Past Winners

Year Name Highest Level Achieved Division
2023 North Star Carbon Management Semifinalist Energy/CleanTech/Water
2023 Wugs Vending Semifinalist Food/Ag/Beverage
2023 Bright Referral Semifinalist High Tech
2023 PreLease SBC Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2023 Canopy Semifinalist Student
2023 Find My Electric Semifinalist Energy/CleanTech/Water
2023 Craft Innovators, LLC Semifinalist Food/Ag/Beverage
2023 TFWireless Inc Finalist High Tech
2023 Rehabnetics Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2023 Solfair Energy Solutions Semifinalist Student
2023 SMACKIN' Semifinalist Food/Ag/Beverage
2023 Verdethos Semifinalist Food/Ag/Beverage
2023 ZenlordPro Finalist High Tech
2023 Delve Health Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2023 Whiskey Woods Semifinalist Student
2023 Carba Grand Prize Winner Energy/CleanTech/Water
2023 Morari, Inc. Semifinalist General
2023 Anarus, Inc Semifinalist High Tech
2023 FlowSIGMA Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2023 Nivoso Division Winner Student
2023 MN Millers Llc Semifinalist Energy/CleanTech/Water
2023 REMastered Sleep LLC Grand Prize Runner Up General
2023 RollCredits Semifinalist High Tech
2023 ProEncia Biotechnology Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2023 Fin's Finest Labs Semifinalist Student
2023 Chemco Semifinalist Energy/CleanTech/Water
2023 ZeSa Semifinalist General
2023 Jobifi Semifinalist High Tech
2023 Hinckley Medical Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2023 Vigilance Safety Semifinalist Youth
2023 EcoSmart Stud Semifinalist Energy/CleanTech/Water
2023 Your Ears Rock Semifinalist General
2023 JAS Monitoring Semifinalist High Tech
2023 Pneumeric, Inc. Finalist Life Science/Health IT
2023 RevMatch Semifinalist Youth
2023 Indigebox Semifinalist Education & Training
2023 Nucleic Sensing Systems Finalist Energy/CleanTech/Water
2023 Klaris Semifinalist General
2023 HEMO Research Semifinalist High Tech
2023 Glimpse Diagnostics Division Winner Life Science/Health IT
2023 2700 Podcasts Semifinalist Youth
2023 Radar Talent Solutions Division Winner Education & Training
2023 Live On Minnesota Finalist Energy/CleanTech/Water
2023 Soak iT Up Clards Semifinalist General
2023 XanthosHealth Division Winner Impact Ventures
2023 TriAgenics Finalist Life Science/Health IT
2023 Ice Ace Semifinalist Youth
2023 NOVA Education Consultants Semifinalist Education & Training
2023 SMACKIN' Sunflower Seeds Finalist Food/Ag/Beverage
2023 Premium Pet Solutions Semifinalist General
2023 People for PSEO Finalist Impact Ventures
2023 QoL Devices Inc. Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2023 Geo-game Semifinalist Youth
2023 BABY KNOW: Bodies, Hearts & Minds, LLC Finalist Education & Training
2023 Revive Distilling Company Semifinalist Food/Ag/Beverage
2023 Momease Solutions Finalist General
2023 Becoming Together Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2023 VSOD - Vet Specialists on Demand Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2023 percent-x Semifinalist Youth
2023 Developing Readers Academy Semifinalist Education & Training
2023 Nosh Posh Semifinalist Food/Ag/Beverage
2023 GloPro LLC Semifinalist General
2023 Wise Blue Yonder Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2023 Oxbow Health Semifinalist Student
2023 MyIris Semifinalist Youth
2023 Parlaty Semifinalist Education & Training
2023 Quebracho Empanadas Division Winner Food/Ag/Beverage
2023 Shelf Pole Hooks Finalist General
2023 Dress Up to Calm Down Finalist Impact Ventures
2023 Omi Live Semifinalist Student
2023 BrikShare Semifinalist Youth
2023 Francisco Hockey Finalist Education & Training
2023 Taking Stock Foods Semifinalist Food/Ag/Beverage
2023 Raise a Hood Division Winner High Tech
2023 SonnyLife Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2023 Seat Cover Solutions Finalist Student
2023 CANVAWRAP Finalist Youth
2023 Talknician Semifinalist Education & Training
2023 UFisheries Semifinalist Food/Ag/Beverage
2023 SAB Co. Software Semifinalist High Tech
2023 Tiny Carbon LLC Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2023 Dou Read Semifinalist Student
2023 SafeSphere Division Winner Youth
2023 Lovelace Semifinalist Education & Training
2023 Northern Diversified Solutions Finalist Food/Ag/Beverage
2023 Babbl Semifinalist High Tech
2023 Axon Athletics Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2023 Finalist Student
2023 Chickpeazie Finalist Youth
2022 Parlaty Semifinalist Education & Training
2022 DairyOffice Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2022 Steelhead Outdoors - Modular Safes Semifinalist General
2022 Bam'idizowigamig Creator's Place Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2022 Oncodea Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2022 Infinite Oxygen Semifinalist Youth
2022 Pathway Forward Semifinalist Education & Training
2022 Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2022 Telo Division Winner General
2022 BLCK Press Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2022 Pneumeric Inc Finalist Life Science/Health IT
2022 Lakeland Woodsmith Finalist Youth
2022 Punkademic LLC Division Winner Education & Training
2022 Loon Liquor Company Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2022 Trimyxs Semifinalist General
2022 createMPLS Launch & Grow Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2022 Q-rounds Division Winner Life Science/Health IT
2022 MyIris Semifinalist Youth
2022 SayKid Finalist Education & Training
2022 Lost Woods LLC Finalist Food/Ag/Bev
2022 Verso-Cap Semifinalist General
2022 Forever Ware Finalist Impact Ventures
2022 FarmGrid Semifinalist Student
2022 Pathora Semifinalist Youth
2022 Spark Equestrian Academy, LLC Semifinalist Education & Training
2022 Maazah Division Winner Food/Ag/Bev
2022 Carbon Origins Inc. Division Winner High Tech
2022 Hack the Gap Finalist Impact Ventures
2022 Lovelace Division Winner Student
2022 Sock Munch Division Winner Youth
2022 BKB Floral Foam, Inc. Grand Prize Winner Energy/Clean Tech/ Water
2022 Mixly Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2022 Community Voice Semifinalist High Tech
2022 Hayaa LLC Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2022 Mirage Semifinalist Student
2022 VERT Semifinalist Youth
2022 Carba Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/ Water
2022 SMACKIN' Sunflower Seeds Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2022 CyberNINES Semifinalist High Tech
2022 SIID Technologies LLC Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2022 Operation Serenity Semifinalist Student
2022 Wildlife learning and conservation Finalist Youth
2022 CNC Concrete Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/ Water
2022 Vegify Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2022 Detect Auto Semifinalist High Tech
2022 TurnSignl Division Winner Impact Ventures
2022 Pay Rate Semifinalist Student
2022 Eco Smart Construction Stud Finalist Energy/Clean Tech/ Water
2022 babbl Semifinalist General
2022 Ottomation Semifinalist High Tech
2022 Wi Yone Plastik Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2022 Recovery Quick Stick Semifinalist Student
