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2022 HR Tomorrow Schedule


Recordings of each presentation are now available to be viewed on the EventMobi conference site, Registered attendees may access them using the link they received on April 19, and then by clicking either the "Agenda" tab or the "On Demand" tab on the left-hand navigation bar, and then selecting the "On Demand" button under each session title. 

9:00 to 10:00 AM

Welcome Comments/Keynote Speaker

"How Human Resources Shapes a Culture of Honesty & Purpose"
Ron Carucci,
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Navalent

Today, HR sits at the cross roads of shaping so many aspects of organizational culture. But how should HR professionals integrate those capabilities into a force for good?  We know that purpose matters to employees, but how do we shape a culture that invites employees to discover and connect their without purpose washing? Based on a 15-year longitudinal study of more than 3,200 leaders, this session will share the findings of what it takes to shape cultures of honesty and purpose.  In this session, HR professionals will learn the four levers that predict whether or not people will tell the truth, behave fairly, and serve a greater purpose, and how HR shapes those outcomes; how to shift particular aspects of HR processes to ensure they are encouraging honest and purposeful behavior; and where to build key partnerships across the organization to strengthen a culture of honesty and purpose.


10:15 to 11:15 AM

Breakout Session 1 (choose one of three)

"Talent Turbulence: Labor Market Trends and Talent Strategy"
Aaron Sojourner,
Labor Economist & Associate Professor Carlson School of Management

The Great Reallocation continues after record breaking quits and hires in 2021. Labor economist and Carlson School Associate Professor Aaron Sojourner will help HR leaders understand broader economic forces at play and how these impact their choices of recruitment and retention strategies. This session will help participants appreciate the forces driving labor market change; learn how trends contrast across industries; and discover HR strategy implications.

"Walking the Talk: Strategies to Diversify Your Workforce"
Serilda Summers-McGee,
Founder & CEO, Workplace Change

A diverse workforce is the first necessary step towards fostering equity and promoting inclusion. Many organizations that tout a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion struggle with seeing the changes they are striving towards. Furthermore, there will always be more progress to be made and action to take. This interactive session will provide seven strategies HR professionals and business leaders can apply to diversify their workforce. Attendees will explore the internal work they need to do personally and understand pathways to place diversity as a central driver for a successful human resources function. This session includes discussion of case studies, reflection, and discussion so that attendees will come away with tangible approaches they can apply immediately in their organizations.

"How Psychological Safety Enables a Fearless Organizational Culture"
Jill Hauwiller,
Owner and Principal, Leadership Refinery; and Holly Whitcomb, Owner, Novel Leadership

In this session we will highlight research by Dr. Amy Edmondson at Harvard Business School that demonstrates how teams and organizations with higher levels of psychological safety perform better on almost any metric or KPI in comparison to teams and organizations that have low psychological safety. Teams and organizations with high psychological safety share their ideas, and themselves, without fear of reprisal, create an environment where ideas and innovation flourish, risk taking is done with the safety net of open and transparent conversations, and inclusion and equity discussions are more than transactional - they are grounded in honesty and openness.


11:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Breakout Session 2 (choose one of two)

"Land O’Lakes’ Female Sponsorship Program (Recognition, Retention, and Development 3 Birds, 1 Stone: Sponsorship)"
Jenna Conzemius,
HR Pathways Associate; and Andy Braunshausen, Vice President, Land O'Lakes Inc. Winfield United Crop Protection Marketing

Recognition, Retention, and Development 3 Birds, 1 Stone: Sponsorship. We’ve all heard the age-old advice to get ahead in our careers: network, find a mentor, take on stretch assignments. But what happens when you’ve done everything you can to follow that advice and you’re still falling short? When you’re a high performer and you’ve been identified as a high potential employee, and yet you still feel like you can’t break the glass ceiling? What if the answer was for someone else to step up on your behalf? What if you had someone in a leadership position in your corner advocating for you behind closed doors? What if all you needed was a Sponsor? Join Land O’Lakes’ breakout session to learn more about how this traditional agriculture company flipped mentorship on its head and leaned into relationship building with the intent of leveling the playing field for women.

