Fall 2023 Discovery magazine cover

Fall 2023

Introduction Letter

Note from Dean Jamie Prenkert and Professor Alok Gupta

Jamie Prenkert and Alok Gupta

Dear Colleagues,

Research is a commitment to lifelong learning and staying curious. That passion drives our world-class faculty to explore the greatest challenges facing today’s business world and develop insights for a more innovative tomorrow.

In this issue, we celebrate our faculty’s achievements from the past academic year, examine research developments in artificial intelligence and the retail supply chain, and look ahead to projects underway. The impact of their research extends from the classroom to the greater academic and business communities.

Our faculty’s drive, intellectual curiosity, and dedication to excellence shine brightly in the following pages. It is with great honor that we share the latest Discovery at Carlson.

Jamie Prenkert
Investors in Leadership Distinguished Chair

Alok Gupta
Senior Associate Dean of Faculty, Research, and Administration
Curtis L. Carlson Chair in Information Management

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Fall 2023 Discovery magazine cover

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This issue celebrates faculty achievements, examines research in artificial intelligence and retail supply chain, and new projects in progress.

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