Qi Xie

PhD Candidate


  • Ph.D. in Marketing 2024 (ongoing)
    University of Minnesota
  • M.S. in Business Analytics 2018
    University of Rochester
  • B.A. in Public Finance 2016
    Peking University


Qi Xie is a sixth-year PhD student of Marketing at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota. Prior to her PhD studies, she received her M.S. in Business Analytics from University of Rochester, and B.A. in Public Finance from Peking University in China. under the guidance of her advisors Prof. Linli Xu and Prof. George John, Qi's research mainly focuses on understanding user behavior on digital platforms to derive insights that can guide platform designs. Qi has presented her research at several conferences, including the ISMS Marketing Science Conference, POMS Conference, China India Insights Conference and the Marketing Dynamics Conference. Her most recent study explores how the dynamic interplay between Discovery and Consumption Interfaces affect consumer engagement on digital media platform. Her second research stream centers on the exploration of how policy design impacts participant behavior on digital platforms. In this stream, she has a working paper, which is currently being revised for a 3rd round review at MISQ, examines the effectiveness of strategic opacity as a potential solution to the manipulation and gaming issues in the context of crowdsourcing contests. To examine these complex problems, her work employs a combination of methodologies including econometric modeling, difference-in-difference estimators, and field experiments. 

Selected Works & Activities

  • Working Papers
    Qi Xie, Linli Xu, George John, “User Engagement on Digital Media Platforms: The Dynamic Interplay between Discovery and Consumption”, Job Market Paper
  • Working Papers
    Linli Xu, Qi Xie, Gordon Burtch, Li Wang (2023), “An Empirical Study of Strategic Opacity in Crowdsourced Quality Evaluations”, Revising for 3rd round at MIS Quarterly

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