2022 Enspi Technologies Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/ Water
2022 Bright Planet Pet LLC Finalist General
2022 Semifinalist High Tech
2022 Bloom Standard Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2022 Refr Sports Finalist Student
2022 Opus Motorcar Co Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/ Water
2022 CloseBunk Semifinalist General
2022 Raise a Hood, Inc Finalist High Tech
2022 Glimpse Diagnostics Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2022 SMYLE LLC Semifinalist Student
2022 Awesome People Leaders Semifinalist Education & Training
2022 Solar Informatics Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/ Water
2022 Freya Wilde Bridal Semifinalist General
2022 Sparrow Charts Semifinalist High Tech
2022 IntelligentRx Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2022 Theodora Finalist Student
2022 BABY KNOW: Bodies, Hearts & Minds, LLC Semifinalist Education & Training
2022 The Dragonfly-e Initiative Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/ Water
2022 Freehand Cards Semifinalist General
2022 Squigl LLC Semifinalist High Tech
2022 InterShunt Technologies, Inc. Finalist Life Science/Health IT
2022 USIL Semifinalist Student
2022 BenchK12, Inc. Finalist Education & Training
2022 Vortrex, LLC Finalist Energy/Clean Tech/ Water
2022 Lumberjack Technologies Inc. Semifinalist General
2022 Vizworld Inc Semifinalist High Tech
2022 Kavira Health Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2022 Artificial Intelligence Semifinalist Youth
2022 Career Authority, LLC Semifinalist Education & Training
2022 The Meatery Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2022 PreLease Semifinalist General
2022 ZeSa, LLC Finalist High Tech
2022 Meld Bio, Inc. Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2022 Fidget Fix Semifinalist Youth
2022 Eloquia Semifinalist Education & Training
2022 Coconut Whisk Finalist Food/Ag/Bev
2022 Silk Road Wellness Finalist General
2022 Access Resource, LLC Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2022 Morari Medical Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2022 HiddenGems Semifinalist Youth
2021 Bryce Canyon Design LLC (Python Plunger) Semifinalist General
2021 CoraVie MEDICAL Division Winner LifeScience/Health IT
2021 Chanl Health Finalist LifeScience/Health IT
2021 Shrpa Division Winner High Tech
2021 MarPam Pharma, LLC Semifinalist LifeScience/Health IT
2021 ProsperStack Finalist High Tech
2021 Black Tech Talent Division Winner Impact Ventures
2021 Voicelt Semifinalist High Tech
2021 GenEQTY Finalist Impact Ventures
2021 YardHomesMN Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2021 Byt Division Winner Youth
2021 Canomiks Division Winner Food/Ag/Beverage
2021 CASP Technologies Finalist Youth
2021 Proserva Division Winner Education & Training
2021 Clean Chickens and Co. llc Finalist Food/Ag/Beverage
2021 ShowCase Waves Semifinalist Youth
2021 Career Authority Finalist Education & Training
2021 All Clean Food, LLC Semifinalist Food/Ag/Beverage
2021 Homeschool Boss Semifinalist Education & Training
2021 2040 Energy Division Winner Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2021 Vessyll Finalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2021 Nanodropper Division Winner Student
2021 CNC Conrete Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2021 Ahh Division Winner General
2021 Telo Finalist Student
2021 BoundaryCare (Beatrice Health) Finalist General
2021 Hearing Glasses LLC Semifinalist Student
2020 ConnectHuman Semifinalist Education & Training
2020 Vonzella Division Winner Impact Ventures
2020 NightWare, Inc. Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2020 Hearing Glasses Finalist Student
2020 Tessii Semifinalist Youth
2020 Innovator Mindset, LLC Semifinalist Education & Training
2020 Axiom Contract Solutions Finalist General
2020 RadWave Technologies Inc. Finalist Life Science/Health IT
2020 Hunting Private LLC Semifinalist Student
2020 The Prized Pony Semifinalist Youth
2020 Ntangl Education Semifinalist Education & Training
2020 BRB Technologies,LLC Semifinalist General
2020 TearRestore Inc Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2020 Lakeshore Potential Semifinalist Student
2020 Write Away Semifinalist Youth
2020 Pivot Interactives, SBC Division Winner Education & Training
2020 Counterflow Technologies Inc. Division Winner Energy/Clean Tech/ Water
2020 Busy Baby LLC Division Winner General
2020 Timesaver Technologies, Inc. Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2020 Maison Semifinalist Student
2020 SayKid Semifinalist Education & Training
2020 Entric Power Systems Ltd Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/ Water
2020 CDTEC DBA DriveTrain Semifinalist General
2020 VERAVAS, Inc. Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2020 Proper Pack Division Winner Student
2020 Genesis Adhesives, LLC Runner Up Energy/Clean Tech/ Water
2020 CLO-CLO VEGAN FOODS LLC Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2020 Creative PetWorks LLC Runner Up General
2020 Visana Health Runner Up Life Science/Health IT
2020 RoundtableRx Runner Up Student
2020 Idea Forge LLC Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/ Water
2020 Hoyo, SBC Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2020 Green Dot Sign, Inc. Semifinalist General
2020 Click360 Semifinalist High Tech
2020 Scobium Semifinalist Student
2020 Isern Biotechnology LLC Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/ Water
2020 Mostly Made Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2020 Halo Ramp Company Semifinalist General
2020 DeFiner Inc. Semifinalist High Tech
2020 Black Men Teach (BMT) Finalist Impact Ventures
2020 Simply Drones Semifinalist Student
2020 Pure Water Automation (PWA) Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/ Water
2020 Otrafy, Inc. Finalist Food/Ag/Bev
2020 Recreogo Semifinalist General
2020 FishDonkey Semifinalist High Tech
2020 Breathe99 Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2020 Smackin' Snacks Semifinalist Student
2020 PureBiomass Inc. Finalist Energy/Clean Tech/ Water
2020 Perennial Foods Division Winner Food/Ag/Bev
2020 Stā Active Semifinalist General
2020 Fulcrum Runner Up High Tech
2020 Empimonia Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2020 Triink LLC Semifinalist Student
2020 Simply Paws Design, LLC Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/ Water
2020 Soil Logics LLC Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2020 Swannies Golf Apparel Semifinalist General
2020 Fundra Semifinalist High Tech
2020 Harvest Nation, Inc. Runner Up Impact Ventures
2020 Abloom Semifinalist Youth
2020 sünabloom Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2020 North Shore Research Inc. Semifinalist High Tech
2020 Hippy Feet Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2020 BioBev Division Winner Youth
2020 BetterYou Finalist Education & Training
2020 The Packaging Lab Runner Up Food/Ag/Bev
2020 Pikup Division Winner High Tech
2020 Illume Decision Hub Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2020 BlueCube Bio Grand Prize Winner Life Science/Health IT
2020 CASP Technologies Finalist Youth
2020 Bibliate Semifinalist Education & Training
