UMN Employee Internal Application Process & Tips

Thank you for your interest in the Carlson Working Professional Programs and Graduate Certificate options.  The purpose of this page is to explain the following:

  • Application Process for a UMN Employee to Part-Time MBA, Online MBA, Master of Science in Supply Chain Management, Master of Applied Business Analytics, or the Graduate Certificate Options
  • Provide Tips for UMN Employees to Consider When Applying
  • Regents Tuition Benefit Program


We encourage all interested candidates to first set up a meeting with an admission advisor to discuss your background/profile, program structure, and curriculum, as well as the application process.

  • Set up a meeting with an admission advisor at 
  • If you have questions, please contact the Carlson MBA & MS Programs office at or 612-625-5555
  • We encourage candidates to chat with their supervisors early in the application process. UMN employees are not required to have a conversation with their supervisor prior to applying, but a supervisor signature will later be required for the ‘Request to Use Regent’s Scholarship’ form

Choose an Email Address to Apply With

(UMN Email vs. Personal Email)

Choosing the right email can be different for everyone, below we will compare the difference between choosing your UMN Email versus your personal email. Both can be used, but we wanted to share tips that may be helpful when choosing which email to use, and impacts after the admission process.

NOTE: If you are a Slate CRM user, please make sure any test records are marked and have appropriate email addresses before creating an application; your ‘real’ application should be on a clean, new record.

Note for Slate CRM User: If you use your email for the application you will not be able to do application/confirmation/orientation processes in Slate as an ‘applicant’ while also simultaneously logged in as a user in Slate, or any other web-based UMN system requiring x500 login, like UMN Gmail or UMN Google Drive. We recommend using incognito windows to work on your application, if your x500 is logged in anywhere else in browsers.


  • Slate Users Only: The easiest method is to log out of everything (close all of your browser windows) and then open a new one to log into your application as an applicant. You can’t also open your email, etc. in another tab when you do this!
  • The second method is to open an incognito window and log into your application there. You must then do all of your ‘applicant’ activities in this incognito window while doing all of your ‘user’ activities in the main window.
  • Your decision notification will be sent to your email address; don’t forget that you will need to open the link in an incognito window! (because you’ll be logged into your UMN Gmail account when you receive it)
  • You must view your letter before the confirmation form will appear. 
  • The deposit payment due is only applied after you have submitted the confirmation form.

If you use your personal email, follow the application and confirmation instructions as normal. 

  • After you’ve confirmed and when your official communication from the program changes to your email address and single-sign-on is implemented you will need to use an incognito window as above.

Regent’s Scholarship 

The University is committed to providing its employees opportunities to participate in professional development, education, and training. The Regents Tuition Benefit Program provides for all or a portion of tuition costs as a way for the University to invest in its employees and foster a culture of excellence.

  • The scholarship will cover 75% of the tuition cost for working professional graduate options like the Part-Time MBA, Online MBA, Master of Applied Business Analytics, Master of Science in Supply Chain Management, or Graduate Certificate Options.
  • The Executive MBA or full-time programs are not covered under the scholarship.
  • Depending on the type of coursework, Regents Tuition Benefit Program benefits may be taxable to the employee. 

For more information on the Regents Tuition Benefit Program

  • The ‘Request for Regents Tuition Benefits Program’ form is completed after admission and registration for courses. It is due prior to the first billing due date of the registration term.
  • Regents Tuition Benefit Program recipients cannot receive any departmental aid (scholarships, reimbursements for travel, etc.)
  • For additional questions on the Regents Tuition Benefit Program, please contact the Office of Human Resources at or Twin Cities - One Stop Service Center at


Our Confidentially Promise

FERPA takes care of this both pre-and post-decision and throughout enrollment in the program.


Fee Waiver and Administration

Fee Waivers can be administered through the fee waiver form or an admissions appointment

  • Best practice to connect with the correct recruiter to have this applied
  • GA Programs cannot waive applications fees (MS SCM)


Tuition Confirmation Deposit Waiver

  • All programs have a confirmation deposit that will be credited to the student account and appear in MyU Finances after attending orientation and official transcripts are received. 
  • This confirmation tuition deposit cannot be waived
    • Unless for the PTMBA or OMBA program, with the candidate confirming within 7 days of the admission offer


Attention Slate CRM Users

If you have a test record, alter email address to add “” for your test record

  • The regular record will use the regular UMN email address 
  • What if my personal email address is test records? Email:

GMAT/GRE Requirements & Criteria

Degree Programs must meet criteria or qualify for the waiver process 

  • Be aware of application deadlines, the waiver approval process can take 1-2 weeks
  • Waivers can be approved, denied or an alternative test option may be required like MBA Math
  • No GMAT/GRE requirements for Certificates



  1. If a UMN employee is not admitted into the desired program, the employee is welcome to apply for future terms of admission. 
  2. Please connect with an admission advisor to discuss the re-application process and how to improve the profile for re-application

Application Process for Different Employee Departments

The application and decision process is relatively similar for all employees at the University of Minnesota, however, there are few additional steps and tips listed down below that may be of help during this process.

All of the applications will be reviewed through the standard admissions process.

Note: For MBA, MS, and GBCC employees; your application will be specifically reviewed by the Assistant Dean and the Director of Admissions for desired program 

For MBA, MS, and GBCC Employees: employees will have an additional step that requires an interview with the Assistant Dean

  • Program Assistant will reach out to coordinate and help schedule - please note this step can take some time to complete, keep application deadlines in mind

For MABA and MSSCM Applicants: employees will have an additional step that requires an interview with the Program Director

For CSOM and UMN Employees: employees have no additional materials to provide

  • Materials may need to be provided after accepted for Regents Scholarship

For Certificates, PTMBA, or OMBA Applicants: no additional materials or interviews required 


All applicants will receive an email via the portal and email.

Note: If you used your UMN email address to apply, you will have to continue to use an incognito tab to view your decision and pay your deposit

  • All UMN employees will be required to complete the step of initializing their x500 ID/Email after confirmation. This step of initialization is vital to applying a student status to your account, in order to receive communications to the corresponding program
  • For additional questions on this process, please contact the Office of Information Technology Organization at



Things to Keep in Mind

  • Reach out if you have questions
  • You can ask to see any part of your record or application under FERPA, including the audit log
  • Please be aware of the application deadlines
    • This process can take a bit longer with many of the nuances with employee application (e.g., interview, waiver process)
  • Use incognito window for application steps and form completion