Carlson Analytics Lab

Carlson Analytics Lab projects provide clients with in-depth analyses, new insights, and ready-to-implement solutions. Our students are skilled in an array of approaches, and devise solutions that span the analytics spectrum—from descriptive exploration and predictive analytics to causal inference and prescriptive optimization.

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    exploratory analysis
    BI dashboards

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    data mining
    machine learning

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    a/b testing

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  teams also provide data engineering as foundation for projects  


  • Mall of America

    Mall of America Mines Insights from Wi-Fi Data

    New Insights from Novel Data

    Students used Wi-Fi access point data to better understand visitor behavior and movement inside the enormous shopping and entertainment destination.

  • Medical staff in conversation

    Forecasting Patient Census for Hennepin County Medical Center

    Machine Learning in Action

    The Lab team built multiple models to predict patient populations in 17 different nursing units, improving the hospital’s ability to optimize staffing and deliver patient care.

  • Agriculture field

    A Superior Similarity Metric

    Creative Data Analysis

    Students integrated soil, weather, topography, and crop data to develop a similarity metric based on agricultural growing conditions. Using the metric, they analyzed 300,000 farm fields, matching each to a research plot and improving performance by 7% on average.

  • mechanics working on machinery

    New Capabilities for the Internet of Things

    Streaming Data Harnessed for Use

    Students helped a global consulting firm expand its capabilities by building a cloud-based prototype to monitor streaming data from machine sensors and predict equipment failures.

  • hairstylist at work

    Regis Corporation Invests in Analytics

    Prediction and Customization

    Regis Corporation has partnered with the Carlson Analytics Lab on several projects.

  • Sun Country Airlines plane photo by Cory W. Watts

    Mining Data for Customer Insights at Sun Country Airlines

    Marketing Analytics

    Unifying disparate data sources, students created a cohesive view of customer segments for the airline, informing its entire marketing operation.