de Liu

De Liu

Professor, Information and Decision Sciences
Information & Decision Sciences


  • PhD 2004
    Management Science and Information Systems, University of Texas at Austin
  • Master of Science 2000
    Management Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University
  • Bachelor of Engineering 1998
    Management Information System, Tsinghua University


  • Economics of Internet Auctions and Mechanism Design
  • Gamification in Digital Health and Learning
  • Social Media and Social Commerce
  • Crowdfunding



Selected Works & Activities.

  • Journal Articles
    Zhihong Ke, De Liu, and Daniel Brass. Do Online Friends Bring Out the Best in Us? The Effect of Friend Contributions on Online Review Provision (2020). Accepted in Information Systems Research.
  • Journal Articles
    Liang Chen, Pei Xu, and De Liu. The Effect of Crowd Voting on Participation in Crowdsourcing Contests (2020). Journal of Management Information Systems, 37 (2), 510-535
  • Journal Articles
    De Liu and Adib Bagh. Dynamic Ascending Clock Auction for Privacy-Preserving Assignment. Forthcoming in Management Science, 2019
  • Gordon Burtch, Yili Hong, and De Liu. The Role of Provision Points in Online Crowdfunding. Journal of Management Information Systems, 35(1):117-144, 2018
  • Journal Articles
    Huaxia Rui, De Liu, and Andrew Whinston. Allocation and Pricing of Substitutable Goods: Theory and Algorithm. Production and Operations Management, 26(5):767-783, 2017
  • Journal Articles
    De Liu, Radhika Santhanam, and Jane Webster. Toward Meaningful Engagement: a Framework for Design and Research of Gami ed Information Systems. MIS Quarterly, 41(4):1011-1034, 2017
  • Journal Articles
    Radhika Santhanam, De Liu, and Wei Cheng Shen. Gami cation of Technology-Mediated Training: Not All Competitions Are the Same. Information Systems Research, 27(23):453-465, 2016
  • Journal Articles
    De Liu, Daniel J Brass, Yong Lu, and Dongyu Chen. Friendships in Online Peer-to-Peer Lending: Pipes, Prisms, and Relational Herding. MIS Quarterly, 39(3):729-742, 2015
  • De Liu, Xun Li, and Radhika Santhanam. Digital Games and Beyond: What Happens When Players Compete? MIS Quarterly, 37(1):111-124, 2013
  • De Liu, Jianqing Chen, and Andrew B. Whinston. Ex Ante Information and the Design of Keyword Auctions. Information Systems Research, 21(1):133-153, 2010
  • Journal Articles
    Jianqing Chen, De Liu, and Andrew B Whinston. Auctioning Keywords in Online Search. Journal of Marketing, 73(4):125-141, 2009
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