Storytelling for Leaders

Increase your ability to impact and influence through storytelling

About This Program

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Storytelling is a powerful leadership tool. Stories build rapport and connection in a way that facts and information do not. When we share stories, we engage the emotions and imagination of others to help them see things differently—and act differently as a result.

There are many reasons to tell stories.  Leaders can use stories to build rapport before sharing an idea, to provide context for a decision, or to illustrate a specific point that supports a larger goal.  Stories can weave together the threads of an argument in a way that brings that entire communication to life for the audience.  Stories help others understand our thinking because they do more than prove that information is true—they give meaning to that information.

This intensive, active two-day course will teach you how to tap into the stories you have within you, and use them to authentically engage and inspire your audiences. You will practice telling stories and receive actionable, individualized coaching to increase your effectiveness and ability to motivate action.



This course is for leaders at all levels who wish to enhance their leadership communication skills with storytelling.


Key Benefits

  • Understand the purpose of storytelling and how to use it as a leadership tool
  • Use The Story Spine to structure a compelling anecdote
  • Identify the right moment for a story
  • Use language and classic narrative techniques to hold the room
  • Tell stories with a dynamic and engaging physical presence
  • Craft stories in-the-moment for a variety of audiences and situations
  • Increase your ability to engage, inspire, and motivate action through storytelling 


Margo Gouley, a distinguished member of the Carlson Executive Educator Network and director of program development at the Humphrey Group, speaks about how you can create better audience engagement by integrating Storytelling into your everyday interactions. Register for the course to begin crafting more powerful communication.

Program Details
Cost: $3200.00
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Additional Details

  Day 1 Day 2

Storytelling as a leadership tool

When and why to use Storytelling

Workshop: Creating a story script

Telling stories with presence


Classic storytelling techniques

Workshop: Creating metaphors

Putting storytelling into action

Workshop: Creating stories on the fly

Incorporating storytelling into presentations and meetings

Tools to sustain learning


Margo Gouley
Distinguished Member of the Carlson Executive Educator Network
Adam Bradley
Distinguished Member of the Carlson Executive Educator Network
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