IRB Information

IRB Approval Required

All work involving human subjects must be approved by the University of Minnesota Institutional Review Board (IRB). Please forward your IRB application and approval email to the lab manager.

If you have questions about the IRB approval process, please contact the Behavioral Labs Manager, the Carlson School's IRB representative, Jeffery Perkey, or visit the IRB website.


Apply to the IRB to Recruit from the Subject Pool

The Behavioral Labs website is the gateway to a robust and diverse subject pool which provides participants for your research. To recruit from this pool, you need to include specific language in your IRB application or submit a change in protocol form for previously approved research. Allow the same amount of time you would for any IRB process. Please contact the Carlson School Subject Pool Administrator at with questions about the guidelines for the IRB process to recruit from this pool.

Researchers: Please contact the Behavioral Labs Manager or Subject Pool Administrator whenever you post in the pool. If you are reactivating a study or adding time slots to an existing study, please contact the Behavioral Labs Manager at and copy Your cooperation is appreciated as there may be questions to address.