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Last Year's Conference - April 20, 2018

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7:00-8:00 Registration and Continental Breakfast - Sponsored by Land O'Lakes
Welcome and Keynote Speaker

Sesil Pir, Founder and Principal Consultant, SESIL PIR Consulting

"The DNA of 21st Century Leadership"

Through multiple surveys of workers over the years, we find suffering is rampant in work settings. Employees often feel disengaged, and do not feel appreciated for their talents and/or cared for their personal being and day-to-day struggles. Though global engagement surveys present some disheartening facts, many workers report back that their employers remain silent in the face of current realities. We believe the time has come for leadership to step up! We believe taking a human approach to leadership can bring healing to workplaces and to our societies. Further, research has confirmed investing in employee well-being quadruples the profit environment for organizations across all industries and sectors.  We will give a glimpse of our worlds in transition (in lieu of digital transformation), argue the benefits of understanding our biological evolution, introduce seven key attributes of 21st Century leaders, and facilitate a global discussion around how to think about and develop these qualities within and around us in our HR professions.


9:30-9:45 Break


Kevin Ames, Director, O.C. Tanner Institute
"Influence Greatness: What Can be Done to Fuel Engagement, Great Work, and Cultural Success?" 

Mr. Ames will share research and insights that challenge outdated beliefs that organizations and leaders can “drive” engagement, and will introduce and explore a new framework for understanding what employees value most in workplace cultures, and how that affects their level of engagement and work outputs. He will also provide several best practices to make workplace cultures more engaging.


Kate Bischoff, Owner, tHRive Law & Consulting
“HR Technology Risks and Rewards”

HR is only going to pick up more speed. HR has giant pools of data that can be sliced and diced to find new insights on employees that allows us to hire the right candidate, eliminate some unconscious bias, and implement better decision-making. Chatbots will allow us to automate some of the more mundane questions in recruiting and open enrollments. Facial recognition and biometrics can help businesses know who is doing what when and whether they’re doing things efficiently. While all of this newfangled tech is amazing and promises ease and spectacular ROI, it doesn’t come without risk. This session will cover the promises and offer some tips to mitigate those risks.



Lila Kelly, Principal, Lila Kelly Associates, and Bonnie Keppers, President, Report Partners
"Recruit to Include"

Like great athletes, great recruiters stay on top of their game to win. Today’s shifting workforce landscape and tight labor market demand much of recruiters. Those who know how to cross divides, energize people and drive change come out ahead. This session focuses on fine-tuning practices we take for granted every day to build better outcomes for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers, leading to big wins for everyone. Presenters will demonstrate techniques for writing job descriptions that ensure clarity and eliminate bias, inclusive interview practices and coaching to improve hiring managers’ cultural awareness and proficiency. Participants will build and hone skills through participation and practice, tailoring critical employment practices to better serve diverse populations while ensuring employers are positioned to attract and hire the very best candidates. HR professionals, recruiters and diversity practitioners at all levels will find tips to raise their game!.


Sarah Beaty, HR Director, Organization Effectiveness & Talent; and Steph Bienert, Sr. Human Resources Manager, Employee Experience; General Mills
"Engaging Leaders For An Evolving Business & Workforce"

As both business and the workforce evolve at a rapid pace, essential leadership behaviors are evolving as well. It is vitally important that successful companies both recognize these key leadership behaviors and commit to building these skills in their leaders to ensure strong employee engagement and business growth. During this interactive session, you will discuss context and overview of twelve essential Engaging Leader behaviors identified that help General Mills leaders better live out their Company Values – and win in the marketplace; learn more about these Engaging Leader behaviors through quick exercises and discussions; and identify your own Engaging Leader strengths and opportunities, as well as small changes you can make to be a more Engaging Leader.

11:00-11:20 Break



Panelists: Kate Bischoff, Paul Casselman, Todd Schmidt, Kristin VanderHorst, moderator Justin Ahlstrom
"Data Analytics: How the Use of Data is Evolving"

From predicting which high-performing employees are at risk of leaving your organization to eliminating some unconscious bias to helping recruiters source the right talent, data analytics are revolutionizing how HR operates.  Data analytics are not just another HR fad but a fast growing trend that is here to stay.  HR professionals have learned if you don’t have the right data – you are uninformed.  Conversely, if you have too much data – you can be overwhelmed.  With the correct approach to data analytics, HR can help their organizations get the best out of employees while minimizing the costs and risks.  In this discussion panelists will share their thoughts on how the use of data in HR is evolving, and give advice on how organizations can safely and effectively use data to make decisions.



