Summer 2021 Discovery magazine cover

Summer 2021

Introduction Letter

A note from Professor Alok Gupta

Professor Alok Gupta

There is a renewed focus on how business schools are making an impact on our society and using business as a force for good. At the Carlson School, we embrace this movement and believe it’s at the core of what we’ve been doing for a long time. Our dean, Sri Zaheer, is literally doing the heavy lifting to set the tone for us. As our recent AACSB "Continuous Improvement Review" showed, this belief permeates all aspects of our school.

As you’ll read in this issue of Discovery at Carlson, our highly-ranked faculty continue to conduct impactful research that’s making contributions in many areas. From studying the impact of cash injections to how credible crowds really are, and how employers use past compensation history in the hiring process to the role of religion in the gender wage gap, the findings are important for researchers, practitioners, and managers alike.

I hope you enjoy this collection and wish you a restful, relaxing summer.

Professor Alok Gupta
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Research
Curtis L. Carlson Chair in Information Management

Featured story


During Financial Crises, Cash Payments Can (and Do) Help

When the COVID-19 pandemic erupted last year, the federal government sought to mitigate the effects of the economic downturn through the Paycheck Protection Program and stimulus payments to individuals. A decade earlier, during the financial crisis of 2008-2009, programs were established that allowed government to lend to cash-strapped businesses. But do such programs work?