2020 Vertical Malt Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2020 ReturnsForSale Semifinalist High Tech
2020 Palisaid Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2020 Anatomic Incorporated Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2020 diamond Semifinalist Youth
2020 Busyhouse (Hanuto LLC) Semifinalist Education & Training
2020 Willa's Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2020 Shrpa Finalist High Tech
2020 ScoreSide by CauseLine Labs, Inc. Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2020 Checkable Medical Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2020 Meiyu Runner Up Youth
2020 Code Championship Semifinalist Education & Training
2020 SHYLD Academy Semifinalist High Tech
2020 Seraph 7 Studios, LLC Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2020 LEAH Labs Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2020 Safe Stuffing Semifinalist Youth
2019 Isern Biotechnology LLC Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2019 Bootlegger Brewing Kombucha Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2019 HipStar LLC Semifinalist General
2019 Aguardion Semifinalist High Tech
2019 Simply Nice Semifinalist Student
2019 Lake Tapps Capital Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2019 Curly Girlz Candy, Inc. Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2019 Little Acorn Shave Co Semifinalist General
2019 Farm Vision Technologies Finalist High Tech
2019 Davenport Saf-T Systems, LLC Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2019 Sofia's Pocket Semifinalist Student
2019 Amicii Semifinalist Youth Division
2019 Litty Solar Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2019 GroShed LLC Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2019 Millea Living LLC Finalist General
2019 FishDonkey Semifinalist High Tech
2019 Finley's Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2019 Tavolo Semifinalist Student
2019 Crud Cloth LLC Semifinalist Youth Division
2019 NovoClade Division Winner Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2019 Hoyo, SBC Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2019 Noihsaf Bazaar Semifinalist General
2019 Giftbomb Semifinalist High Tech
2019 Footprint GBC Finalist Impact Ventures
2019 VersAttach Semifinalist Student
2019 Deskdish Semifinalist Youth Division
2019 Off-Grid Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2019 Nexyst 360 Finalist Food/Ag/Bev
2019 Voyager Campervans Division Winner General
2019 Pergatech Semifinalist High Tech
2019 Go Fish Enterprises Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2019 Anatomi Corp Semifinalist LifeScience/Health IT
2019 DiscoverMe Finalist Youth Division
2019 26 Letters Semifinalist Education & Training
2019 Renew Power Systems Finalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2019 Nutraphagia (dba The EAT Bar) Runner-Up Food/Ag/Bev
2019 Resonant Cavity LLC Division Winner High Tech
2019 Harvest Nation, Inc. Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2019 Ascension Medical Devices Semifinalist LifeScience/Health IT
2019 EcoSlurp Runner-Up Youth Division
2019 ConnectHuman Semifinalist Education & Training
2019 ROST Marine Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2019 Planet Princess Foods Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2019 Rover Robotics Semifinalist High Tech
2019 Hippy Feet Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2019 AbiliTech Medical Grand Prize Winner Life Science/Health IT
2019 Checkable Medical Inc. Semifinalist LifeScience/Health IT
2019 Give Back by Computer Glitz Semifinalist Youth Division
2019 Edji, Inc Semifinalist Education & Training
2019 Revitalyte Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2019 Semifinalist High Tech
2019 Molly Fuller Design Runner-Up Impact Ventures
2019 Morari Medical Semifinalist LifeScience/Health IT
2019 Hagen Bee Company Semifinalist Youth Division
2019 GogyUp Inc Semifinalist Education & Training
2019 Sanos Nutrition Division Winner Food/Ag/Bev
2019 SMASH Routes powered by CogReps Inc. Semifinalist High Tech
2019 Seraph 7 Studios, LLC Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2019 Phenomix Sciences LLC Finalist LifeScience/Health IT
2019 My Mini Museum Semifinalist Youth Division
2019 Guide & Seek Semifinalist Education & Training
2019 Traive Runner-Up High Tech
2019 We Sparkle Division Winner Impact Ventures
2019 Phraze Semifinalist LifeScience/Health IT
2019 See Your Dream Division Winner Youth Division
2019 Homi Division Winner Education & Training
2019 Wipiika LLC - Authentic Native American Greeting Cards. Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2019 TearRestore Semifinalist LifeScience/Health IT
2019 2True Headbands Finalist Student
2019 WriteCase Semifinalist Youth Division
2019 SayKid Finalist Education & Training
2019 Breathe99 Semifinalist General
2019 Timesaver Technologies, Inc. Semifinalist LifeScience/Health IT
2019 Chronicle Semifinalist Student
2019 Simulation Powered Learning Semifinalist Education & Training
2019 Busy Baby LLC Semifinalist General
2019 VivaQuant, Inc. Runner-Up LifeScience/Health IT
2019 D-Up Semifinalist Student
2019 Spark Training Solutions Runner-Up Education & Training
2019 D3D Semifinalist General
2019 Float Runner-Up Student
2019 Yonder Semifinalist Education & Training
2019 Guardian Athletics Runner-Up General
2019 MI Activewear Finalist Student
2019 Darcy Solutions Runner-Up Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2019 Atlas Provisions Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2019 Halo Ramp Company Semifinalist General
2019 ParkPoolr Division Winner Student
2018 Andamio Games Semifinalist Education/ Training
2018 TC Agra Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech
2018 Running Tap Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2018 LegacyArmour Semifinalist High Tech
2018 Managers On A Mission Semifinalist Impact
2018 Thaddeus Medical Systems Finalist Life Science/Health IT
2018 Cedar Labs LLC Division Winner Education/ Training
2018 True Submeter Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech
2018 Superior Switchel Company, LLC Runner-Up Food/Ag/Bev
2018 nowlanguage Semifinalist High Tech
2018 Mobility 4 All Runner-Up Impact
2018 Cytilife Finalist Education/ Training
2018 UpWave Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech
2018 Vertical Malt Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2018 Outdoors Advisors Semifinalist High Tech
2018 Edji Inc Semifinalist Education/ Training
2018 Protocol 46 Inc. Finalist High Tech
2018 B.A.S.I.C. B.A.L.S.A. Semifinalist Youth
2018 EduCharacter Semifinalist Education/ Training
2018 BarBud Finalist Student
2018 Bee Kind MN, Inc. Semifinalist Youth
2018 InnovateK12 Semifinalist Education/ Training
2018 Ball Skate Semifinalist General
2018 CapakÑan Semifinalist Student
2018 Cobra Kendama Semifinalist Youth
2018 Literacy Matters Foundation Semifinalist Education/ Training
2018 Busy Baby LLC Semifinalist General
2018 DaVinci Industries Runner-Up Student
2018 InstaCare Finalist Youth
2018 Pivot Interactives SBC Semifinalist Education/ Training
2018 EthnoTrax Semifinalist General
2018 Abilitech Medical Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2018 EnduraMark Semifinalist Student
