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7:00 - 8:00

Registration and Continental Breakfast - Sponsored by Land O'Lakes

8:00 - 9:30

Welcome and Keynote Speaker
Laurie Marsh - Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Ecolab, Inc.

"The Employment Brand Promise Journey: Inspiring and Developing Talent for Future Impact”
Change is everywhere we look. Competition for the best talent will only continue to grow. The labor supply is constrained and lacking critical skills needed to thrive in workplaces that are increasingly digital, global and agile. And employees are asking more than ever from their employers – beyond pay and benefits to true purpose. Winning with top talent in this environment requires that organizations enhance their focus on the areas that matter most – employer branding, learning & development, and diversity & inclusion. Join Ecolab’s Chief Human Resources Officer Laurie Marsh to learn how this Fortune 200 global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services is putting talent at the center of their aggressive business growth strategy

9:30 - 9:50

Break - Carlson Atrium

9:50 - 11:00

Morning Session 1 (Schedule Subject to Change)

John Daniel, EVP and CHRO, First Horizon National Corporation
"Are We Naturally Inclusive: The Behavioral Roots of Collaboration and Inclusion"
Based on the latest research from neuroscience, evolutionary psychology and cognitive science, we have more insight on how people are driven to engage socially and collaborate. Yet, we have also learned how our brains are wired in ways that promote tribal behaviors that can often be counter to collaboration and inclusion. As a practicing HR executive, the speaker will explore the fascinating ways our brains work and the implication for leaders and human resource professionals, and will examine how to better understand creating an environment that is conducive to collaboration and inclusion; gain more insight into how our brains work and how an HR professional can use that knowledge to lead change; and learn ways to improve collaboration and decision making.

Jill Hauwiller, Executive Coach, Leadership Refinery, and Holly Whitcomb, Leadership Coach and Facilitator, 3M Company
"4 Easy Ways to Establish a Coaching Culture in Your Organization"
Many organizations are making the shift from an outdated Command and Control leadership style to a more Coach-like approach to leadership. According to a global survey by the International Coaches Federation, 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, and over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills. 86% of companies report that they recouped their investment on coaching and more. As the demand for coaching continues to increase over the next several years, what can HR practitioners do to foster a coaching culture in their organizations? Join us as we explore 4 easy ways to do just that.

Meg Paschall, Managing Director; and Jackie Stuedemann, Director Communications and Change Management; Willis Towers Watson
"The Evolved Organization: The Future Has Arrived"
Attend this session to uncover how The Future Has Arrived in terms of HR programs and practices, and see how Willis Towers Watson’s research has quantified the advantages realized by companies that are purpose-driven, offering their employees a sense of certainty in an era of disruption. Companies that emphasize the value of individual purpose demonstrate that wellbeing, psychological safety and personalization not only matter but also lead to improved engagement, productivity and financial performance. This is all happening during a time when culture and “healthy company” policies are top of mind for HR (as well as legal and compliance functions). Join us as we present our work with innovative, disruptive and early-adopting CHROs, as we share how companies are acting on their purpose-driven objectives that will further support today’s evolving mindset and overall talent experience.

Katie Tedson, HR Manager – Recruiting, Onboarding & Volunteer Services, Goodwill-Easter Seals of Minnesota; and Eric Grube, CPA, Assistant Professor, Concordia University – St. Paul
"Leveraging Volunteerism to Address Employee Engagement & Retention"
This session will discuss the ways employers can engage and retain employees through employer-based volunteerism. We will also share results of a recent study around employee volunteerism through firm-sponsored programs, employee attachment, and retention. The speakers will examine the connection between employee engagement and employer-sponsored volunteering, and innovative ways that employers are leveraging employee volunteerism.


11:00 - 11:20

Break - Carlson Atrium


11:20 - 12:30

Morning Session 2 (Schedule Subject to Change)

Anne Gotte, Vice President, Head of Global Talent; and Sara Erickson, Senior Recruitment Marketing Specialist; Ecolab, Inc.
"Leveraging your Purpose to Build a Compelling Employer Brand"
Employer branding is an increasingly popular focus in HR and talent acquisition, but what does it actually mean for our function? Over the past several years, Ecolab has been on a journey to discover, activate, and harness their employer brand. Learn about the importance of employer branding and what Ecolab has learned throughout their journey. You’ll leave with deeper insight into employer branding, one company’s discovery and activation process, and ideas for translating this into action for your organization. View the speakers' presentation here.

Nicole Gravagna, President, NeuroEQ
"Seeing Around Corners: How Companies Are Using Behavior Prediction Data in HR"
Join Dr. Nicole Gravagna to discover how cutting-edge advances in workforce analytics are changing what’s possible for HR professionals. Dr. Gravagna will lead you on a journey through three case studies that illustrate how behavior prediction technology has taken some of the frustrating guesswork out of hiring, training, and succession planning. Let the data work for you! Learn what types of data make your life easier and give you the edge to ensure a better outcome. You’ll also walk away knowing where the data can help and where it falls short. Ever feel like increasing diversity at work is harder than it looks? Dr. Gravagna will put the pieces together for you. And finally, learn the secrets for why teaching employees the language of human behavior makes them increasingly better at managing behaviors.

