Hello everyone!

Welcome to the CoMIS 2021 Competition page where you will find everything you need to know about this year's competition. We have had to shift our strategy and convert CoMIS 2021 into a virtual competition which allows us to have even more schools compete and challenge themselves with complex business problems in our continuously evolving world. We have been working hard to give you a memorable experience and cannot wait to meet everyone!


 This year’s competition will have two cases! We start off with a 5-hour case in which the winner of each group gets a prize and choice on when they want to begin their 24-hour case! The second place teams will also get to choose when they start deliberating the 24-hour case. The 24-hour case will need participants to work together to innovate a solution which will position our client for success given the unpredictable business environment we all face. We will have 5 groups of 4-5 schools each that will compete in a preliminary round. Groups will present their findings to judges and at its conclusion, one winner from each group will be chosen to move onto the final round. 


All second place contestants in each group will compete in a lightning round in which two teams are picked and entered into the final. Finalists will be given 30 minutes to update and refine their presentation while adjusting to a new piece of information that will impact the business and their solution. This will force groups to work under pressure to adjust their solution and overcome an unprecedented obstacle.


Judges will recognize the top 3 teams at our closing event and will be told to expect a special prize in the subsequent weeks! We are continuously updating this page with information pertaining to registration dates, the case competition, schedule announcements,  and the participating teams!


We are excited and grateful for all our competitors to share this new experience with us and we can’t wait to see you! All the best and stay safe.


Tharaniitharan Panchalingam
Director of Competition