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Registration and Continental Breakfast - Sponsored by Land O'Lakes, Inc.

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Welcome and Keynote Speaker

Chris Farrell, Economics Editor of Marketplace Money on National Public Radio
"Seizing the Next Competitive Edge in the War for Talent: Valuing Experienced Workers"
The demographics of aging ranks as one of the most significant long-term forces shaping the U.S. economy and society, alongside globalization, automation, and climate change. The Census Bureau predicts the number of people 65 years and older will outnumber children under age 18 by 2035 for the first time in U.S. history. With this trend, growing numbers of employees are embracing work well into their traditional retirement years. These extra years of earned income boost retirement security, and provide mental, physical, and social health benefits for older workers. Employers benefit from older workers as well, and their labor could serve as the next biggest source of competitive advantage if they are engaged and retained successfully. This session will explore how employers and employees alike are benefiting from the changing demographics of the workforce.



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Break - Carlson Atrium

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Morning Session 1 (Schedule Subject to Change)

Dobby Gibson, Digital Communications Manager / Eric Law, Organizational Effectiveness Consultant / Julie Sexton, Vice President of Human Resources; Land O'Lakes, Inc.
"5 Steps to Transforming Employee Experience Using Design Thinking"
Design thinking is an iterative and team-based process that’s widely used to improve everything from specialized surgical equipment to everyday retail experiences. Human resources professionals can use this same methodology to transform their organization's Talent Experience—and boost business performance. Research has proven organizations that understand the connection between talent experience and organizational outcomes are more successful when they put people first. We will teach you the 5 steps of design thinking, guide you through a pilot project, and provide you with a toolkit to use in your organization. You'll leave knowing how to use design thinking to challenge your assumptions, sharpen your listening, and reawaken your creativity through prototyping, ultimately creating more human-centered solutions that matter to your people as much as your organization.

Ryan Dunn, Co-Founder, Chief Talent Office Roundtables - Sr. Director of Membership; Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) / Kevin Wilde, Executive Leadership Fellow; University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management
"Moving at the Speed of Disruption"
The days of managing change as a planned initiative or a time-bound event are over. Continuous disruption is the new normal. The question HR executives must be prepared to answer is ‘what is your organization doing to manage this continuous disruption rather than be managed by it? As complex systems theory suggests, when there are multiple parts moving around in chaos, there are a few core elements that will drive the emergence of the desired new state, output or result. Those elements, according to research from the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) are: Market – Strategy – Culture – Leadership – Talent – The understanding of the intersection and inter-dependencies of these five elements is critical to an organization’s ability to innovate as well as anticipate, adapt, and act on change.

Ashley Halvorson, Senior HR Director, HR Solutions; CenturyLink
"HR Solution: A New Way Supporting Organizations Through Transformation Efforts"
As an organization CenturyLink is going through an immense shift from a traditional telecommunication company to a progressive technology company. This transformation has required significant change management with large scale people implications. Seeing this, we as an HR organization knew we had to operate drastically differently as a function, and that's what we've done. Please come and listen to how we've changed our model from supporting dedicated client groups to becoming true solutions architects.

Kate Palmer, Analyst Lead, New Technologies/HR Technology; Mayo Clinic / Jeff Grisenthwaite, Vice President of Product; Catalytic
"Achieving Self-Sufficient Automation Success: How to Plan the Easiest Path to True Digital Transformation"
Deploying and scaling automation doesn’t have to require a heavy IT lift and it can start small. Mayo Clinic's human resources team proves it. In this session led by Kate Palmer of Mayo Clinic, learn how they promoted four of its human resources employees to build and analyze automations full-time to completely automate thousands of hours of tedious HR processes in just one year. Now in the second year of its automation journey, the organization is projected to continue scaling its efforts to successfully automate over 40,000 hours of work in 2019, while upskilling more employees as full-time automators who will expand future opportunities for automation.

