Ignite 2021 is a virtual event that will illuminate and inspire marketing professionals who are hungry to lead in this new era.

Topics & Presenters

Topic: Is It Your Turn to Speak Up? | Risks and Rewards of a More Vocal Posture for Brands

Should organizations take a stance on political or social issues? It’s getting harder for business leaders to remain silent or neutral when events trigger an emotional public response. Speaking publicly on these issues will always carry risks, but the outcome also presents opportunities. Find the right place for your organization. (Panel discussion)

Topic: Looking for Love | The New Language of Consumer Loyalty

Consumer affinity and sustained brand loyalty changed with Covid due to disrupted supply chains, new acquisition methods, novel delivery methods, remote workforce and more fragmented media choices. Consumers explored new ways for new days. The new elements of loyalty will revolve around experience, exclusivity, emotion and new forms of consumer interactivity.


Topic: The Doctor Will See You Now | The Retailization of Healthcare

Consumers are demanding a more personalized healthcare experience that mirrors other consumer-facing industries. They're looking for convenient, prompt service (often on demand), transparent pricing for comparison shopping and a high level of customer satisfaction. Learn how businesses can leverage their vast experience and lessons learned in customer-driven sectors and translate this into success in the often confusing realm of consumer healthcare. (Panel discussion)

Topic: Who’s Minding the Store? | The Future of Retail Shopping

Omni channel commerce in a post pandemic era. Digital sales have exploded in the past 18 months. But new opportunities also create new problems…who’s minding the store, and how? We explore the rise of the retail robot. Where is the consumer comfort zone? Ordering online vs the in-person experience.

Topic: Transactional Transformation | The Rise of Digital, Mobile Wallets and Non-Currency Transactions

Much has changed in the marketplace. The pandemic accelerated the move to touchless transactions and the rise of mobile wallets. What does this mean for retail? Are merchant credit card programs a thing of the past? What happens to consumer spending when every transaction can instantly be found in their mobile wallet? How will “financially informed” consumers change their spending habits?