Ravi Bapna

Ravi Bapna headshot
Ravi Bapna
Curtis L. Carlson Chair in Business Analytics and Information Systems; Academic Director, Carlson Analytics Lab


Professor Ravi Bapna's expertise lies in helping companies reframe their understanding of analytics, AI, and machine learning, and then leverage that understanding for competitive advantage. His specializations in social media, peer influence, monetization and design of Freemium communities, human capital issues, and design of IT communities show the breadth of application for big data analytics, and how they can transform industries.

At the Carlson Analytics Lab, he has consulted for 50 companies over four years, a position that gives him exposure and insight into the real challenges of Twin Cities businesses. As a faculty advisor, he provides expertise in analytics techniques and guides student approaches.

Professor Bapna teaches graduate students, executives, CIOs and CMOs around the world how to thrive in the digital revolution. His views have been sought by the Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Minnesota Public Radio, Star Tribune and more. He is regularly invited to deliver keynote addresses on leveraging big data, analytics, and social media to industry bodies and corporations.