organization Science 30 (4): 668-693
  • Journal Articles
    Luo, J. and Kaul, A. 2019. 'Private Action in Public Interest: The Comparative Governance of Social Issues' Strategic Management Journal, 40(4): 476-502
  • Journal Articles
    Luo, J., Kaul, A., and Seo, H. 2018. 'Winning us with Trifles: Adverse Selection in the Use of Philanthropy as Insurance'. Strategic Management Journal 39: 2591-2617
  • Journal Articles
    Kaul, A., and J. Luo. 2018. 'An Economic Case for CSR: The Comparative Efficiency of For-Profit Firms in Meeting Consumer Demand for Social Goods', Strategic Management Journal, 39(6): 1650-1677
  • Journal Articles
    Kaul, A., Nary, P., and H. Singh. 2018. 'Who does Private Equity Buy? Evidence on the Role of Private Equity from Buyouts of Divested Businesses' Strategic Management Journal 39(5): 1268-1298
  • Journal Articles
    Eggers, J.P., and Kaul, A. 2018. 'Motivation and Ability? A Behavioral Perspective on the Pursuit of Radical Invention in Multi-Technology Incumbents' Academy of Management Journal 61(1): 67-93
  • Journal Articles
    Dorobantu, S., Kaul, A., and B.A. Zelner. 2017. 'Non-market strategy research through the lens of new institutional economics: An integrative review and future directions'. Strategic Management Journal 38(1): 114-140
  • Journal Articles
    Berry H. and A. Kaul. 2016. 'Replicating the multinationality-performance relationship: Is there an S-curve?' Strategic Management Journal 37: 2275-2290
  • Journal Articles
    Kaul, A., and Wu., B. 2016. 'A capabilities-based perspective on target selection in acquisitions'. Strategic Management Journal 37: 1220-1239
  • Journal Articles
    Berry, H., A. Kaul. 2015. 'Global Sourcing and Foreign Knowledge Seeking' Management Science, 61(5): 1052-1071
  • Journal Articles
    Karim, S., and Kaul, A. 2015. 'Structural Recombination and Innovation: Unlocking Intra-organizational Knowledge Synergy through Structural Change' Organization Science, 26(2): 439-455
  • Journal Articles
    Kaul, Aseem. 2013. 'Entrepreneurial Action, Unique Assets, and Appropriation Risk: Firms as a Means of Appropriating Profit from Capability Creation'. Organization Science. 24(6): 1765-1781
  • Journal Articles
    Kaul, Aseem. 2012. 'Technology and Corporate Scope: Firm and Rival Innovation as Antecedents of Corporate Transactions', Strategic Management Journal 33: 347-367
  • Associate Editor, Academy of Management Review, 2023-2026

    Editorial Boards: Administrative Science Quarterly, Organization Science, Strategy Science, Strategic Organization, Journal of Management Scientific Reports

  • Outstanding Service Award, Carlson School of Management, 2021

    Excellence in Teaching Award, Carlson School of Management, 2020

    Distinguished Paper Award, Strategic Management (STR) Division, Academy of Management, 2018

    Outstanding Paper Award, Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability conference, 2018

    Outstanding Research Award, Carlson School of Management, 2017

    Mary and Jim Lawrence Fellow, 2017

    Best Conference Paper (Honorable Mention), Strategic Management Society, 2015 & 2017

    Sumantra Ghoshal Research and Practice Award, BPS Division Academy of Management, 2008

  • Strategic Management Society

    • Director-at-large, 2021-23
    • Co-organizer, SMS PhD Chats, 2021-
    • Interest Group Chair, Entrepreneurship and Strategy, 2020
    • Co-Chair, SMS Special Conference, Hangzhou, China, 2020
    • Program Chair, Entrepreneurship and Strategy Interest Group, 2019
    • Track Chair, Frankfurt Special Conference, 2019
    • Associate Program Chair, Entrepreneurship and Strategy Interest Group, 2018
    • Rep-at-large, Cooperative Strategy Interest Group, 2018-19
    • Rep-at-large, Entrepreneurship & Strategy Interest Group, 2016-17

    Academy of Management

    • Member, Executive Committee, STR Division, 2018-2020
    • Co-chair, Doctoral Consortium, STR (formerly BPS) Division, 2017 & 2018
    • Co-organizer, Junior Faculty Paper Development Workshop, BPS Division, 2014 & 2015
    • Member, Research Committee, BPS Division, 2012-14
  • Chair, UMN Social Concerns Committee, 2019-21, 23-

    Member, UMN Social Concerns Committee, 2017-21

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