Jason Grover, Vice President HR, Polaris
"Is Your HR Function Prepared to Support Global Business Growth Opportunities?"

As it becomes increasingly challenging to drive organic growth, businesses will look to grow through market expansion and acquisition. Whether entering new markets, committing to a stronger footprint in existing global markets, or integrating recent acquisitions into our organizations, your human capital strategy will be critical to achieve business objectives. The trend is critical for HR leaders in all size companies, and requires we proactively manage our evolving workforce. Our discussion will focus on how the design of organization and aligning talent to task is evolving in this new business dynamic.


Jill Hauwiller, Founder and Principal, Leadership Refinery
"Why Is This So Hard? Using Emotional Intelligence to Improve Team Dynamics Across Generations"

Let’s face it: dealing with other people is highly complex. Human beings aren’t consistent, linear creatures - and we use our intelligence to adapt, adjust, grow, and change throughout our lives. Our experiences in life shape much of who we are, and those key experiences are different for each generation. Join us as we navigate through a journey of emotional intelligence, and explore how we can use our own skills and talents in this area to build, mend, and preserve relationships at work - especially where generational differences exist.


Stacey Swanson, Senior Manager, HR Solutions; Nikki Broderick, Manager of HR Solutions; SALO, LLC
"Design for the Future: HR Service Delivery with Technology Deployment"

Deploying new HR technology into an organization often results in many changes across your business including how employees and managers consume services within HR. To ensure your HR team is functioning efficiently and effectively, it is important that the organization structure of your HR function and the roles and responsibilities of your HR team are aligned to these changes. This session will help you prepare to make changes within your HR Service Delivery model as you implement new technology.



Networking Luncheon - Sponsored by Polaris

To foster engaging discussions and networking during lunch, tables will be identified by HR functional areas and attendees will be able to choose what table to sit at based on their functional area of choice:

HR Generalist
HR Specialist - Compensation
HR Specialist - Recruiter
HR Specialist - Benefits
HR Specialist - Training and Development
HR Specialist - Employee Relations
HR Specialist - Performance Management/Talent Management
HR Specialist - Incentives and Rewards



Avner Ben-Ner, Professor, Carlson School of Management
"The Surprising Effects of Diversity in Different Types of Jobs"

In recent decades, there has been a massive movement of people within and across national boundaries. As a result, in numerous organizations, people of different cultural, religious and linguistic backgrounds work side by side. People from different backgrounds bring skills, ideas and the spark of creativity not found in homogeneous workplaces. However, working in diverse teams may involve conflict, favoritism and discrimination that result in less productive collaboration as well as practical problems of communication. The balance of positive and negative effects of diversity on workplace productivity can be positive or negative, depending on the nature of jobs. Join Professor Ben-Ner as he discusses findings from his research. He will share his lessons from various studies, particularly the results based on an investigation of thousands of soccer players in hundreds of games played over 10 years in the top German league.


Sheila Krejci, President, Sheila K Consulting
"Cultivating a Workplace of Civility and Respect - It Starts at the Top!"

Harvey Weinstein, Roger Ailes, Kevin Spacey, Roy Moore, Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer and even Al Franken are part of The New York Times' growing list of those accused of sexual harassment. That's just the high-profile cases. According to a 2016 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission report drawing on thousands of interviews and allegations, as many as 85 percent of women have experienced some form of sexual harassment at work. The numbers are staggering! Workplace harassment is an expensive, persistent problem too often unreported by victims and bystanders that will simply not stop on its own even with a carefully worded policy signed by all. Leadership and accountability are vital! This session will present a compelling business case for preventing workplace harassment beyond the legal costs. Using relevant examples that challenge participants to consider their organization's responses to inappropriate behavior, we'll offer essential checklists and tools to guide leaders to deal with illegal and inappropriate behavior.


