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    Securian becomes Securian Financial, launches new advertising push

    Securian Financial

    Securian, the St. Paul-based life insurance and financial services company, added the word "Financial" to its name on Monday as part of a rebranding and marketing campaign aimed at reaching consumers directly. The 138-year-old company, for decades known as Minnesota Mutual Life Insurance, unveiled a new Securian Financial logo and launched a national advertising campaign that will include spots on ABC-TV's "Good Morning America."   Read More


    Ignite 2018 Banner

    Ignite 2018 will examine the concept of trust by way of research from some of today’s top scholars on the subject as well as companies with real-time experience on how trust impacts their business.

    • Internally, trust can make or break an organization’s culture.
    • Trust with your partners in your supply chain is critical.
    • Trust is a core component of a good brand. How do you protect that valuable asset?

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    Star Tribune

    Sunday conversation with David Kristal, CEO, Augeo Affinity Marketing

    Since its start in 1999, Augeo Affinity Marketing has emerged as a leading company in loyalty marketing. The St. Paul-based company’s client list spans across the globe and has a reported 40 percent compounded annual growth since 2007. Augeo builds programs for companies that aim to increase emotional engagement with customers and employees. Businesses using loyalty marketing may offer discounts or rewards points for frequent customers. But as data collection becomes a growing component of loyalty marketing, firms will have to beef up on security while making their offerings to customers more personalized, said CEO David Kristal. Here is an edited transcript of a recent conversation with Kristal.

    Q: How can businesses know what kind of loyalty marketing platform is best for them, whether they are a mom-and-pop retailer or a bigger company?
    A: It’s less about the loyalty platform, and significantly more about what their objectives are. You need to deploy a solution that aligns with their business objectives. It’s platform driven so it can evolve as their business evolves. And it has to be measurable, otherwise it’ll feel good for a while and over time if it’s not measurable, it won’t sustain.
    Q: How would you say the role of punch cards and discounts has changed or grown?
    A: The way people perceive value has changed as rapidly as virtually any other change in the world of engagement. So it used to be that a discount in and of itself was special. But [now] we can all go online and search for discounts. So the way we engage has to probably include some form of a discount, and a number of other value-based considerations. And that’s why a relationship that a brand has with a customer or their employee is so critical. At its core, it has to be built on trust, and then from there, everything can kind of be built on top of it.
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  • Lawrence Fellowship

    Featured Faculty: Alison Jing Xu & Yi Zhu

    Two Marketing Department faculty members have been selected to receive the 2018 Mary and Jim Lawrence Fellowship. Assistant Professors, Alison Jing Xu and Yi Zhu are among those receiving the award that recognizes junior and recently promoted faculty. Learn More

  • Carmen Johnson

    Featured Board Member: Carmen Johnson

    Carmen is currently the Chief Marketing Officer & Senior Vice President of Audience Development for Minnesota Public Radio.

  • David Crist

    Featured Board Member: David Crist

    David Crist has been the Vice President of Marketing in Consumer Business Group for 3M since April 2012. 

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    • "Can an Unpredictable Childhood Environment Enhance Working Memory? Testing the Sensitized-Specialization Hypothesis," Professor Vlad Griskevicius, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 
    • "Do Mothers Spend More on Daughters While Fathers Spend More on Sons?" Professor Vlad Griskevicius, Journal of Consumer Psychology 

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