Kingshuk Sinha
3-245 Carlson School

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Kingshuk Sinha

Department Chair and Mosaic Company Professor of Corporate Responsibility
Supply Chain and Operations


  • BTech (Honors) 1982
    Petroleum Engineering Indian School of Mines

  • MS 1986
    Petroleum Engineering University of Texas-Austin

  • PhD 1991
    Management University of Texas-Austin


  • Management of Technology and Innovation
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Management of Quality and Safety
  • Health Care Supply Chain Management
  • Responsible Supply Chain Management
  • Big Data Analytics
  • INDUSTRIES: High-Tech; Health Care/Medical Devices; Food and Agribusiness; and Retail

Kingshuk K. Sinha serves as the Department Chair and Professor in the Supply Chain and Operations Department, and is the holder of the Mosaic Company-Jim Prokopanko Professorship in Corporate Responsibility at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota. He also serves as a Graduate Faculty on the inter-disciplinary Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Programs of the University of Minnesota. His degrees include a Ph.D. in Management and an M.S. in Petroleum Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin, and a B.Tech (Honors) in Petroleum Engineering from the Indian School of Mines. Before beginning his graduate studies at The University of Texas at Austin he worked for the offshore production and engineering planning groups of Dubai Petroleum Company (operated by Conoco Inc.) in United Arab Emirates.

Dr. Sinha's scholarly pursuits are committed to advancing the areas of Management of Technology and Innovation, Global Supply Chain Management, Quality Management, Health Care Supply Chain Management, Responsible Supply Chain Management and Big Data Analytics. His inquiries are committed to identifying and addressing contemporary and consequential issues related to managing technologies, processes and people both within and across organizational and country boundaries. The inquiries are predominantly empirical. Typically, he conducts his scholarly projects in collaboration with industry partners. The empirical settings of his projects have included the high-tech; health care/medical; retail; food; and energy/oil and gas industries. By way of specific topics, the projects he is currently engaged in are addressing questions related to managing technology within organizations for the development, production, and delivery of physical and digital goods and services; technology at the organizational boundaries – i.e., technology via which firms connect, coordinate, and collaborate with customers and trading partners in a supply chain; emerging forms of work and work-designs in technology intensive operational settings, within and across organizational and country boundaries; disruptions (e.g., medical device recalls), and process and technology integration in health care supply chains; and health care supply chain design for underserved communities in developing and developed countries with a focus on improving the quality and affordability of care, and reducing the disparities in the delivery of care.

Dr. Sinha's papers have appeared or are scheduled to appear in top-tier academic journals such as Management Science, Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Information Systems Research, Journal of Accounting Research, Journal of Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, Decision Sciences and Journal of Service Research. Among the most recent scholarly recognitions he has received include the Carlson School of Management Annual Faculty Research Award in 2011 and the second place winner of the 2012 Production and Operations Management Society's College of Health Care Operations Best Paper Competition. Other recognitions include the Journal of Operations Management's Best Paper Award, the Stan Hardy Award for the Best Published Paper in Operations Management, the Decision Sciences Institute's Best Theoretical and Empirical Research Paper Award, the Decision Sciences journal's Best Paper Award, and the IBM Best Paper Award from the Production and Operations Management Society.

Dr. Sinha has designed and taught courses in the MBA, Executive MBA, International MBA (China, India and Korea), undergraduate and Ph.D. programs on topics related to his scholarly interest areas. To date, he has supervised 15 Ph.D. dissertations. These include the dissertations of Dr. Anant Mishra, the recipient of the 2010 INFORMS Technology and Innovation Management Section's Best Dissertation Award; and Dr. Emily Kohnke, the recipient of the 2011 Elwood S. Buffa Doctoral Dissertation Award from the Decision Sciences Institute. Recently, Dr. Sinha has also been contributing to the courseware development for online education of industry professionals.

Beyond the pursuit of scholarship, Dr. Sinha has also been committed to the building and functioning of the scholarly enterprise. He has served as the Director of the Joseph M. Juran Center for Leadership in Quality, committed to advancing research and education on improvement and innovation in manufacturing and service organizations, and supply chains. He has served as the Founding Academic Director of the Medical Industry Leadership Institute (MILI) that was established to advance management research and leadership education for the medical industry sector. He has also served as the Ph.D. Program Coordinator and the MBA Program Coordinator for his Department. Dr. Sinha has served on the University of Minnesota Senate, and the Carlson School's Faculty Consultative Committee and Appointments Committee. His roles in professional societies have included serving as the Program Chair for the  Annual Meeting of the Production and Operations Management Society in San Francisco (Conference Theme: "High Tech Production and Operations Management") and as a Board Member and Secretary of the Society. He has served as a Senior Editor in the Management of Technology Department of the Production and Operations Management journal and as the Guest Editor of the journal's special issue on "High Tech Industry." He currently serves as the Senior Editor of the newly created Industry Studies and Public Policy Department of the Production and Operations Management journal. He also serves as a Senior Editor of the Decision Sciences journal and has served as the Guest Editor of the journal's special issue on "Decision Making in the Health Sector Supply Chain."

Selected Works

  • “Towards an effective design of behavioral health care delivery,” (with D. Zepeda) Production and Operations Management 2016 (Forthcoming).
  • “Work design and integration glitches in globally distributed technology projects,” (with A. Mishra) Production and Operations Management 2015 (Forthcoming).
  • “Collaborative demand forecasting: Toward the design of an exception based forecasting mechanism,” (with Y. Dong, X. Huang and K. Xu) Journal of Management Information Systems (Special issue on the “Economics of Electronic Commerce”) 2014.
  • “Towards a unifying theory of management standard implementation: The case of ISO 9001/ISO 14001,” (with A. Ivanova and J. Gray) International Journal of Operations & Production Management 2014.
  • “Critical and complex technological capability development for health care delivery: Multi-year field study of a surgical (da Vinci) robot in a multispecialty hospital,” (with U. K. Mukherjee, S. Sinha, S. Bosch) Journal of Medical Devices 2014.
  • "To personalize or not to personalize the online purchase interactions: Implications of self-selection by retailers," (with S. Thirumalai) Information Systems Research 2013.
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