Post Your Study

Instructions for posting your study:

When reposting or adding time slots: please contact the Lab Manager/Subject Pool Administrator. If you are reactivating a study or adding time slots to an existing study, please contact the lab manager at and copy Your cooperation is appreciated as there may be questions to address.

Before posting a new study, please send a copy of section 8. from the Social & Behavioral Sciences Application Form, along with a forwarded copy of your IRB approval email, to the pool administrator at Please contact or for details.

I. Set up a new study

  1. Click on "Add a new study."
  2. Select the type of study you wish to create from the provided list of studies.
  3. The detailed description has been approved by the IRB along with your other study materials.
  4. Enter your correct IRB code and the correct expiration date.
  5. You may alter any of the advanced settings to fit your needs for the study.
  6. Review all your responses and click on "Add this Study."
  7. After the study is created, post the time slots for the study, i.e., the date, time and location where your study will be conducted.

II. Set up your experiment schedule

  1. Click on "My studies."
  2. Click on the study for which you want to post time slots.
  3. Click on "View/administer time slots."
  4. Click on either "Add a time slot" or "Add multiple time slots" as needed.
  5. Enter the date, start time, and any other relevant information that is requested.
  6. Click on "Add."

III. Set participation restrictions for your study

You may set up participation restrictions based on the studies in which subjects have previously participated or the courses in which they are enrolled. Configure these restrictions as follows:

  1. On the page having the basic study information, scroll down to the "Advanced settings" section.
  2. Select the restrictions you want placed on participants signing up for your study.
  3. Click on "Add this study" (if creating the study) or "Save changes" (if making changes to an existing study).

IV. Set pre-screen restrictions

  1. Click on "My studies."
  2. Go to the study for which you wish to set pre-screen restrictions.
  3. While viewing the study information, click "View/modify restrictions" next to the pre-screen restrictions section.
  4. Choose the questions you want to use as restrictions and click "Set restrictions" at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Select the answers on the next screen and click "Save changes" at the bottom of the screen.
  6. The pre-screen restrictions must not be altered after participants have signed up for the study.

V. Check your experiment schedule

  1. Click on "My studies."
  2. Next to the study schedule you want to check, click on "Time slots."

VI. Update the participation status of your experiment

Important: Update the participation status of your experiment as soon as possible after conducting a study session. Take the following steps to indicate whether subjects participated or did not show up for the study:

  1. Click on "My studies."
  2. Go to the study you need to manage.
  3. Go to "View/administer time slots."
  4. Click on "Modify" next to the time slots to which you want to administer credit, payment or penalty.
  5. Click on "Participated" next to participants' names who successfully participated in the study; Click on "No-show" next to the participants' names who did not take part in the study.
  6. Click on "Update sign-ups."