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Get discounts on Food Ag Ideas Week and other year-round events, become a mentor or mentee, and gain access to members-only events.

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Membership is $75 Annually

  • Access to the Monday Mingle Series, a standing event held on the third Monday of every month for members only. This is a convening and networking opportunity for entrepreneurs in the ecosystem to connect and build out their networks. 
  • Mentor-Mentee Network Access and Twice/Year Speed Dating. When you sign up, you can opt to be a mentor or mentee, select your area of expertise or needed help and we'll match you. 
  • Founders Forum Roundtable Access - A monthly roundtable for 8 entrepreneurs (first come, first serve) to discuss issues they're troubleshooting. Facilitated by a leader from a sponsor organization. 
  • Access to the Kinetic platform, an MN-based networking platform dedicated to helping individuals match with and meet potential partners, mentors, customers, and investors. If you are already a member, click here to join and create your profile.
  • Discounts on year-round Grow North Education Events - Including Food Ag Ideas Week!
  • Inclusion in the Grow North Member Directory - Access to other Members & Sponsors.
  • Access to experts and intellectual capital in every area of business - from entrepreneurs and service providers to retailers and seasoned pros - helping you ramp your business in the MN Food and Ag community.
  • Stay in touch with our monthly newsletter highlighting Grow North events, events happening in the ecosystem with sponsors and partners, and learn about what’s happening in the Food and Ag Industry.

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