2018 Modus Semifinalist Youth
2018 Virtue Analytics (MANBOAT) Runner-Up Education/ Training
2018 Halo Ramp Safety Platform Semifinalist General
2018 Carrot Health, Inc. Division Winner Life Science/Health IT
2018 MagnaBox Semifinalist Student
2018 Pocket Perks Semifinalist Youth
2018 Aelios Technology Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech
2018 Crooked Water Spirits, LLC Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2018 Little Acorn Shave Co Semifinalist General
2018 Daily Dental Care, LLC Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2018 Plyo Division Winner Student
2018 Purpose Safety Semifinalist Youth
2018 CD3, General Benefit Corporation Division Winner Energy/Clean Tech
2018 Curly Girlz Candy Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2018 McLab Inc. Semifinalist General
2018 HabitAware Grand Prize Winner High Tech
2018 BioGo, GBC Semifinalist Impact
2018 Hitch Health Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2018 ReGlymph Semifinalist Student
2018 Skyrocket Semifinalist Youth
2018 Clearwater BioLogic LLC Finalist Energy/Clean Tech
2018 JavaCycle Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2018 NoSweat Division Winner General
2018 Billiyo Health Runner-Up High Tech
2018 Depart Smart Finalist Impact
2018 Recovree Division Winner Impact Ventures
2018 Lipiquester LLC Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2018 Runerra Finalist Student
2018 Solupal Runner-Up Youth
2018 enVerde LLC Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech
2018 Nordic Waffles, LLC Division Winner Food/Ag/Bev
2018 RELAMP Finalist General
2018 deltPRO Semifinalist High Tech
2018 Docta Semifinalist Impact
2018 Vetiver Solutions Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2018 Mill Creek Life Sciences, LLC Runner-Up Life Science/Health IT
2018 Texima Group Semifinalist Student
2018 Studioso LLC Division Winner Youth
2018 Footprint Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech
2018 North America Green Pulp, Inc Finalist Food/Ag/Bev
2018 ugo wear Semifinalist General
2018 Farm Vision Technologies Semifinalist High Tech
2018 Ecotone Analytics Semifinalist Impact
2018 Nice Healthcare Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2018 Two Daughters Semifinalist Student
2018 ISERN Biotechnology Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech
2018 NutriStudents K-12 Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2018 UpCraft Club Runner-Up General
2018 Flyover Country Inc. Semifinalist High Tech
2018 Fruitful Fertility Semifinalist Impact
2018 Peytant Solutions, Inc. Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2018 26 Letters Semifinalist Education/ Training
2018 remooble Runner-Up Energy/Clean Tech
2018 Quarks American Bento Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2018 Homi Semifinalist High Tech
2018 HiBar Semifinalist Impact
2018 Skovlund Medical Products, LLC Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2017 Cedar Labs LLC Finalist General
2017 Live.Give.Save. Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2017 Dotbound Semifinalist Student
2017 Eye on Walleye Semifinalist Youth
2017 Chromatic 3D Materials Finalist General
2017 Marbles Analytics Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2017 MicroOptx, Inc. Grand Prize Winner Life Science/Health IT
2017 KinoSol Finalist Student
2017 Green Garden Bakery Division Winner Youth
2017 Corridor Music Semifinalist General
2017 Binary Bridge Semifinalist Impact Venture
2017 Recovree Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2017 Dose Health Finalist Life Science/Health IT
2017 Outdoors Advisor Finalist Student
2017 Hidden Gem, Inc. Semifinalist Youth
2017 Aker Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2017 Dean Ultra Thin Retainer Semifinalist General
2017 Edji, Inc. Semifinalist Impact Venture
2017 UR TURN Finalist Impact Ventures
2017 FocusStart Respiratory Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2017 Primate Longboards Semifinalist Student
2017 Peacebunny Island Finalist Youth
2017 Autonomous Tractor Corporation Division Winner Food/Ag/Bev
2017 DoWhimsy LLC Semifinalist General
2017 Climb Semifinalist High Tech
2017 Venn Foundation Division Winner Impact Ventures
2017 Impleo Medical, Inc. Finalist Life Science/Health IT
2017 Snap Net Semifinalist Student
2017 Pocket Pollinator Semifinalist Youth
2017 Dumpling & Strand, Noodles at Large Finalist Food/Ag/Bev
2017 Elevate Hockey Semifinalist General
2017 Extempore Finalist High Tech
2017 Lite Run Inc. Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2017 UnderRecruited Preps Division Winner Student
2017 Versital Semifinalist Youth
2017 General Probiotics Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2017 Mako International Semifinalist General
2017 Homi Semifinalist High Tech
2017 Sanso Health, LLC Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2017 Venew Semifinalist Student
2017 Via Finalist Youth
2017 A-Sharp Energy Finalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2017 Make it Simple Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2017 Rhino Tools Semifinalist General
2017 Pursuit Health Technologies Semifinalist High Tech
2017 Smartbeat Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2017 Abyss Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2017 Mississippi Mushrooms Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2017 Z Flow Pro Division Winner General
2017 Rentable Semifinalist High Tech
2017 Soundly Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2017 CD3 Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2017 Round Table Hops Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2017 Rover Development Semifinalist High Tech
2017 Universal Prosthetics, LLC Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2017 Cosine Labs Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2017 RSVTea Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2017 Starting 11 Division Winner High Tech
2017 enVerde LLC Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/ Water
2017 FLUID Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2017 Squarrel Cooperage Finalist Food/Ag/Bev
2017 TeamGenius Finalist High Tech
2017 Future Force LLC Finalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2017 The Twisted Shrub Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2017 Tenicity Semifinalist High Tech
2017 Qlean Tech Enterprises, LLC Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2017 Trust Funds, LLC Semifinalist High Tech
2017 Accessible 360 Semifinalists Impact Ventures
2017 BelMaugh, LLC Semifinalist Youth
2017 Sironix Renewables Division Winner Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2017 GogyUp Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2017 Da Vinci Industries Semifinalist Student
2017 Chatter Semifinalist Youth
2017 Terraforce Technologies, LLC Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2017 BallSkate Semifinalist General
2017 Iron Range Makerspace LLC Finalist Impact Ventures
2017 Dolore Biotechnology Semifinalist Student
2017 Crimson Cafe Semifinalist Youth
2016 Activated Research Company Division Winner Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2016 Far North Spirits Finalist Food/Ag/Bev