Chris Schmelzer, HR Consultant; ScottMadden
"Transforming Talent Acquisition"
An overview of the evolving TA Technology Stack. How A.I., Machine Learning, Video, and Data and Analytics are transforming TA. Additionally how this cutting edge technology is transforming the role of the recruiter, including roles, skills, and capabilities. Finally, learnings from the field; how HR/TA organizations can facilitate this transformation and ready their teams and people for the new way of working in TA. The foundation of the presentation will be from experience transforming a TA function at global organization that hires 85,000 employees a year.


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Break - Carlson Atrium


11:20 - 12:30

Morning Session 2 (Schedule Subject to Change)

Hari Abburi, Managing Partner, The Preparation Company, LLC
"HR at the Speed of the Customer"
We live in an ideas economy; a powerful idea disrupts a decades old industry or a company. These ideas need companies, strategies, leaders and cultures to be at the speed of the customer. These ideas don’t necessarily come from a single industry either. The ideas economy is based on disruption from non-industry players and from seemingly dissimilar expertise areas as well as nearby competitors. A strategy in this new world has to be driven by multi-industry influences and learning from all dissimilar areas to your company. This makes every company a technology, data and a platform business. This talk will focus on why transformation is a rigid form of thinking as compared to agile and will showcase with examples/case studies how agility redefines a people strategy at the intersections (of industries, technologies, and the future of work.) The Agile HR Model will be discussed, and includes people practices of succession, performance management, workforce planning, and employee experiences. Participants, in addition to being engaged in a positive, imaginative, and example-centric manner, will also be engaged through an online instant poll to reflect on some of the topics like gig talent, simplicity in HR, smart interfaces, and use of analytics.

Kathy Kacher, President; Career/Life Alliance Services, Inc. / Francis Sadac, Senior Manager, Talent and Organization; Accenture
"Employee Experience: Trends to Pay Attention to in 2020"
The talent shortage that organizations are facing in the new decade is causing HR leaders to focus on redesigning HR processes, technology platforms, and service delivery models based on employee experience. But before they go too far into redesign, it’s important to understand the nut and bolts of the employee experience; what is a common definition of "employee experience" and why is it important for the enterprise? What has been the greatest impact to employee experience? How do we create a productive environment for employees? Has our organization adapted to the new ways employees can work today? This breakout session will be a combination of both presentation and interactive sharing with the attendees on their challenges and solutions around the changing workplace and how they are working to improve the employee experience.

Ashley Oolman, Disability Inclusion Consultant; Lifeworks Services
"Cast a Wider Net: Diversify Your Workforce Through Disability Inclusion"
Come to learn how your company can increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities, making a direct impact on disproportionate rates of unemployment and poverty. Inclusive hiring can raise your bottom line, while increasing community engagement, ensuring equal opportunity, advancing human rights, and boosting the economy. In this session you will gain insight into the current and changing demographics of the US workforce, review common misconceptions of disability employment, and increase understanding of how inclusive hiring is a human rights issue. After exploring how employing a diverse workforce positively impacts an individual employee, business, and community, participants will uncover steps they can take big or small within their organization to enhance inclusive recruiting and hiring efforts.

Annie Rzepecki, Talent Line of Business Leader for Minnesota/Missouri/Kansas / Kathy Arnold, Director Client Management; Willis Towers Watson
"Harnessing the Digital Disruption: HR as a Leader of Change"
The proportion of work completed by automation is expected to double in the next three years – but only 14% of companies have developed an integrated digital and business strategy. The future of work is already here, and HR must lead the way in proactively supporting the new blend of talent that is essential to compete going forward. In this session, Willis Towers Watson will share how HR organizations are leading their businesses through digital disruption and helping leaders strike the right balance between reskilling full-time employees and leveraging “nonemployee” talent and technology in the gig economy. Amidst the backdrop of The Pathways to Digital Enablement Survey and other recent research, attendees will learn how to shape organizational transformation in our new world of work.


12:30 - 1:30

Networking Luncheon - Sponsored by Ecolab

To foster engaging discussions and networking during lunch, tables will be identified by HR functional areas and attendees will be able to choose what table to sit at based on their functional area of choice, including HR generalist, and HR specialists focusing on compensation, recruiting, benefits, training & development, employee relations, performance management & talent management, and incentives & rewards.

