Elizabeth Stillwell

Elizabeth Stillwell

PhD Student
Work & Organizations Department


  • Bachelor of Science 2014
    Psychology University of Washington


  • Positive Workplace Relationships
  • Positive Workplace Interventions (e.g., Mindfulness)
  • Emotions in Organizations
  • Gender and Diversity in Organizations
  • Longitudinal Research Methods and Analysis

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth (Ellie) Stillwell is a doctoral student in the department of Work and Organizations. Her research interests focus around employee happiness and well-being, positive workplace relationships and friendships, positive workplace interventions, the role of emotions in employee outcomes, and gender and diversity in the workplace.

Selected Works & Activities.

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  • Conference Proceedings
    Swift, S. F., Stillwell, E. E., Zielger, S., & Cheryan, S. (2015). Gender Disparities in the Tech Industry: The Effects of Gender and Stereotypicality on Perceived Environmental Fit. Proceedings of the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR)
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