Sri Zaheer
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Sri Zaheer

Dean, Elmer L. Andersen Chair in Global Corporate Social Responsibility
Carlson Office of the Dean


  • BS 1973
    Physics Madras University

  • PGDBA(MBA) 1975
    Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

  • PhD 1992
    International Management Massachusetts Institute of Technology


  • Technology and global organization
  • The legitimacy of multinational enterprises
  • Knowledge management
  • Time-based strategies
  • Cross cultural merger and acquisition
  • Globalization

Sri Zaheer is the Dean of the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota where she also holds the Elmer L. Andersen Chair in Global Corporate Social Responsibility.

She joined the University in 1991 as an assistant professor after earning her PhD at the Sloan School of Management at MIT. Before becoming dean in 2012, her roles at the Carlson School have included serving as the PhD coordinator in the department of Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship (SME), department chair, and associate dean of faculty and research where she was responsible for faculty in seven academic departments and the school's research infrastructure.

Sri’s research focus is on international business—a topic on which she has published extensively and work that has been honored by such organizations as the Academy of International Business and the Academy of Management. She is a Fellow of the Academy of International Business, and a former Consulting Editor of the Journal of International Business Studies.

Prior to academia, Zaheer worked for multinationals such as Tata Consultancy Services and Sandoz (India) Ltd. She also reported on politics and business from India and Nigeria for Business International. These experiences provided the foundation for her research in international business as well as leading the Carlson School’s engagement with the corporate community.

Sri serves on the boards of the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), Greater Twin Cities United Way, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. She previously served on the boards of the Guthrie Theater and Destination Medical Center Economic Development Agency in Rochester, Minnesota. 

In 2013, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal honored Sri’s professional achievements, leadership qualities, and contributions to the broader Twin Cities community with its Women in Business Award.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from the Women’s Christian College, Madras University and was awarded her MBA from the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad.

Selected Works

  • Dealing with information asymmetry in cross-border acquisitions Academy of Management Best Papers Proceedings. Dastidar and S. Zaheer (2010).
  • "Building a Process Model of Local Adaptation of Practices: A Study of Six Sigma Implementation in Korean and US firms," Journal of International Business Studies (2010).
  • "Wall Street versus Main Street: Firm Strategies for defending legitimacy and their impact on different stakeholders," A. Lamin and S. Zaheer, Organization Science (forthcoming).
  • "Sense of Place: From location resources to MNE locational capital," S. Zaheer and L. Nachum, Inaugural issue of Global Strategy Journal, (forthcoming)
  • "Does it Matter Where Countries Are? Proximity to knowledge, markets and resources and MNE location choices," L. Nachum, S. Zaheer and S. Gross, Management Science, 54(7):1252-1265 (2008).
  • "Cluster capabilities or ethnic ties? Location choice by foreign and domestic entrants in the services offshoring industry in India", S. Zaheer, A. Lamin and M. Subramani, Journal of International Business Studies, 40(6): 944-968 (2009)
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  • "Time Scales and Organizational Theory," S. Zaheer, S. Albert, and A. Zaheer, Academy of Management Review (1999). This article was chosen as one of the three best papers in the Academy of Management Review that year.
  • "The Dynamics of the Liability of Foreignness," S. Zaheer and E. Mosakowski, Strategic Management Journal (1997).
  • "Knowledge Retention and Personnel Mobility: The Nondisruptive Effects of Inflows of Experience," T. Madsen, E. Mosakowski, and S. Zaheer, Organization Science (2003).
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  • "Identity Versus Culture in Mergers of Equals," S. Zaheer, M. S. Schomaker, and M. E. Genc, European Management Journal (2003).
  • "Concentration and Dispersion in Global Industries: Remote Electronic Access and the Location of Economic Activities," S. Zaheer and S. Manrakhan, Journal of International Business Studies (2001).
  • "Acceptable Risk: A Study of Global Currency Trading Rooms in the United States and Japan," S. Zaheer, The Performance of Financial Institutions, eds. S. Zenios and P. Harker (Cambridge University Press, 2000).
  • "Organizational Legitimacy under Conditions of Complexity: The Case of the Multinational Enterprise," T. Kostova and S. Zaheer, Academy of Management Review (1999).
  • "The Persistence of Distance? The Impact of Technology on MNE Motivations for Foreign Investment," L. Nachum and S. Zaheer, Strategic Management Journal (2005).
  • "Trust Across Borders," S. Zaheer and A. Zaheer, Journal of International Business Studies (2006).
  • "Catching the Wave: Alertness, Responsiveness, and Market Influence in Global Electronic Networks," A. Zaheer and S. Zaheer, Management Science (1997).
  • "Breaking the Silos: Distributed Knowledge and Strategic Responses to Volatile Exchange Rates," D. R. Lessard and S. Zaheer, Strategic Management Journal (1996).
  • "Overcoming the Liability of Foreignness," S. Zaheer, Academy of Management Journal (1995).
  • "Time-Zone Economies and Managerial Work in a Global World," S. Zaheer, Innovations in International and Cross-Cultural Management, eds. P. C. Earley and H. Singh (Sage, 2000).
  • "The Global Configuration of a Speculative Trading Operation: An Empirical Study of Foreign Exchange Trading," E. Mosakowski and S. Zaheer, Organization Science (1999).

Current Activities

Administrative Appointments

  • Dean, Carlson School of Management

Honors and Awards

  • Eldridge Haynes Prize for the best interdisciplinary work, Academy of International Business, 1994

  • Richard N. Farmer Best Dissertation Award, Academy of International Business, 1992

  • Barry M. Richman Best Dissertation Award, Academy of Management, International Management Division, 1992

Scholarly Service

  • Chair, International Management Division, Academy of Management, 2001

  • Member, Founding International Academic Council, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India

  • Fellow of the Academy of International Business