Larry Morgan, Owner, Orion HR Group
"The Evolving Workplace and the HR Professional"

As the workforce changes and evolves, HR professionals must address global HR issues, yet very few programs train HR professionals on dealing with the wide range of legal, cultural and societal issues with employees working in other countries or employees having immigrated to the US. HR professionals must learn to understand the multi-dimensional aspects of this changing workforce and avoid focusing through a US-based “lens." Join Mr. Morgan as he helps attendees identify global HR resources available to the HR practitioner to create global dexterity and agility.


Todd Schmidt, People Planning, Facebook
"HR Analytics, Social Media, and Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Workforce Planning"

Technology continues to drive drastic improvements in networking, efficiency and transparency. The best companies leverage products employees feel comfortable within their personal lives and put it into play at the workplace. Similarly, as "Big Data" and artificial intelligence become commonplace the best HR departments are using advanced analytics to optimize the employee experience. We will discuss the tools used by Facebook employees to be hyper-connected, the powerful analytics used by our People Analytics team and the company culture that supports all of it.



2:40-3:00 Break
Closing and Keynote Speaker

Jennie Carlson, Executive Vice President, Human Resources; U.S. Bancorp
"Maximizing Employee Engagement"

Ms. Carlson will discuss anticipating and meeting the needs of an evolving workforce in a rapidly changing environment to strengthen employee engagement and foster a more innovative, transparent and results-focused culture. During her keynote presentation, she will demonstrate the value and impact of HR, share her insight and best practices, and foster dialogue and discussion among conference attendees.


4:00-5:30 Reception - Sponsored by Ecolab

Sesil Pir, Founder and Principal Consultant, SESIL PIR Consulting. Sesil Pir serves as an active HR Functional Thought Leader, Founder and Principal Consultant of SESIL PIR Consulting GmbH, a management consultancy, focusing on organizational development and effectiveness topics across multi-disciplines and industries, and Founder of Whirling Chief, a global online HR/OD collaboration platform. Mrs. Pir has been published in the Harvard Business Review, HR Zone and UK’s HR Magazine, and has contributed to several Human Resources Management books. She started her career as a Marketing Consultant with Deloitte & Touche in 1999. Since, she has worked for Honeywell International, Cargill Inc., Microsoft Corporation and Novartis AG. She holds an MA-HRIR from Carlson School of Management, an Executive MBA from Harvard University, and a BA from Eastern Michigan University. She is a certified Six Sigma in project management and is also certified to administer a variety of 360-degree feedback and organizational Assessment Tools. She is an honorary faculty at Indian School of Business & Istanbul University.

Jennie Carlson, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, U.S. Bancorp.  Jennie Carlson is executive vice president of human resources and chief human resources officer (CHRO) at U.S. Bancorp. She oversees compensation, employee benefits, employee relations, payroll and all other human resources related activities. She is a member of the U.S. Bancorp Managing Committee.
Jennie has 25 years of experience at U.S. Bank with the last 15 as CHRO. Before serving as CHRO, she served as general counsel for predecessor organizations Firstar and Star Bank. She joined the organization in 1991 when it was known as Star Banc Corporation. Star Banc Corporation merged with Firstar in 1998 and retained the Firstar name. In February 2001, Firstar merged with U.S. Bancorp, which formed the new U.S. Bancorp.
Jennie holds a J.D. from the Vanderbilt University School of Law and was the managing editor for the Vanderbilt Law Review. She also holds a B.A. from the Centre College of Kentucky and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa.
Jennie is currently on the Board of Mia, the Minneapolis Institute of Art; YUSA, the parent organization for YWCA's in the United States; Way to Grow; and the Midwest Affiliate of the American Heart Association.

Kevin Ames, Director, O.C. Tanner Institute
Kevin Ames is one of the highest ranked speakers at the Evanta Leadership Summits. He’s spoken to thousands of people and leadership groups at conferences and companies such as National Grid, Dow Chemical, Frito Lay, Bose, Miller Thompson, Pier 1, Kennedy Health, and more. An expert in the areas of workplace culture, engagement, great work, teambuilding, leadership, and personal development, his presentations have been called, “dynamic, insightful, clear, honest, and informative.”

