Carlson School Paid Subject Pool

Join our paid subject pool and earn cash!

The Carlson School of Management Subject Pool operates using the Sona System online Experiment Management System. This provides an easy method for researchers to post research studies and for people to sign up to participate.  Studies posted on this pool provide subjects with compensation for their participation in a study. This usually amounts to approximately $5 per half hour, but can vary based on each researcher’s resources.  The Behavioral Labs Manager oversees this pool and participates in events on and off campus each semester to recruit subjects.  The pool is made up of primarily UofM students and staff but does include some alumni and community members as well.  The goal is to have at least two to three thousand active participants within the pool at all times.

To be eligible to join our subject pool, you must be 18+ years of age.  Although the pool primarily consists of current UMN students, alumni, staff and faculty, anyone may sign up and participate.  If you're interested in viewing and possibly signing up for research studies, click on the link below. Follow the link to "Continue to Sona Website" and click on "Request Account".  Fill in the necessary information and click "Request Account" at the bottom of the page when finished.

After your request is approved, you will receive emails with your user ID and password. You will then be able to log in to the system to view the posted studies and receive notices of research opportunities.

No-Show Policy

The Carlson School Paid Subject Pool has a strict attendance policy for participation in research at the Carlson School.  This is because unexcused absences (or "no-shows") result in wasted University resources.

If you sign up and find that you will not be able to keep your appointment to participate in research, you must cancel your sign up within the time limits given for the study - usually 24 hours in advance. If you do not cancel your sign up or do not show up for the research, you receive a "no-show" status.  If you arrive late you will not be able to participate in research, and you will also receive a "no-show" status.  If you arrive late, please do not knock on lab doors during research sessions.
It is your responsibility to make sure you are present for your appointment.  If you have questions or concerns regarding your appointment or the study itself, you may communicate with the researchers by email, listed on the study.  You may also communicate with the Behavioral Labs office at these emails: or  

You will receive a no-show limit warning from the system after you accumulate 2, 3, 5 and 6 no-shows.  When you accumulate 3 no-shows, your user account will be disabled for 3 months and you will not be able to sign up for any research during that time. Your account will be enabled after 3 months and you will be able to sign up for more research.  If your no-show count reaches 6, your account will be closed permanently and you will no longer be able to sign up for research.

or request an account

If your research includes subject pool use, you must email your IRB approval letter, submission and any updates to the Behavioral Labs Manager prior to posting your study in Sona or reserving the labs. More information on the IRB can also be found under the Researchers/IRB Information tab.

If you will be using the paid subject pool for your research, you will need training on the Sona Subject Management System. Please contact the Behavioral Labs Manager or the Labs Assistant at to set up a training.

For full instructions on how to post a study on the Sona website, please click on the Researchers/Post your Study tab.  Always contact the Behavioral Labs Manager before posting or adding time slots to your study in the subject pool.  Please also contact the labs manager if you are reactivating a study or adding time slots to an existing study.  Your cooperation is appreciated as there may be questions to address.