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The Alumni Association of the Center for Human Resources and Labor Studies (CHRLS) promotes leadership in the field of human resources and industrial relations by providing academic and professional learning experiences, facilitating access to the center's resources, and sharing professional opportunities, while strengthening the relationship between its alumni and the Carlson School, the University of Minnesota, and the broader community. The CHRLS Alumni Association is governed by a 21-member Board of Directors who work to build a community of engaged alumni by:

  • Connecting alumni with each other in order to increase networks and deepen relationships
  • Promoting professional competence and leadership through ongoing learning opportunities
  • Facilitating alumni awareness and access to available CHRLS opportunities and resources
  • Communicating the benefits of involvement with other alumni and students

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HR Tomorrow Conference

  • April 23, 2021 - VIRTUAL ONLY, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Monthly Mentor Monday Speaker Series

  • See "2020-2021 Alumni Mentorship Program" tab for dates and more information

During the 2020-2021 academic year, the Alumni Mentoring Committee will provide opportunities for connecting students and alumni together. The first of these opportunities is the Mentor Mondays speaker series, featuring a number of HR executives sharing their expertise and advice. The schedule is as follows:

  • Monday, October 19 - Nick Christenson, '05 MA-HRIR (Watch recording)
  • Monday, November 16 - Sesil Pir, '06 MA-HRIR (Watch recording)
  • Monday, December 14 - Kimberly Wirka, '98 MA-HRIR (Watch recording)
  • Monday, January 25 - Francis Sadac, '97 MA-HRIR & Austin Haas, M-HRIR 2021 (Watch recording)
  • Monday, February 15 - Nathaniel Alston - President & Founder of The Horizons Group, Inc. and Co-Founder of the National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR) (Watch recording)
  • Monday, March 22 - Renee Konzelman, '05 MA-HRIR (Watch recording)
  • Monday, April 19 - Jennifer Reilly, '97 MA-HRIR (Watch recording)

The second initiative will be the HRIR Alumni Mentoring Program, which matches alumni, one-on-one, with current HRIR students for a one-year commitment; the program kick off in mid-January 2021 and continue through December 2021.

If you are interested in participating in one or more of these Alumni Mentoring events, or have any questions, please contact us at

The HRIR Blog is a great way to keep tabs on what our alumni, faculty and students have been up to.

Centerpoint is a publication for alumni, friends, faculty, and staff of the Center for Human Resources and Labor Studies, and is published electronically several times per year. To make sure you receive the newsletter, please send your updated email address to

As an Alumni Board, we also coordinate this annual conference to provide a venue for the exchange of ideas, a professional and academic learning experience and an on-going connection to the CHRLS. This is a premier event that attracts over 325 attendees each year, and offers professional development as well as the opportunity to network with alumni, faculty and peers in the HR and business community.

The Alumni Engagement Committee was formed in 2017 to strengthen the CHRLS alumni network and create a formal structure for reinforcing relationships and re-engaging alumni with the program. The committee's initiatives will help in building a pipeline of alumni to pull from for conference speakers, future board members, mentors, and national and global representatives of the program.

Contact us at with any questions.

Membership in the CHRLS Alumni Association is open to all HRIR graduates and undergraduate alumni; there is no application process or membership fee, and graduation is not required. To serve on the Board of Directors of the CHRLS Alumni Association, members must have completed all requirements of the MA-IR or MA-HRIR program and been granted their degree. Please contact for more information.

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