Sarah Beaty, HR Director, Assessment, Engagement & Development, General Mills
Sarah Beaty is an HR Director for Assessment, Engagement, and Development at General Mills. Over the last twenty years, Sarah has worked in the consumer products industry with companies including Procter & Gamble and General Mills. Her career path has incorporated leadership positions in sales, university recruiting, learning and development, executive coaching and talent management. Sarah and her team are currently working to both modernize and globally scale assessments, engagement listening and measurement, and employee and leader development.

Avner Ben-Ner, Professor, Carlson School of Management
Avner Ben-Ner is Professor in the Center for Human Resources and Labor Studies in the Carlson School of Management and Affiliated Professor in the Law School at the University of Minnesota. His principal contributions to scholarship concern theoretical examinations of the reasons for coexistence of different types of organization in the mixed economy. He analyzed theoretically the reasons why producer cooperatives, employee buy-outs and nonprofit organizations exist alongside private for-profit firms and public organizations. He emphasized that various organizations in the social economy represent collective responses to diverse problems of asymmetric information between workers and management and between consumers and sellers. His theoretical investigations were followed by empirical studies. Professor Ben-Ner has also been working on behavioral economics, and has done theoretical and experimental research on cooperation, trust, identity, giving by children relative to parents, and values. He currently works on projects related to diversity in organizations and society. His favorite current research examines the relationship between team composition in Bundesliga teams in all the soccer (futbol) games that took place during the 2000s, evaluating factors that affect player and team performance. He is happy to present this project at departmental workshops and seminars. His contributions appeared in economics, law, management and psychology journals, including the Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, American Economic Review, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, Yale Law Journal, The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, Industrial Relations, Journal of Economic Psychology, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Personality and Individual Differences, PLOS ONE and more, and has written and coedited several books. He has served in various academic administration and faculty governance roles, and was President of the Association for Comparative Economic Studies and Chair of the Public and Nonprofit Division of the Academy of Management. He has been a regular or visiting professor at Yale, University of California at Davis, University of Haifa, Stony Brook (where he also received his Ph.D. in economics), Tel-Aviv University and Central European University. He has taught short courses in China, South Korea, France, India and Poland.

Kate Bischoff, Owner, tHRive Law & Consulting LLC
Kate Bischoff is an enthusiastic and energetic employment attorney and SHRM-SCO/SPHR- certified HR professional. She advises organizations in a wide range of industries on employment law and human resources issues, from recruitment and workplace culture to terminations. Kate is passionate about improving company culture and using technology in the workplace. Prior to founding tHRive Law & Consulting, Ms. Bischoff served as a Human Resources Officer for the United States Department of State at the U.S. Embassy Lusaka, Zambia and for the U.S. Consulate General Jerusalem. Kate is also an Adjunct Professor at Mitchell Hamline, serving as faculty for the School of Law’s HR Compliance Certificate Program.

Nikki Broderick, Manager of HR Solutions for Salo, LLC.
Nikki Broderick holds an MA-HRIR from the University of Minnesota and a B.B.A. from Georgia State University. She has 15 years of experience in US and International Human Resources and HRIS providing consultative and strategic business partnering for:  recruiting, performance management, succession planning, strategic workforce planning, post-merger integration, training, and leadership development. She has experience managing all aspects of HR program delivery including business process redesign, project management, change management, and training. She has also led several teams through vendor selection and the implementation of various HR technology solutions.

Paul Casselman, Director of Business Intelligence and Analytics, Target
Paul Cassleman is a Director of Business Intelligence and Analytics at Target, specializing in HR and driving the health of Target’s +320,000 person team. In this role, Paul has led significant advancements in the data, reporting and analytical capabilities of Target HR through cutting edge techniques and strong business partnerships. His previous roles include leading Target’s 6Sigma program, enterprise process optimization management and merchandising, where Paul discovered his passion for using data to make smarter decisions. Paul received a B.S. in Business Economics from Indiana University and a MBA from MIT Sloan.  

