Business Analytics for Leaders

- | Wed - Fri

Business Analytics for Leaders is a 3-day professional development course that trains executives and senior business leaders on the capabilities of data analytics and how to implement analytics to achieve business goals. Participants will learn the concepts of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics, leadership best-practices, as well as how to apply insights in the real world.

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Digital Marketing—Strategy, Analytics, and AI

- | Tue - Thu

This 3-day digital marketing course teaches innovative strategies and principles behind today's most powerful marketing capabilities. Executives and business leaders will gain actionable insights into mobile, AI, and social media to take back to their marketing teams and agencies.

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Business Professionals smiling and working around a table

People Analytics: Driving Strategy with Data

- | Tue - Wed

HR professionals are surrounded by vast troves of employee level data and in many cases, this data isn’t being leveraged to its full potential. This course will help participants realize the potential of their employee data to improve people-related decision-making and human resource strategy.

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