2016 Stiff Tape Measure Semifinalist General
2016 Hitsfu Semifinalist High Tech
2016 Photonic Pharma Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2016 Rhidian Tech Semifinalist Youth
2016 Arc Suppression Technologies Finalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2016 Four Seasons Shrimp Company Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2016 The THCer - the marijuana "breathalyzer" Semifinalist General
2016 Homi Semifinalist High Tech
2016 Protosthetics Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2016 Detecta-Leak Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2016 Local Crate Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2016 Tree Trainer Self-Supporting Tree Brace Finalist General
2016 Raincard (iAMroyalist Inc) Semifinalist High Tech
2016 Zift Medical Finalist Life Science/Health IT
2016 enVerde LLC Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2016 Nurish Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2016 UR TURN, LLC Semifinalist General
2016 Sezzle Finalist High Tech
2016 Freedom Motors LLC Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2016 SelfEco Garden Division Winner Food/Ag/Bev
2016 Spark DJ, Inc. Semifinalist High Tech
2016 LADi Water, LLC Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2016 Spods Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2016 Token of Trust Finalist High Tech
2016 Asiya - Modest Active Wear Division Winner Impact Ventures
2016 Lightwave Photonics Inc. Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2016 True Dough Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2016 Vugo Division Winner High Tech
2016 Bim Bam Boo Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2016 PureBiomass LLC Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2016 Zerda Semifinalist High Tech
2016 DEPART SMART Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2016 Blue Dog Denim Finalist Student
2016 Ace Assisted/JATS Semifinalist Youth
2016 Verterra Energy, Inc. Finalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2016 Dignity by Design Enterprise, LLC. Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2016 Core Technologies Semifinalist Student
2016 Boat Bobbers Semifinalist Youth
2016 Awear Technologies, LLC Finalist General
2016 FANSchool Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2016 Semifinalist Student
2016 Da Bomb Bath Fizzers Finalist Youth
2016 Berd Spokes Division Winner General
2016 H&H Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2016 StemoniX Grand Prize Winner Life Science/Health IT
2016 Minnealloy Magnetics Division Winner Student
2016 Eddie's Goat Milk Goods Semifinalist Youth
2016 Crotega Safety Solutions Semifinalist General
2016 Mind Shift Finalist Impact Ventures
2016 Geneticure, LLC Finalist Life Science/Health IT
2016 Mobineo Semifinalist Student
2016 ExpressionMed Division Winner Youth
2016 Elevate Hockey Semifinalist General
2016 Queblo Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2016 Healthe Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2016 Nesel Packs Finalist Student
2016 Finessin Global Semifinalist Youth
2016 5 Infused Vodka Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2016 Key Log Rolling Finalist General
2016 Right Stuff Drones Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2016 MetaLogics Corporation Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2016 Sound Connections Semifinalist Student
2016 Leozarb Semifinalist Youth
2016 Bolton Bees Finalist Food/Ag/Bev
2016 Moxy Muscle Oxygen Monitor Semifinalist General
2016 Corology Semifinalist High Tech
2016 THE MOTHER LOVE/td> Finalist Impact Ventures
2016 MyMeds Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2016 UnderRecruited Preps Semifinalist Student
2016 Medical Assistance via Quick Response code Semifinalist Youth
2016 Farmhouse Market Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2016 SkillFitness Semifinalist General
2016 DragonEye Semifinalist High Tech
2016 THRIVORS Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2016 NanoDev Therapeutics Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2016 mXers Audio Finalist Youth
2015 Stratetek Division Winner Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2015 Prevent Biometrics Finalist High Tech
2015 Breaking Bread Finalist Impact Ventures
2015 Lightwater Semifinalist Student
2015 Viroment Finalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2015 Vugo, Inc. Semifinalist High Tech
2015 Can Can Wonderland Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2015 Lionheart Cider Semifinalist Student
2015 Windjuicer Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2015 Civic Eagle Division Winner Impact Ventures
2015 Ova Woman LLC Division Winner Student
2015 Dental Care on Demand Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2015 Biospheres, Inc. Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2015 Qopo Semifinalist Student
2015 Bioesse Technologies LLC Semifinalist General
2015 Dignity by Design Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2015 Fixx Orthopedics, LLC Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2015 Rakuna Finalist Student
2015 Cooper & Kid Finalist General
2015 Farmhouse Market Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2015 Fortiori Design LLC Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2015 Red Foods Finalist Student
2015 Fantasy Geopolitics Semifinalist General
2015 LitWeaver Finalist Impact Ventures
2015 Gila Therapeutics, Inc. Finalist Life Science/Health IT
2015 Startup Finder Semifinalist Student
2015 Bizzy Coffee Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2015 heart&core LLC Semifinalist General
2015 Mano Amigo Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2015 Hunhu Healthcare Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2015 Unique Pontoons Semifinalist Student
2015 Buddy's Nut Butters Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2015 Poseidon Innovations Semifinalist General
2015 AstroPad Grand Prize Winner High Tech
2015 SwimPossible Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2015 Learn to Live, LLC Division Winner Life Science/Health IT
2015 Who's Missing? Semifinalist Student
2015 Digital Power Engineering Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2015 Burning Brothers Brewing Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2015 Quick Cleat LLC Semifinalist General
2015 Advos IoT Platform by Opnia Semifinalist High Tech
2015 Thrivors Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2015 MNPHARM Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2015 EGRISS Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2015 Keepsake Cidery Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2015 The Patchery Finalist General
2015 Camp Native Semifinalist High Tech
2015 POPS! Diabetes Care Finalist Life Science/Health IT
2015 Energy Performance Systems Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2015 NetZro, LLC Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2015 Bare Honey Finalist Food/Agriculture/Beverage
2015 Upsie Semifinalist General
2015 Dglass3D, Inc Semifinalist High Tech