Jason Grover, Vice President HR, Polaris
Jason has over 18 years of Human Resources leadership experience. He joined Polaris Industries in 2014 after broad experiences in consulting, Exxon, and most recently General Mills. Jason received his MBA with an emphasis on Human Resources from Purdue University, and a BS in International Relations/ Organizational  Behavior from Brigham Young University. Since that time, Jason has held a variety of cross-functional and Human Resource leadership positions with increasing responsibility, including HR Director for Global Technology leading the global rollout of SAP-HR, HR Director, Asia and Greater China, Director of Solution Development, Supply Chain Strategic Initiatives, Plant HR manager, HR Specialist Compensation and Benefits. Currently, Jason is Human Resource Vice President, aligned with the rapidly growing Global Operations Organization within Polaris.

Jill Hauwiller, Founder and Principal, Leadership Refinery
Jill Hauwiller is the Founder and Principal Consultant at Leadership Refinery, a Career and Leadership Development consulting firm in the Twin Cities. She has over 17 years of experience in Global Talent Management, Leadership Assessment and Coaching, and Career Strategy and Transition. She has worked in and with global organizations, top-ranked business schools, and professional services firms. Jill specializes in coaching high potential leaders through career changes and accelerated development, using a future-focused and strengths-based approach to creating sustainable change. Jill earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication and German from the University of Minnesota-Duluth, and her Master of Arts in Communication from Bethel University, with an emphasis in Conflict Management and Emotional Intelligence. Jill speaks to local and national audiences on leadership and career development. In addition to being a credentialed coach with the International Coaches Federation (ICF), she is certified to use many tools and assessments, which she applies to her executive coaching and facilitation.

Lila Kelly, Principal, Lila Kelly Assoc., LLC &
Lily Kelly has over 20 years’ experience in the areas of diversity and inclusion, recruitment and selection, and career transition. She began her work in the diversity arena in 1992. In the late l990’s, after seeing numerous qualified applicants fall through the cracks, particularly diverse applicants, she realized there was a missing link in the on-going topic of “recruitment and retention.” That missing link was the interview process. This realization led her to conduct research on diversity in the hiring process and publish several books and online trainings on this topic. While teaching a college course on Managing a Diverse Workforce, Lila became grounded in the process of strategic diversity action planning. She supervised over 100 adult students in conducting organizational assessments and developing diversity action plans, many of which were implemented in their organizations. She has since consulted in this area for several organization. This experience led to publishing the Diversity Action Plan Workbook. She consults in the areas of diversity education and action planning, integrating diversity into the employee selection process, and developing structured interview practices and centralizing recruiting efforts. Her work has spanned many industries, including government, healthcare, education, non-profit, corporate and technology. Lila has facilitated a monthly diversity discussion group for over 15 years, which is sponsored by the Association of Talent Development and Human Resource Professionals of Minnesota. These powerful discussions have helped her keep her finger on the pulse of the diversity movement. Prior to starting her own business, Lila worked as a Human Resources Director and a Recruiting Manager. She holds a M.A. in human development and a B.A. in business management and communications.

Bonnie Keppers, President and Principal Consultant, Report Partners, LLC
With passion for inclusion, Bonnie Keppers works as an independent consultant specializing in affirmative action compliance, alignment of inclusive practices into HR systems and procedures, process evaluation and improvement, risk mitigation and strategic planning. She enjoys helping people of all backgrounds build their understanding of diversity topics, comfort with differences and cultural proficiency. She specializes in working with federal and state contractors to develop affirmative action plans and incorporate HR practices that move beyond simply meeting compliance requirements to help support achievement of inclusive practices and strategic business objectives. She also helps clients develop career and compensation frameworks. Ms. Keppers has extensive HR experience and has worked globally. She worked in Medtronic’s Office of Workplace Inclusion, enhancing and reinforcing inclusive employment practices. Ms. Keppers’ background combines HR, IT, process improvement and change management experience across a variety of industries and companies of all sizes. Ms. Keppers has an MBA in HR and Information Technology, certifications in Organizational Development from the NTL Institute and Project Management through George Washington University. She lives with her family in Duluth, MN and volunteers for an equestrian therapeutic riding organization that serves individuals with disabilities.

