Mayank Anand UMN PhD Candidate Marketing Consumer Political Ideology

Mayank Anand

PhD Candidate


  • Ph.D. in Business - 2024 (ongoing)
    Marketing - Carlson School of Management, UMN
  • MBA - 2014
    Marketing - Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India


Mayank is a consumer behavior researcher with a special focus on consumer response to threats to their worldviews. His research employs the lens of consumers' political ideology and moral decision-making to investigate their marketplace behavior. His primary methodological focus is behavioral lab and field experiments, with recent exploration of more multi-method approaches. 

His dissertation, under the guidance of his advisor, Prof. Akshay Rao, explores how consumers' political ideology and moral decision-making impacts their boycott likelihood and motivations. His other works include a published article and two working papers, one of which is under revision for resubmission to the Journal of Marketing Research. These papers cover a wide range of marketplace behaviors, such as consumers' decision to get vaccinated, their appraisal of humor, and their susceptibility to fake news. His works in progress explore even more instances of consumer responses that are influenced through a political or moral calculus, such as response to producers' suffering, to disgust cues, and to pricing changes.

Mayank has over ten years of experience with marketing, which he has leverage as a course instructor and teaching assistant for both undergraduate and MBA courses offered at CSOM. He has also served the marketing department as the manager for the undergraduate research pool and as an organizer of PhD research camps. 

Prior to joining CSOM, Mayank has worked in marketing with HUL, Asian Paints, Boston Consulting Group, and early-stage startups. He received his MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad in India. 



Selected Works & Activities

  • Journal Articles
    Reducing COVID Vaccine Hesitancy by Inducing a Comparative Mindset (with Xianyu Hao, Tzushuo Wang, and Prof. Akshay Rao)
  • Working Papers
    That’s (Not) funny: Political Ideology driven differences in Humor Appreciation and Production (with Akshay Rao), under revision for resubmission to the Journal of Marketing Research
  • Working Papers
    Truth Bias online: Antecedents of Susceptibility to Deceptive Information (Fake News) in Political Markets (with TzuShuo Wang, Hyerin Han, and Akshay Rao)
  • Thesis/Dissertation
    Who Stays and Who Goes: The Impact of Consumers’ Political Ideology and Moral Decision-making on Their Likelihood and Motivation to Boycott

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