Executive presenting in a meeting

Executive Presence

- | Wed - Thu
COST: $3,600.00

This two-day program coaches business leaders to communicate effectively with executives, build credibility, and establish their personal brand. This course is designed for executives seeking to improve their communication abilities as well as leaders who regularly engage with executives.

Professionals outside of Carlson School of Management in Minneapolis

Emerging Leaders Bootcamp

- | Tue - Thu
- | Tue - Thu
- | Tue - Thu
COST: $4,100.00

This course equips emerging leaders for the challenge of leadership. Topics include managing teams, persuasive communication, negotiation, strategy, and relationship building.


Leading Organizational Change

- | Tue - Thu
COST: $5,000.00

Prepare yourself to lead through organizational change. Learn the elements of a clear and compelling organizational vision and how this drives major change initiatives. Model change behaviors and learn to develop a culture of teamwork and collaboration that supports transformation.


Leading High-Performing Teams

- | Tue - Wed
COST: $4,200.00

This two-day course will enhance your ability to lead teams, including developing accountability, diplomatically working through conflict, and providing constructive feedback. You’ll learn to fine-tune your observation skills to assess team dynamics and pivot in real-time.

Leader in course breakout

Strategic Persuasion: How to Influence Without Authority

- | Wed - Thu
COST: $3,600.00

Effective people in professional capacities use personal influence to build team relationships and get work done. This course will teach you how to communicate effectively and build confidence in your ability to positively influence the people around you.

Business executive telling a story in a meeting

Storytelling for Leaders™

- | Mon - Tue
COST: $3,600.00

This intensive, active two-day course will teach you how to tap into the stories you have within you, and use them to authentically engage and inspire your audiences. You will practice telling stories and receive actionable, individualized coaching to increase your effectiveness and ability to motivate action.

Online inclusive leadership course

Online Course: Inclusive Leadership

- | Mon - Fri
COST: $1,300.00

Inclusive Leadership is an immersive, interactive, 4-week digital program designed to provide leaders with the concrete communication tools they need to create inclusive teams and inclusive workplaces.

Executive Education Participants

Leadership Agility

- | Wed - Thu
COST: $3,600.00

This two-day course equips participants to lead through complexity and change by embracing the concepts of leadership agility.

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