Sheila Krejci, President, Sheila K Consulting, Inc.
Sheila Krejci, M.Ed. HRD Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota is a learning and development consultant influencing organization managers, leaders, trainers and teams in multiple industries including healthcare, financial and other professional services, public education and city and state government since 1981. As consultant, instructor and facilitator of adult learners, Sheila designs and delivers training events, learning processes and peer coaching opportunities for organizations nationally. Integrating neuroscience and adult learning theory with practical, relevant application, is the hallmark of Sheila’s engaging style with participants whether developing leaders, training trainers or facilitating team interventions. Sheila has been an adjunct staff member at the Universities of Minnesota, Arizona and St.Thomas, the Dakota County Business & Professional Center, a consultant and trainer for MNSCU Colleges, an award-winning partner in Wiley Publishing and President of her own training and development consulting company. As a consultant to the League of MN Cities, she has trained and coached hundreds of leaders, police and fire support staff, professional, technical and support employees and elected officials to recognize and mitigate the risks of inappropriate behaviors, investigate incidents of harassment claims and model behaviors that encourage respect for healthier, happier, more productive workplaces.

Larry Morgan, Owner, Orion HR Group, LLC
Larry Morgan has a BA from Augsburg College in Communications and Political Science with a minor in Psychology and an M.A. in Industrial Relations from the University of Minnesota. He holds the SPHR, SHRM-SCP, GPHR designations and is the owner of Orion HR Group, LLC, an independent HR consulting organization. Larry has worked for a variety of organizations in lead Compensation roles including Best Buy, Lawson Software, HB Fuller, JD Edwards, Grant Thornton public accounting where he served as national practice leader for Compensation Consulting, CUNA Mutual Group Insurance and National Car Rental where he served as HR generalist for employees in the eastern half of the United States. Larry teaches a variety of courses for the University of Minnesota, Metropolitan State University, St. Mary’s University, SHRM nationally and internationally, the International Foundation of Employee Benefits and the Minnesota Society of CPA’s. He has served on the Board of the Twin Cities Compensation Network (TCCN), the Twin Cities Human Resources Association and the Board of the Human Resources Executive Forum. He currently serves on the Board of the Center for Human Resources and Labor Studies.He has been quoted in HR Magazine, World at Work, Upsize Magazine, WCCO TV, Minneapolis Star and Tribune, St. Paul Pioneer Press, Employee Benefits Planner Magazine, Minnesota Society of CPA’s Magazine, Twin Cities Public Television and Business Week magazine. Larry was presented with the Lifetime Recognition Award by the Twin Cities Compensation Network in 2017 for his work in compensation and human resources.

Todd Schmidt, People Planning, Facebook
Todd is a People Planning Leader at Facebook where he ensures the rapid growth and constantly changing business strategy are supported by the right people, in the right place, at the right time. He provides thought leadership around all aspects of HR analytics including data quality, systems and most importantly, the connection of People and Business strategies. Before moving into the tech world in 2017 he was the Leader of Workforce Planning and HR Analytics at GE Capital and a member of the global GE Strategic Workforce Planning COE. He started his HR career at Towers Watson in Chicago. He is passionate about simplification and HR innovation, developing contemporary visualizations, analytics super-charged by artificial intelligence and user-friendly tools to push HR forward into the future.

Stacey Swanson, Senior Manager HR Consulting, Salo LLC
Stacey Swanson is a Senior Manager with Salo’s HR Solutions practice. With over 25 years of progressive Human Resources experience, Stacey partners with clients to identify and provide solutions to a variety of HR challenges including organization structure, benefits, compensation, and strategy. Stacey has extensive experience in cultural assessment, change management, and has ensured the success of multiple acquisitions across a wide variety of organizations. Prior to joining Salo, Stacey held HR leadership roles with Walser Automotive Group and Buffalo Wild Wings. Stacey holds a M.A. in Management from Saint Mary’s University, and a B.A. in Business Economics from the University of Minnesota-Morris.

Kristin VanderHorst, SVP, Team Member Insights, Wells Fargo
Kristin VanderHorst is the Head of Team Member Insights at Wells Fargo. Her team provides research, insights and reporting for all Human Capital data to help HR and business leaders make informed, data driven decisions. Kristin has over 20 years of experience leading a wide range of teams focused on data insights and reporting, leadership development, vendor management, sales and service training. She has worked in large and small organizations including Deloitte Consulting as the Director of Learning & Development for the Project Controller community where she built their development program and led the expansion for this role overseas as well as working for a number of dotcom companies building their development strategies before joining Wells Fargo.


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