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3 People, 3 Questions: Spring 2023

Friday, April 21, 2023

Dayton Steele

Assistant Professor of Supply Chain and Operations

Dayton Steele - Fall '22
Dayton Steele, Assistant Professor

What are you reading?

Right now, I’m reading Malcolm Gladwell’s most recent book, The Bomber Mafia. I have read all of his previous books, and after recently receiving this book as a gift, I am excited to complete the collection. I recommend him to anyone looking for a stimulating book that is easy to read.

What is your favorite website?

I love stackoverflow.com. Undoubtedly, my programming skills would be dismal without a community to answer all kinds of programming questions. I mainly program in R, and the website is a great starting point for new programmers, such as those in the course I teach: BA 2551, Business Statistics in R.

What is your dream job?

My dream job is one that is personally challenging and allows for intellectual curiosity while providing a support system to be successful. My current job as an assistant professor satisfies all of these things, and the Supply Chain and Operations Department at the Carlson School has been amazing.


Brynn Nguyen

'24 BSB

Brynn Nguyen
Brynn Nguyen, '24 BSB

What are you reading?

Though usually I stick to young adult fantasy novels in order to experience the adventurous, wonderful worlds that one’s imagination can conjure, I’m currently diverging from my defaults. Today I am reading The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin, a realistic fiction novel.

What is your favorite website?

My favorite website that has withstood the test of time is Poptropica. Though it’s slightly childish (fitting since I played it as a child), it’s an engaging brain game. Poptropica is just like puzzles, but with a storyline attached! You need to put together different pieces of a mystery in order to solve the major goal of the world. All in all, a fun way to pass time and get your noggin running.

What is your dream job?

My dream job is to manage a family restaurant. My father has always dreamed of opening up his own restaurant in Vietnam and scaling it to turn it into a chain. He’s always been such a hard worker so I could focus my own efforts on myself. Now, I dream about the day that I have the capacity and skills to be a valuable asset in helping him achieve his dreams.


Brittany Horn

'22 MKTG, Channel Marketing Associate, Cambria

Brittany Horn headshot
Brittany Horn, '22 MKTG

What are you reading?

The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon because it is critical to continue to learn how to approach life and work with positive and forward-thinking.

What is your favorite website?

My favorite website is Pinterest because the inspiration is endless. I can easily find content that is inspiring for work, such as interior design and kitchens, while also seeing new art ideas to try in my free time.

What is your dream job?

My dream job is to be an event planner for Make-A-Wish. Being able to coordinate all the details for kids facing critical illnesses, show that anything is possible, and give them a spark to keep fighting—it doesn’t get much better than that.

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