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Influencer Marketing final

Grow North Entrepreneur Education: Demystifying Influencer Marketing

This month, Grow North's entrepreneur education event series explores the world of influencer marketing. From sponsoring posts on instagram to creating a partnership with an influential person, this is a topic that comes up all the time whether your product is B2B or B2C. Working with influencers and influencer marketing can be a powerful tool in the toolbox as a company scales, but there are a lot of considerations as well.

In this dynamic conversation led by Erin MacMillan and Shelly Dvorak, they will cover:

  • What does influencer marketing really mean today?

  • Influencer marketing models and what it looks like to partner with an influencer

  • Case study examples of how brands have collaborated with influencers successfully

  • Lessons learned and rules of the road as you build your marketing plan

This event is a part of Grow North's Entrepreneur Education event series and is FREE through the support of our partners.

Our speakers:

Erin MacMillian, Founder, Erin MacMillan Consulting; General Mills Influencer Marketing

Shelly Dvorak, President, Sphere 451

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