America’s Seed Fund

What are the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Programs (America’s Seed Fund)?

The SBIR/STTR Programs award non-dilutive funding to develop your technology and chart a path toward commercialization. Through the SBIR/STTR Programs, the federal government invests in your solution and gives you the freedom to run your business according to your vision. The goal of any successful SBIR/STTR project is the commercialization of your innovation, which means bringing it to market for use by industry, consumers, or the federal government. Learn more.

SBIR/STTR investments

Who is MNSBIR, Inc.?

Since 2014, MNSBIR, Inc. has facilitated more than $81M in SBIR/STTR funding that has led to follow-on funding from angel and venture capital, state funds, and strategic partners.  We are the Governor’s designated resource for SBIR/STTR support from getting started to commercialization. We operate at the intersection of government, industry, and academia to support startups and small businesses to secure funding from America’s Seed Fund.  Our support is free.  We are an IRS 501(c)(3), supported in part through a Federal and State Technology Partnership Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration, a legislative appropriation grant from the Department of Employment and Economic Development, and a financial contribution from the University of Minnesota, Technology Commercialization, and the Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship. 

What We Do?

We provide education and coaching to startups and small businesses, with fewer than 500 employees, to apply for funding.  We deliver free and confidential 1:1 business and technical assistance to bring a novel solution to the marketplace by leveraging federal funding. Our knowledge, experience, relationships, and connections are valuable to firms competing in the programs. We know first-hand how complex and difficult it is to navigate the federal R&D arena. With decades of demonstrated experience across the 11 participating federal agencies, we make the journey less stressful for qualifying firms to navigate this competitive and complex environment. Learn more.


What are MNSBIR, Inc.’s educational programs?

Our educational programs are focused on delivering the basics of the programs (SBIR/STTR 101) followed by deeper presentations for each of the federal agencies (SBIR/STTR 201). We also offer additional educational programming focused on critical issues pertaining to firms in the federal research and development arena. Learn more.


What is MNSBIR, Inc.’s coaching and assistance program?

Our Catalyst Program delivers coaching to startups and small businesses engaged in early-stage product research and development with strong commercialization potential. The Program requires an application that asks startups and small businesses to answer five questions about your technology, the technical challenges, the market opportunity, and your team.  We evaluate applications based on innovation, technical feasibility, market potential, commercialization potential, and technical risk. By supporting projects across multiple phases and agencies, the Catalyst aims to facilitate the development and commercial success of innovative ideas and products.  We support Phase I, II, IIB, Fast Track, and Direct to Phase II projects across the 11 federal agencies. Learn more.