2015 Thaddeus Medical Devices Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2015 IrriGreen Finalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2015 Rise Bagel Co. Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2015 Joyce Foods Finalist Food/Agriculture/Beverage
2015 WOODCHUCK USA Division Winner General
2015 Haystaq Semifinalist High Tech
2015 Vigilant Diagnostics Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2015 RA Knowledge Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2015 Round Table Hops Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2015 SIMPLS Division Winner Food/Agriculture/Beverage
2015 Zuna Enterprises LLC Semifinalist General
2015 Hema Imaging Semifinalist High Tech
2015 Rahtmobile Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2015 JIT Maintenance Semifinalist High Tech
2015 Small Wind Turbines, LLC Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2015 Kipsu Finalist High Tech
2015 Autonomee Semifinalist Student
2014 Dashfire Bitters Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2014 Corrometer Semifinalist General
2014 Picture Impact Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2014 Omnis Pharma Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2014 Semifinalist Student
2014 Fresh Bar Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2014 DocentEDU(Instant Learn) Finalist General
2014 Pragati Palms Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2014 OrthoCure, Inc. Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2014 Yoga 2 Business Semifinalist Student
2014 Locally Laid Egg Company Finalist Food/Ag/Bev
2014 FeelsWarm Heated Countertop Technology Semifinalist General
2014 Elevate Division Winner High Tech
2014 Twin Cities Mobile Market Finalist Impact Ventures
2014 SpineThera Finalist Life Science/Health IT
2014 75F Grand Prize Winner Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2014 Mighty Axe Hops Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2014 InvolvEdu Semifinalist General
2014 EXOGAL Semifinalist High Tech
2014 Verde Environmental and Medsaway Division Winner Impact Ventures
2014 VivaQuant, LLC Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2014 AquaMedix LLC Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2014 Origin Meals Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2014 JenTra Tools Finalist General
2014 InfiniRAM Finalist High Tech
2014 Friction Reduction Finalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2014 Philia Foods LLC Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2014 Terry Lloyd Semifinalist General
2014 Nexting Semifinalist High Tech
2014 IHB Fuel Technology Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2014 Punk Rawk Labs, Inc. Finalist Food/Ag/Bev
2014 YOXO Division Winner General
2014 OMG Transit Finalist High Tech
2014 LigSis Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2014 Trovita Health Science Division Winner Food/Ag/Bev
2014 OmnID Semifinalist High Tech
2014 Magnetic Induction Heating System Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2014 Scrapm, a yearbook on your phone Semifinalist High Tech
2014 MyRain Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2014 SparkStarter Semifinalist High Tech
2014 Echo Spot Semifinalist Student
2014 Pelican Lake Holdings Finalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2014 TransAuth Semifinalist High Tech
2014 Aynah Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2014 Endle Semifinalist Student
2014 The Green Habit Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2014 Begins with a Dreamer Finalist Impact Ventures
2014 Ilos Videos Finalist Student
2014 curenci, LLC Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2014 Jonny Pops Division Winner Student
2014 GoSolar! Kids Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2014 Andas Inc Division Winner Life Science/Health IT
2014 Penguin Feet, LLC Semifinalist Student
2014 BDW Biotechnologies LLC Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2014 Blumen Tech Semifinalist General
2014 Ground Truth Collaborative, LLC Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2014 iCareSoft Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2014 PLUGZ Semifinalist Student
2014 Cool Jerk Semifinalist Food/Ag/Bev
2014 Collaps-a-tow Semifinalist General
2014 Let's Talk Kids: Brain Builders, A Playing and Learning Kit Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2014 Learn To Live LLC Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2014 Tech Bank, LLC Finalist Student
2013 Percoa Finalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2013 Tempo Tickets Semifinalist General
2013 NimbeLink Semifinalist High Tech
2013 Rowbot Finalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2013 SMART Signal Technology Finalist High Tech
2013 Stratetek Incorporated Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2013 Tarsier, Inc. Semifinalist High Tech
2013 Back to the Start Finalist Student
2013 Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2013 Teralytix Group, LLC Semifinalist High Tech
2013 Barmah Inc. Semifinalist Student
2013 When I Work Division Winner High Tech
2013 3Ring Finalist Impact Ventures
2013 Preceptis Medical Grand Prize Winner Life Science/Health IT
2013 ConnectToMe Semifinalist Student
2013 Active Kids Outdoors Foundation Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2013 Lab-Call LLC Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2013 LEVEL Camera Products Semifinalist Student
2013 Companies to Classrooms Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2013 Magic Arms for the World Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2013 Lipbrau, LLC Semifinalist Student
2013 Cinch Chix Finalist General
2013 Customs Made Finalist Impact Ventures
2013 MesoFlow Finalist Life Science/Health IT
2013 MODIRON Semifinalist Student
2013 Foodsby Semifinalist General
2013 Instant Communities Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2013 Mingo Technologies Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2013 Playtabase Finalist Student
2013 Good Signs Semifinalist General
2013 KidToPro Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2013 Oxon Digital Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2013 Render, LLC Semifinalist Student
2013 Kidblog, Inc Division Winner General
2013 Minnesota Valley Action Council Division Winner Impact Ventures
2013 Personalized Health Monitoring Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2013 ShedBed Division Winner Student
2013 Mode-sty Finalist General
2013 Apruve Semifinalist High Tech
2013 Uniform Contracting and Consulting Services Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2013 RxFunction Finalist Life Science/Health IT
2013 UAV Spin Off Semifinalist Student
2013 Applied Colloids Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2013 Nots! Snacks Semifinalist General
2013 CogCubed Finalist High Tech
2013 SpineThera Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2013 Garden Fresh Farms Division Winner Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2013 Project Sibilla Semifinalist General
2013 Cravi Semifinalist High Tech
2013 SynapseBLUE Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2013 Integrated Fabric Solutions Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2013 Qwik-Keyz Semifinalist General
