In the Carlson Consulting Enterprise, we have to become rapidly educated about a new industry or product. For me, it was exciting going from 0-100 mph on my client’s area so that I could intelligently discuss the problem and come up with insightful, actionable recommendations.

One of the things that drew me to Consulting Enterprise was the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects, and my experience has lived up to that expectation. I’ve done an international market assessment for a Fortune 200 manufacturing client, long-term operations and planning to bring Expo 2023 to Minnesota, and a carbon capture and use project for a large international conglomerate. In each case, my genuine curiosity has led to me to seek news and articles about the industry long after the project has ended. 

The Enterprise gave me my first real opportunity to work on complex problems with a group of peers, which is markedly different from my previous work experiences working in teams. In the past, teams were assembled by a higher power and roles were determined beforehand, often based on work titles and company hierarchy. In the Consulting Enterprise, each project is addressed by a team of equals. As a team lead, this dynamic was a challenging opportunity to assess my personal leadership style and gain experience working with people whose backgrounds and skills I wasn’t immediately familiar with. I believe that the abilities I developed working on these teams is going to allow me to be a better team member in the early stages of my consulting career, and will allow me to approach leadership roles with a focus on flexibility and empathy.

Upon graduation, I will be joining the Boston Consulting Group.