Accelerating Sales Team Performance

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Leadership training for front-line managers.

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Today's front-line sales managers face significant challenges while they strive to achieve broad-based and sustainable growth. These challenges include trends toward:

  • Commoditization of value (as procurement departments utilize increasingly sophisticated buying processes)
  • Disruption within their industries
  • Perceived diminished role of sales within the customer experience
  • Evolving generational expectations of sales producers

In order to succeed within this environment, front-line sales managers must be able to lead their teams to enhanced productivity. One critical component for success includes better meeting the needs of their individual team members. This reality can be particularly challenging since many front-line sales managers have been promoted to their roles without ever receiving any sales management training or development.

This course is an interactive, three-day learning experience designed to build practical sales management capability. Participants will learn from Carlson School and industry experts as well as their peers. They'll return to work reinvigorated and ready to apply proven leadership skills to drive profitable growth.



Front-line or first-time sales managers with direct supervisory or support responsibility for producing sales representatives or independent contractors/agents.


Key Benefits

  • A greater understanding of their leadership role, its direct impact on team performance, and strategies to increase leadership effectiveness.
  • Enhanced coaching and communication skills
  • Strengthened business acumen to make better, faster decisions
  • How to position value over price to drive profitability
  • How to flex personal style to better meet the needs of individual team members
  • Successful hiring, development, and retention tactics
  • Development of a personalized action plan that can be immediately put into practice
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Corporate Sales and Marketing in the Global Economy

Leadership Role and Responsibility

Sales Team Communication

Managing the Performance of Your Sales Team

Performance Segmentations

Business Acumen

Sales Funnel Management

Value-Based Sales Process Part I


Sales Team Communication

Coaching for Success Across Generations

Sales Talent Acquisition & Development

Value-Based Sales Process Part II

Group Presentations


John Kammeyer-Mueller
Professor, Curtis L. Carlson Professor of Industrial Relations; Director, Center for Human Resources and Labor Studies
Connie Wanberg
Professor and Industrial Relations Faculty Excellence Chair; Chair
Dan Kosch
Distinguished Member of the Carlson Executive Educator Network
Tony Ennis
Distinguished Member of the Carlson Executive Educator Network
Wayne Mueller
Undergraduate Studies Director, Senior Lecturer

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