2013 Ellumilite, Inc. Semifinalist High Tech
2013 Minnesga inc Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2013 Spiral Eye Needles Semifinalist General
2013 Instapay Semifinalist High Tech
2012 Quantitative Insights Finalist Life Science/Health IT
2012 Pelican Semifinalist Student
2012 Altsie Semifinalist General
2012 Tartoos Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2012 Political Harmony Semifinalist Student
2012 Comfy Bed Semifinalist General
2012 Tychon Bioscience, Inc. Finalist Life Science/Health IT
2012 Titan Renewal Semifinalist Student
2012 Life Floor Division Winner General
2012 United Medical Innovations Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2012 Zmach Finalist Student
2012 Active Vacuum Insulated Building Systems Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2012 PuriHands Semifinalist General
2012 Algaedyne Corporation Finalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2012 PreciouStatus Grand Prize Winner High Tech
2012 Envirolastech Division Winner Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2012 CoraCove Semifinalist High Tech
2012 Green Chemistries, Inc. Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2012 Heroic Finalist High Tech
2012 Minnesga Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2012 Hndl Semifinalist High Tech
2012 QuadROI Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2012 PatentCore Semifinalist High Tech
2012 Software Defined Power Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2012 PointStack Semifinalist High Tech
2012 Proliphiq Semifinalist High Tech
2012 TelemetryWeb Semifinalist High Tech
2012 Nice Ride Minnesota Finalist Impact Ventures
2012 Semifinalist Student
2012 Tuloko Division Winner Impact Ventures
2012 Heart Smart Cart Semifinalist Student
2012 Twin Cities RISE! Finalist Impact Ventures
2012 OrthoCor Medical Finalist Life Science/Health IT
2012 K5 Connect Semifinalist Student
2012 Pneumatic Structures Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2012 Semifinalist Student
2011 Supreme Energy Products Division Winner Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2011 Naiku Division Winner High Tech
2011 Finalist Impact Ventures
2011 T3 Scientific Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2011 OneWay Commerce Semifinalist High Tech
2011 Hourcar Division Winner Impact Ventures
2011 Valu Lamp Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2011 PointTunes Finalist High Tech
2011 Mind Body Solutions Finalist Impact Ventures
2011 Qonqr Finalist High Tech
2011 SieEnt Semifinalist High Tech
2011 AUM Cardiovascular Grand Prize Winner Life Science/Health IT
2011 Ace Innovations Semifinalist Student
2011 Anser Innovation Division Winner General
2011 Xollai Semifinalist High Tech
2011 Awear Technologies Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2011 Baysaan Semifinalist Student
2011 Asset Record Company Semifinalist General
2011 BPS Technologies Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2011 Cognific Semifinalist Student
2011 Bee Free Honey Semifinalist General
2011 General Blood Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2011 ProtectRx Finalist Student
2011 Early Learning Labs Semifinalist General
2011 MikrobEX Finalist Life Science/Health IT
2011 Scatja Semifinalist Student
2011 EvaTrax Semifinalist General
2011 Omicron Health Systems Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2011 TesGen Division Winner Student
2011 Fitness Formulary Semifinalist General
2011 OrthoCor Medical Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2011 TextRA Semifinalist Student
2011 Cryogenic Separation & Deconstruction Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2011 For My Children Finalist General
2011 Qualtrx Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2011 The CleanGrip Finalist Student
2011 Electric Yacht Finalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2011 Perfekt Semifinalist General
2011 QuickCheck Health Finalist Life Science/Health IT
2011 Toepener Semifinalist Student
2011 LightingHouseUSA Finalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2011 PickPointz Finalist General
2011 Cram Worldwidem, LLC Finalist High Tech
2011 Walkasins Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2011 Olaf Industries Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2011 Widmer Boat Semifinalist General
2011 Datometer Semifinalist High Tech
2011 SkyPro Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2011 MOBI Blanc Semifinalist High Tech
2011 DesignWise Medical Finalist Impact Ventures
2010 Fruchi Finalist General
2010 Diabetes Sentry Products Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2010 Juxtapose Semifinalist Student
2010 FruitShare Semifinalist General
2010 Environmental Farmacy Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2010 Pedal Powered Canoe Semifinalist Student
2010 Go Home Gorgeous Division Winner General
2010 Krisara Engineering Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2010 Butrolix Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2010 Innovative Bidding Semifinalist General
2010 Earth Clean Grand Prize Winner Impact Ventures
2010 Marvel Concepts Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2010 Mcgyan Biodiesel Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2010 Labels To Learn Semifinalist General
2010 Acara Institute Finalist Impact Ventures
2010 MRI Robotics Finalist Life Science/Health IT
2010 Menelaus Technologies Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2010 Memoir of Me Semifinalist General
2010 Bright New Ideas Finalist Impact Ventures
2010 New Breath Medical Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2010 NewWater Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2010 MinuteBids Semifinalist General
2010 CRAM Worldwide Semifinalist High Tech
2010 Springboard for the Arts Division Winner Impact Ventures
2010 Nirva Medical Finalist Life Science/Health IT
2010 QRDC Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2010 Power Trowel Solution Applicator Finalist General
2010 Crick Information Technology Semifinalist High Tech
2010 VCC Coffee Caf_ Semifinalist Impact Ventures
2010 Oncomir Finalist Life Science/Health IT
2010 Silent Power Finalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2010 Semifinalist General
2010 Curation Station Finalist High Tech
2010 United Science Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2010 Wood From the Hood Semifinalist General
2010 Evolve Semifinalist High Tech
2010 Visiam Finalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2010 GeaCom Division Winner High Tech
2010 InSight Solutions Semifinalist High Tech
2010 Inveni Finalist High Tech
2010 Mobile On Services Semifinalist High Tech
2010 Birth Control Pill Alarm Case Semifinalist Student
2010 Rushford Hypersonic Semifinalist High Tech
2010 Accudose Medicine Cup Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2010 Blue Water Ponds Division Winner Student
2010 Fresh EchoHarvest Finalist General
2010 VeraTech Aero Semifinalist High Tech
2010 BioMatRx Division Winner Life Science/Health IT
2010 HaulsMedia Semifinalist Student
