Headshots of Lauren Sheibley, Stephen Glomb, and Anjali Bhagra

3 People, 3 Questions: Fall 2022

Friday, October 14, 2022

Lauren Sheibley

Headshot of Lauren Sheibley
Lauren Sheibley, '16 BSB

'16 BSB, Commercial Director at Procter & Gamble; President, Carlson School GOLD Board

What are you reading?

I’ve been really into short stories and essay collections lately. Right now I’m reading A Good Man is Hard to Find and Other Stories by Flannery O’Connor and They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us by Hanif Abdurraqib.

What is your favorite website?

Probably not my most-visited, but my favorite website lately has been thingtesting.com. Thingtesting shares the newest, trendiest direct-to-consumer brands and offers opportunities for people to test and leave reviews for products, too. Working in the beauty and grooming space, there are always new digitally native brands and consumer jobs-to-be-done emerging—and Thingtesting is a great place for inspiration and visibility into how the landscape is evolving.

What is your dream job?

It’s a blast working on brands such as Pantene and Aussie that millions of people use in their everyday lives. My passion for human behavior (and the impulse decision to start a second major in Sociology during my junior year) led me to Procter & Gamble and I love how the consumer is always at the center of everything we do and create. My dream job would likely be something business and brand strategy-related, but with a deeper application of socio-cultural or anthropological insights.

Headshot of Stephen Glomb
Stephen Glomb, Carlson School Senior Associate Director

Stephen Glomb

Senior Associate Director and Career Coach

What are you reading?

I'm a true creature of habit, so I tend to read the same books over and over rather than reaching for something new. I favor short, autobiographical stories written by hilarious people, so when I’m traveling I almost always reach for something by David Sedaris or David Rakoff. I’m guessing I’ve read Me Talk Pretty One Day by Sedaris at least 10 times.

What is your favorite website?

I don’t use Facebook as a social media tool, but I still use it frequently to follow groups that are relevant to my hobbies and interests. It’s a great way to learn from local people who know a ton about the things I’m interested in. I recently posted a gardening question to the MN Gardeners group on Facebook, and within minutes I had 20 “experts” chiming in on how to get rid of poison ivy in my backyard. It can be a very powerful crowdsourcing tool.

What is your dream job?

As a career coach, I sort of feel like I need to say that I’ve already found my dream job, right? Honestly, though, I’ve worked at the Carlson School for 13 years, and there are a lot of things that make this my dream job. I get to work for an institution that makes me proud; I always feel excited to tell people that I work at the U of M. I get to work with really talented students and help them achieve great things. I get to have work-life balance and be part of a great team.

Anjali Bhagra

Headshot of Anjali Ghagra
Anjali Bhagra, '23 MBA

'23 MBA, Medical Director of Mayo Clinic's Office of Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity

What are you reading?

The Waymakers by Tara Jaye Frank. Frank’s insightful personal recounts and powerful use of evidence provides a robust framework for leaders to maximize their ability to drive equity within organizations and systems.

What is your favorite website?

Being an ardent sports fan, ESPN allows me to stay up to date with the latest news and scores of my favorite sports. Most notably: Formula One and tennis!

What is your dream job?

I love building and uplifting people. Being a physician and my current job (Medical Director of Mayo Clinic’s Office of Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity) is my calling that I am deeply honored and privileged to pursue. In my roles, what gives me intense fulfillment, is the opportunity I have to build systems that maximize human performance and potential.

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