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Fall 2021

Introduction Letter

A note from Professor Alok Gupta

Professor Alok Gupta Senior Associate Dean of Faculty and Research Curtis L. Carlson Chair in Information Management

We’ve all seen change happen right before our eyes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. But in business, some of the most important changes can happen subtly and with little fanfare.

Take, for instance, artificial intelligence. A concept that once seemed to only exist in science fiction movies is now in almost all of our homes. Slowly but surely, we’ve all welcomed the likes of Alexa and Siri into our lives to the point where we now almost depend on them on a day-to-day basis.

The same has happened at businesses across the world. AI and machine learning are no longer novelties. Many organizations, both big and small, now rely on that technology to get the job done. But should we? How do we find that happy medium where we can utilize technology while not surrendering our ability to see things in our own unique ways?

This is the crossroads where we now find ourselves. And much like the rest of the business community, how we adapt to these changes will make all the difference. As you’ll read in these pages, Carlson School of Management faculty members are at the center of these important conversations. Their shared belief that business can be a force for good is at the foundation of everything that they do.

With supply chain issues continuing to dominate the headlines, Assistant Professor Necati Ertekin wanted to see how a business could be successful with an omnichannel retailing approach that blends traditional brick-and-mortar retail with e-commerce.

Now that more people are beginning to shop for their groceries online, Professor Joe Redden is exploring how online grocery stores can support those striving to eat healthy for weight loss.

Working together has never been more important. Associate Professor Pri Shah studied how teams in all organizations could function better together when there is conflict.

I have the immense privilege of sharing research initiatives such as those above in this issue of Discovery at Carlson. You’ll also find an introduction to our newest faculty and a section that highlights a few of the many awards and honors our Carlson School faculty have won recently. As you read through this, if you have any comments on the publication, please feel free to contact me at gupta037@umn.edu.

Professor Alok Gupta
Senior Associate Dean of Faculty and Research
Curtis L. Carlson Chair in Information Management

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Fall 2021 Discovery magazine cover

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