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Allison Hohn

Allison Hohn is the Executive Director of Grow North, leading strategy and growth for the organization.  Prior to joining Grow North in 2020, Allison spent 10+ years building a holistic understanding of the food product development cycle as a food scientist at Land O’Lakes and Target Corporation, where she mentored corporate accelerator companies on product development, go to market strategies, and scaled production.  She also serves as the Director of R&D for the 15/16 Group, an NYC-based consulting firm advising startups in various capacities.  Allison has been a part of the Twin Cities community her whole life;  a native of Saint Paul, Minnesota, she holds a BS in Chemistry from Butler University, a Master’s in Food Science from CFANS, and a Master’s in Supply Chain Management from the Carlson School of Management, where she continues to serve as a student advisor. She currently resides in Minneapolis and when not working with startups or inventing new food products, can be found on area soccer fields coaching young women and demonstrating how to execute a proper nutmeg. Feel free to contact me @ hohnx017@umn.edu. 

John Stavig

Director - The Holmes Center

The mission of the Holmes Center is to inspire, educate and connect the next generation of entrepreneurs. John Stavig leads the fundraising, development of outreach programs and implementation of new curriculum for undergraduate and MBA courses. He teaches experiential courses in entrepreneurship and advise students and alumni on new ventures. He was also part of the founding team for MN Cup, MIN-Corps and Grow North outreach programs.

Prior to returning to the University of Minnesota to teach and lead the development of the entrepreneurship center, John's professional background was in management consulting and private equity in the communications industry. As founding principal in $100 million equity fund, sourced investments and took leadership positions in startups that became industry leaders in online advertising and bundled communications services, while leading a roll-up of engineering services providers. 

Carley Pakonen

Carley is a key intern for keeping things flowing at Naturally MN. She handles all things marketing, website management, social media, event support, and content creation. Any Naturally MN social media posts you see are direct work from Carley (amongst other things). She will be a Junior at the Carlson School of Management this year, graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Finance and a minor in Spanish. Check out her LinkedIn below to have a closer look!

Maggie McLaughlin

Maggie is the key intern for helping to manage everything Food, Ag, Ideas Week related. Food, Ag, Ideas Week is an annual multi-day series of speakers, events, tours, and demo showcases in Minneapolis focused on moving the industry forward. Given this event is happening this October, Maggie will be spending her time helping to manage the ins and outs of its operations alongside director Allison Hohn. Additionally, she will be a Junior at the Carlson School of Management this year, studying Entrepreneurship. Check out her LinkedIn below to have a closer look!


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