Leadership in the Age of Disruption: Strategies for Today’s Crisis and Beyond

Leadership in Disruption Virtual Series


Strategies for Today’s Crisis and Beyond

The Carlson Executive Education Leadership in the Age of Disruption series is an opportunity for the business community to gain timely strategies that will make an immediate impact on business, with insights from Carlson faculty experts. Register for this live virtual series for help navigating the climate of uncertainty and shaping your business response in the wake of disruptions caused by COVID-19. Over the course of five Friday morning live virtual discussions, Carlson Faculty will engage with you on relevant topics to help your business thrive.


Each live virtual session runs from 8:00-9:00 AM CST

May 29

Dealing with Economic Consequences, Disruption, and Identifying Golden Opportunities

Sri Zaheer & Hari Nair

Dean Zaheer kicks off the leadership series with Hari Nair, member of the Carlson Executive Educator Network and Harvard Advanced Leadership Fellow. Discussion will center on dealing with the economic impact of a crisis and redirecting sources of disruption to be golden opportunities for companies. 

June 5

Turning on [Near] Real Time Health Data to Track Covid-19

Stephen Parente

Professor and Associate Dean Parente shares his perspective on the COVID-19 crisis as a health economics expert.

June 12

Developing an AI and Digital First Workforce

Alok Gupta

Professor and Associate Dean Gupta will talk about the emerging importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in the modern economy, as well as the critical role humans play in all AI-centered tasks. 

June 19

Rethinking Global Supply Chains: Balancing Efficiency with Resiliency

Anant Mishra & Rachna Shah

Professors Mishra and Shah will discuss critical issues that business leaders face and identify opportunities to balance efficiency and resiliency, two competing objectives, in global supply chains.

June 26

Changing Buyer Behavior & Ways to Increase Brand Trust in the Age of Disruption

Alison Jing Xu 

Professor Xu will share strategies for understanding changing consumer psychology and building brand trust. Professor Xu will be joined by Shruti Bhargava and Tamara Charm from McKinsey who will share real-time research on changing buyer behavior during the pandemic.


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