Kristen Kowalski, Principal, Deloitte
"The Power of Relationships in a Virtual World"
Relationships are critical to business and team success. Technology can bring us closer together, but it can also lead to isolation. How can you create connectivity in the absence of physical presence? In this session we'll explore strategies for leveraging technology to improve connectivity as well as a methodology to tap into the power of relationships.

Robert Sicora, President and CEO, Sicora Consulting, Inc.
"The 8 Factors of Engagement"
Building on his breakthrough research looking at personality style and trust, the speaker will lead an interactive session on how to create a purposeful culture of trust and continuous engagement. Dr. Sicora's 8 Factors of Engagement is the most scientifically balanced and actionable employee engagement model. The model ties to his extensive research on trust and personality styles and creates the ability to measure the organizational impact and return on investment of employee engagement initiatives. Participants will be able to take away practical applications of the models and the ability to apply concepts immediately. His session will work to integrate and involve concepts such as purpose & strategy, leadership, culture, team effectiveness, employee engagement, work process, customer & client engagement, and results & ROI.


12:30 - 1:30

Networking Luncheon - Sponsored by Polaris

To foster engaging discussions and networking during lunch, tables will be identified by HR functional areas and attendees will be able to choose what table to sit at based on their functional area of choice, including HR generalist, and HR specialists focusing on compensation, recruiting, benefits, training & development, employee relations, performance management & talent management, and incentives & rewards.

1:30 - 2:40

Afternoon Session 3 (Schedule subject to change)

Anne deBruin Sample, CEO, Navigate Forward
"Leadership & Legacy"
A thought provoking discussion of the implications and impact of the following premise: 'Due to social, economic and demographic factors, our perceptions and definitions of power, leadership, success, and work need to be re-framed if we are to fully leverage and engage all the talent and capabilities of our society.' Participants will better understand and participate in a broad discussion about the implications of the workforce changes we are experiencing socially, economically, and demographically; understand how these changes are impacting the 'power' structure for individuals, organizations and communities; and explore ways to shift how leaders are built and developed to address the changes that are happening.

Jeff Donnay, Senior Managing Director of HR, Salo, LLC, and Ann Houser, Consultant, Ann Houser Coaching and Consulting
"Mission POSSIBLE: Driving Business Decisions AND Engaging your Employees with the Mission, Vision and Values"
Did you know that seven out of eight respondents from a recent Gallup survey said they don’t feel valued at work? Employee mindsets have shifted and the desire to feel valued is more important today than ever before. Establishing a company’s mission, vision and values (MVV) that employees can connect to, believe in and embrace in their everyday roles is crucial to creating a meaningful employee experience. In addition, your MVV must be instrumental in guiding your business strategy and business decisions for long-term growth and success. The speakers will speak to the importance of creating a MVV and how it works two-fold in your company to guide, not only your business, but also your culture. They will highlight the evolution of the MVV, where this practice is going and examples of how companies, big to small, are executing initiatives that drive change…and examples that don’t. This session is intended for company leaders, HR leaders interested in the employee experience, companies looking to revamp their MVV and HR leaders in small businesses that are developing their MVV.


Jennifer Carlson, VP Metro Market Manager, Robert Half Management Resources, and Gordon Braun, Managing Director, Protiviti
"The New Labor Model: How Leading Executives Are Sourcing Talent in the Digital Age"
Future corporate functions will be significantly different from the past, as will the staffing needs and demands they face. In response, the labor model will include multiple sources for skills and experience. How will these and factors such as robotics, automation and the human cloud impact management’s ability to create and maintain a competitive, agile workforce? How will they impact business models and labor pools? How might they impact your company? This presentation will cover these questions and examine labor models companies are adopting, identify evolving skill sets, and provide recommendations on how to hire for and develop them.

Larry Morgan, President, Orion HR Group
"Generational Differences in Employee Benefits"
Part of the total rewards package and why people work differs on a person-by-person basis. Different generations seek different things as part of the employment package. Mr. Morgan will explore training/development, health, financial and job security, retirement, paid time off, and how employers may respond to differing employee needs. This session will identify employee benefit alternatives, describe how to customize employee benefit packages, and offer guidance on determining employee preferences.


2:40 - 3:00

Break - Carlson Atrium

3:00 - 4:15

Closing and Keynote Speaker
Rosie Ward, CEO and Co-Founder, Salveo Partners

"Re-Humanizing the Workplace to Build a Thriving Organization"
Workplaces are ultimately made up of humans, not machines; yet many of our workplaces have become dehumanized, destroying people’s physical and emotional health and impeding company performance. Humans crave purpose and connection. They want to find fulfillment and effectively integrate their personal and professional lives. They want to know they matter. At the same time, our brains are wired to seek comfort, familiarity and certainty. The problem is that we have entered a new reality where disruption is the new norm - a “VUCA” world full of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. However, it is possible to reconcile the human condition and this new reality. This session will explore what it takes to re-humanize the workplace and build a thriving organization where people are freed, fueled and inspired to bring their best selves to work – and home - each day.


4:15 - 5:45

Reception - Sponsored by Ecolab

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