2009 LitroEnergy Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2009 Helping Betty Semifinalist General
2009 8th Bridge Grand Prize Winner High Tech
2009 Vatrix Medical Finalist Life Science/Health IT
2009 Packet Power Division Winner Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2009 Hillaway Photo Books Semifinalist General
2009 ArtsApp Semifinalist High Tech
2009 Pine River Petrochemicals Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2009 ASCIR Finalist High Tech
2009 Biology Without Borders Semifinalist Student
2009 Thunderdome Energy Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2009 Benefit Resource Semifinalist High Tech
2009 Man Cave Division Winner Student
2009 Utility Management Solutions Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2009 Echobit Semifinalist High Tech
2009 Mxapp Finalist Student
2009 ePhipony Incorporated Semifinalist High Tech
2009 Newwater Remediation Finalist Student
2009 eyestoreRx Semifinalist High Tech
2009 VendBox Semifinalist Student
2009 Mobiata Finalist High Tech
2009 Pattern Memory Semifinalist High Tech
2009 Admission Possible Finalist Impact Ventures
2009 Critech Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2009 White Bear Technology Finalist High Tech
2009 Apple Tree Dental Finalist Impact Ventures
2009 Hibernicor Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2009 2nd Chance Staffing Semifinalist General
2009 Hearth Connection Finalist Impact Ventures
2009 Kinexum Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2009 Alpar Architectural Products Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2009 Breathe Safely Finalist General
2009 Rural Renewable Energy Alliance Division Winner Impact Ventures
2009 NasoNeb Sinus Solutions Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2009 BioCee Finalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2009 Drazil Foods Division Winner General
2009 Pursuit Vascular Division Winner Life Science/Health IT
2009 Ever Cat Fuels Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2009 Fastest Faucet Semifinalist General
2009 Rapid Diagnostek Finalist Life Science/Health IT
2009 Hi-Tech Agro Semifinalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2009 Gopher Grocery Finalist General
2009 Targeted Gene Modification-Study Amazingly Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2009 JetE Finalist Energy/Clean Tech/Water
2009 Hackers Guides Semifinalist General
2009 TransEnd Surgical Technologies Semifinalist Life Science/Health IT
2008 Medical device for osteoarthritis using EMT2 Semifinalist General
2008 Wilcraft Finalist General
2008 Molar Express Minnesota Semifinalist General
2008 Wireless respiratory carbon dioxide sensors Student Finalist General
2008 CoreSpine Technologies Grand Prize Winner General
2008 Music Mayhem Online Gaming Network Semifinalist General
2008 Semifinalist General
2008 Achievance, Inc. Semifinalist General
2008 Second Place General
2008 Zipnosis Student Winner General
2008 Breathe Laser Therapy Semifinalist General
2008 Nabbit Semifinalist General
2008 Bye Bye Monster Semifinalist General
2008 NeoPath Health Semifinalist General
2008 The Ultimate Guide Semifinalist General
2008 Perfect Fit Health Semifinalist General
2008 Exhibits Development Group Semifinalist General
2008 Power-2-Go Student Finalist General
2008 freEner-g Semifinalist General
2008 Pursuit Medical, LLC Semifinalist General
2008 Glowskin Active Illumination Systems Semifinalist General
2008 Rear Window Media Semifinalist General
2008 Hope Fish Company Semifinalist General
2008 Somnatek, Innovative Snoring Solutions Semifinalist General
2008 HowThree Student Finalist General
2008 Semifinalist General
2008 Infobionics Semifinalist General
2008 Taggart Communications Semifinalist General
2008 Izzy Bell Advanced Baby Monitor Semifinalist General
2008 The Barrier Group Finalist General
2008 Klodas Foods Third Place General
2008 TreeFortz Student Finalist General
2008 Build Web sites together Semifinalist General
2008 Tunebloom Semifinalist General
2007 Independent Features Semifinalist General
2007 Share Save Spend Semifinalist General
2007 It's Fresh Second Place General
2007 Smart Blending Technologies Semifinalist General
2007 Kabir Tech Business Plan Semifinalist General
2007 Snap Pea Finalist General
2007 LessonBites Semifinalist General
2007 Steve's Hitch Semifinalist General
2007 Muve Grand Prize Winner General
2007 Lifestyle Martial Arts Student Finalist General
2007 The Miscarriage Clinic Semifinalist General
2007 Adaptive Avenue Associates, Inc. Semifinalist General
2007 LocalLoop Semifinalist General
2007 uTead Student Winner General
2007 Alumni Advisor Student Finalist General
2007 Manual Galaxy Student Finalist General
2007 VOOM 411 Semifinalist General
2007 BrightGreen FOG mileage system and hybrid Vehicle Semifinalist General
2007 MyMeds Semifinalist General
2007 Cognition Network Semifinalist General
2007 Nissen IPAD Semifinalist General
2007 CoreSpine Technologies, LLC Semifinalist General
2007 Optimistic Outcomes Semifinalist General
2007 Double Play Semifinalist General
2007 Persata Third Place General
2007 EDP Textiles Semifinalist General
2007 PlajaPets Semifinalist General
2007 EduCalm, LLC Semifinalist General
2007 PodCom DotBiz Semifinalist General
2007 Equilateral Industries Semifinalist General
2007 Quiescent Semifinalist General
2007 Farmers Hat Productions Semifinalist General
2007 Reshare Finalist General
2007 Student Finalist General
2007 Romeo & Juliet Shops Semifinalist General
2006 Computer Role Playing Games for Higher Education Semifinalist General
2006 PhotoBook Press-Stories Bound for Life Semifinalist General
2006 Grouts & Mortars for the Toughest Jobs You've Got Semifinalist General
2006 Portable security systems for construction sites Semifinalist General
2006 HACCP-Builder Semifinalist General
2006 ProSampler Semifinalist General
2006 Hibernicor Heart Preservation Device Semifinalist General
2006 Ripshark Semifinalist General
2006 ID Insight Third Place General
2006 RivaTek Inc. Semifinalist General
2006 IntelAccount Finalist General
2006 Spellbinder's Semifinalist General
2006 Intelligent Transportation Semifinalist General
2006 The JobTracker Semifinalist General
2006 Vast Enterprises Grand Prize Winner General
2006 Interrad Medical Finalist General
2006 The Vantagio Fabric Care Company Semifinalist General
2006 ATKA Software Semifinalist General
2006 iSlim Semifinalist General
2006 U-Guide "Your Roadmap to College Life" Student Winner General
2006 Audiology, Inc. Semifinalist General
2006 It'sFresh! Incorporated Semifinalist General
2006 Vivant Media-Digital Media Networks Student Finalist General
2006 Automated Aquarium System Student Finalist General
2006 LCTA: High Strength Biocompatible Tissue Adhesive Semifinalist General
2006 Workface Semifinalist General
2006 Automotion Video Car Review Library Semifinalist General
2006 Learn2Sport Semifinalist General
2006 Biomass electric generator for home/car Semifinalist General
2006 Made in America Energy Semifinalist General
2006 Bright New Ideas: The Solar Lantern Student Finalist General
2006 Mark2Markets Semifinalist General
2006 Buy the Change Semifinalist General
2006 Minnesota Mowers