Business Advancement Center for Health

Business Advancement Center for Health

The Carlson School of Management and the Business Advancement Center for Health (BACH) are uniquely positioned to reimagine and provide leadership in healthcare. By engaging interdisciplinary experts from academia, industry, and the community, BACH is designing and evaluating business-driven innovations that address critical gaps of equity in healthcare.

Addressing gaps in health equity and improving value in healthcare

BACH leads new, evidence-based, business and data-driven sustainable solutions that effectively address cost, access, safety, and equity in the health sector. Whether your interest is academic, professional, personal—or an intersection—learn more about why healthcare equity matters and how BACH is helping to close the gap with the next generation of healthcare innovations.

Vision: Create a healthcare system that delivers equitable care to all individuals.

Mission: Design business-driven innovations that address gaps in health equity and improve value in healthcare through convening academia, industry and community stakeholders.

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BACH highlights the value of collaboration among stakeholders and will host roundtables and consortia with industry and community partners, conferences, multi-sector forums, and interdisciplinary student competitions. Past events are also available to watch.

Health Equity Research

Participatory research projects will engage the community and industry, along with faculty and students. This ecosystem will complement Carlson School coursework, expose students to state-of-the-art thinking, and engage faculty in innovative real-world health sector solutions.

Support the Center

Bridging the intersections of community, industry, and academia, BACH aligns sectors of the health economy to co-create innovative solutions to drive marketplace implementation. Learn more about the gifts making BACH’s research possible and consider making a donation.

BACH Responds to COVID-19 Pandemic

The Business Advancement Center for Health and the Management Information Systems Research Center at the Carlson School launched a project in March 2020 to consistently track and report daily COVID-19 related hospitalizations from all 50 states. The Hospitalization Tracking Project continues to track and report data on daily hospitalizations, including hospital bed count and intensive care capacity, from state health departments. Visit the Hospitalization Tracking Project website to learn more and view the interactive dashboard. 

As the team approached one year of tracking COVID-19 hospitalizations, they reflected on their work.  Learn more.  

COVID-19 Hospitalization Tracking Project 

BACH runs on a framework of 4 ‘C’ principles:

  • Convene key stakeholders in the community, academia, and industry 
  • Conduct collaborative research 
  • Co-Create innovative business-driven models 
  • Communicate findings
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