The internationally recognized department of Work and Organizations offers a rigorous program of doctoral studies with a multidisciplinary focus in organizational behavior, human resource management, organizational economics, personnel economics, labor relations, and related areas. Students gain a rigorous, multidisciplinary understanding of research questions, theories, empirical methodologies and analytic approaches across the breadth of the concentration, while pursuing in-depth and focused research within particular domains based on faculty expertise and student interest. Faculty are committed to providing a rich educational experience that maximizes faculty-student mentorships and collaboration. In addition, students have access to an outstanding research infrastructure in the Carlson School including behavioral laboratories, an expansive subject pool within the school, an on-site field-specific library, and exposure to a number of Fortune 500 corporate headquarters located in the Twin Cities area.

PhD Coordinator

John Kammeyer-Mueller
Professor John Kammeyer-Mueller

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Professor Kammeyer-Mueller

Department Chair

John Budd portrait

Professor John Budd

Professor Budd