1:30 - 2:40

Afternoon Session 3 (Schedule subject to change)

Nick Alm, Executive Director; Mossier
"Proud to Work: Implementing LGBTQ+ Self-Identification Programs"
In the workplace today, 46% of the LGBTQ+ community remains closeted at work. A closeted LGBTQ+ employee is 73% more likely to leave an employer in the next three years and 10% less productive on average. A corporation will lose over $400,000 in turnover costs and $5 million in productivity annually per 20,000 employees because of workplace hostility towards LGBTQ+ people. Most businesses have no way of finding out how many LGBTQ+ people work for them, not to mention data around talent acquisition, promotion, and engagement that can help dollars be better allocated to various workforce programs and initiatives. Mossier’s discussion will focus on the benefits of collecting LGBTQ+-specific data and people analytics capabilities that come with it. Mossier will help employers identify blind spots and tap into this new talent opportunity through the implementation of ‘LGBTQ+ Self-ID’ programs. Participants will work with Mossier to understand the various modes of LGBTQ+ Self-ID, the HRMS and survey questions that will yield productive data, and the structural and cultural changes necessary to ensure success. Mossier will emphasize executive buy-in due to the complicated, perceived and legitimate, financial and legal barriers associated with this topic. Participants will complete a “Business Scorecard” that will help gauge their company’s current level of support of LGBTQ+ talent. The workshop will conclude with reflection on how a better understanding of LGBTQ+ employees through people-analytics could transform workplace culture, increase retention, and attract an even wider talent pool of allies that highly value commitments to workplace equity and inclusion.  With 19% of Generation Z identifying as Queer, Mossier will demonstrate the urgency of increased LGBTQ+ cultural awareness and support within businesses.

Pete Berridge, Co-Founder; Shift Positive
"Building a Positive and Supportive Feedback Culture"
Today's workforce says, "Coach me, don't criticize me." This is an invitation to shift your mindset on feedback and see how positive psychology and building social support can create a more effective and energizing feedback experience. Whether it comes through a performance review or 360, the way feedback is delivered in most companies is broken. Intentions are compromised, context is lacking, and all too often feedback is focused on what’s not working vs. identifying what the individual could do to excel. Additionally, feedback systems lack ongoing support from stakeholders - the “people system” - to help the person successfully grow and change. This session will cover concepts to address these shortfalls and shift participants’ mindset so that feedback becomes far more constructive and enjoyable for both those giving and receiving. Participants will leave with more energy and ideas for transforming feedback in their lives and organizations.

Alexandria Smith, Chief Human Resources Officer; City of Memphis
"Leading Culture Change in the Public Sector"
This presentation will share the HR transformation journey of the City of Memphis. In particular, discussing the structural, technology and culture change put in place which allowed for the city to increase its employee engagement score by 14 percentage points in one year, increase hiring by 30% and reduce attrition for police and fire by 20%.

Kevin Wilde, Executive Leadership Fellow; University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management
"Do They Really Want to Learn? The Science and Practice of Coachability"
This interactive workshop will take a unique approach to contemporary leadership development through the lens of coachability. Organizations are heavily investing in leadership development and manager-as-coach training yet the end-result too many times fall short of expectations. This gap may be due to underassessing and underinvesting in the coachability of leaders at all levels to enable higher levels of readiness to learn and improve. New research on the topic of leadership coachability will be presented, including the business case for coachability, enabling factors and the four key dimensions of practice. Strategies and tactics will be explored to elevate the coachability of leaders. Workshop participants will be able to learn their own current level of coachability through a new assessment tool and identify ways to increase their personal coachability. PLEASE NOTE: WORKSHOP PARTICIPANTS WILL BE ASKED TO COMPLETE THE BRIEF COACHABILITY PRACTICES REVIEW ASSESSMENT PRIOR TO THE SESSION at this link:

2:40 - 3:00

Break - Carlson Atrium

3:00 - 4:15

Closing and Keynote Speaker
Heidi Capozzi, Senior Vice President of Human Resources; The Boeing Company

4:15 - 5:45


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