"Changing Collaboration Culture: New Approaches to Team Effectiveness"
Rebekah Whisler,
HR Consultant, Rebekah Whisler Consulting

Top companies know that individual performance on its own is not enough to sustain winning performance; they get scale and speed from an effective organization. This comes from building collective capability and optimizing collaboration, which requires investing in team effectiveness. Changing collaboration culture and improving team practices can unlock capacity, address current workplace challenges such as burnout, turnover, and hybrid work, and improve wellbeing. In this session, we will discuss practical approaches to collaboration and team effectiveness that can be applied to teams at all levels: 1. Transparently assessing current teamwork then clarifying goals, roles, processes, and relationships to address challenge areas. 2. Increasing awareness of individual mindsets and beliefs about collaboration to commit to new behaviors and habits. 3. Discussing and aligning on team collaboration expectations, boundaries, and operating principles to enable greater focus on results. 

"Culture Renovation: 18 Leadership Actions to Build an Unshakeable Company"
Ryan Dunn,
Co-Founder: Chief Talent Officer Forums, i4cp; and Kevin Wilde, Senior Leadership Fellow, Carlson School of Management

It’s not uncommon for CEOs to ask: “What can we do to improve our culture?” In this presentation, Culture Renovation: A Blueprint for Action, we explore this very question. From interviews we conducted with senior-ranking business executives, and survey data collected from more than 7,600 business professionals worldwide, we uncover the actions that both distinguish high-performance organizations and are prevalent in highly successful culture transformations.

Lunch Break

1:15 to 2:15 PM

Breakout Session 3 (choose one of three)

"Mindfulness & Meditation at Work"
Tiffany Kramlich,
HR Director, Land O’Lakes

Learn how creating a mindful environment and meditating can improve focus, increase innovation and build resilience in your organization. Scientific studies have proven that meditation reduces the impact of stress on your body and reduces emotional reactivity, improving interpersonal interactions. The speaker will share Land O’Lakes story of launching a meditation practice and building a mindful leadership culture. Simple practices for reducing anxiety will be shared with participants.

"3 Reasons Most Culture Work Fails...and What to do About It"
Heather Polivka,
CEO/Advisor at HeatherP Solutions

As the power dynamic continues to shift away from companies and to talent having choices in how and where they work, culture has never been more important. In fact, HR has been saying for a long time that culture can be a competitive advantage for businesses, studies proved it, and companies are finally listening. With all of this great insight and focus, why does culture work.... not really work? Why is the gap between the perception of leaders about their workplace culture and those of their employees growing? From inception to execution, we will explore the 3 reasons why most Culture work struggles to be realized. Most importantly, we will look at what you can do about it in your company, large or small, from the top-down or bottom up. Everyone has a role to play in creating our work cultures and experiences. During this session, we will explore how you can do your part. You will walk away understanding the most common gaps in culture work, why we struggle, and how to be successful in creating a distinctive and thriving place to work for your business.

"Untapped Potential: Queer Talent and The Great Resignation"
Nick Alm
Founder and Godx, Mossier

The Great Resignation has business at a crossroads, with recruiting and retaining talent at the center. While job openings go unfilled, an entire pool of talent remains largely untapped in its potential: Queer employees. But, most organizations aren’t equipped to recruit and retain Queer talent. In addition to expectations like competitive salary, benefits and advancement opportunities, Queer candidates introduce an entirely new set of considerations to recruiting. Generational and cultural shifts have Queer candidates asking for organizations that balance stakeholders and shareholders equally, workplaces that celebrate Queer identities rather than “tolerate” or “accept” them, and authentic commitments to Queer equity. This session will cover how to remove common inequities that keep Queer talent from applying and getting hired as well as how to sell Queer candidates on your progress and vision so that they can truly see themselves at your organization.

2:15 to 2:45 PM

Closing Comments/Networking Opportunities

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