Photo of PhD Student Jeff Clement

Jeff Clement

PhD Student
Information & Decision Sciences


  • MBA 2014
    University of Maryland, R.H. Smith School of Business
  • Bachelor of Science 2008
    Mechanical Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) 2021


  • AI-Augmented Decision-Making
  • Professional Teams
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Emergency/Prehospital Care


My research is focused on the interactions between people and AI/robots, especially how users interpret information from AI or machine learning systems and how those interpretations shape decisions. I am examining how healthcare providers and patients incorporate AI recommendations in care decisions, particularly in special care/rare disease management like solid organ transplant. I also study how AI agents are perceived and added to teams in professional environments.

My corporate experience includes several years in the healthcare industry as a Brand Manager and Marketing Director, focusing on the intersection of clinical and commercial aspects of special care and rare disease management. I am also a registered Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), which helps ground my research in healthcare decision-making.

Prior to working in industry, I was an officer in the United States Marine Corps. I deployed to Afghanistan twice, first as a truck platoon commander and then combat operations planning officer. 

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