Work and Organizations

The internationally recognized department of Work and Organizations offers a rigorous program of doctoral studies with a multidisciplinary focus in organizational behavior, human resource management, organizational economics, personnel economics, labor relations, and related areas. Students gain a rigorous, multidisciplinary understanding of research questions, theories, empirical methodologies and analytic approaches across the breadth of the concentration, while pursuing in-depth and focused research within particular domains based on faculty expertise and student interest. Faculty are committed to providing a rich educational experience that maximizes faculty-student mentorships and collaboration. In addition, students have access to an outstanding research infrastructure in the Carlson School including behavioral laboratories, an expansive subject pool within the school, an on-site field-specific library, and exposure to a number of Fortune 500 corporate headquarters located in the Twin Cities area.

John-Gabriel Licht

Alumni Perspective

"Achieving a PhD in business administration in the Work & Organizations Department at the Carlson School has been a great experience for me. Having completed an intense curriculum taught by professors who are leading researchers in their fields, and having engaged in research with those faculty members, I now have the tools necessary to be successful in whatever course my career in management science takes...I was happily surprised at how friendly and supportive the faculty and staff at the Carlson School were...the collegial nature of my classmates made the accomplishment of the degree a much more manageable and enjoyable process..."

John-Gabriel Licht
PhD '15
Work & Organizations
Placement: St. Norbert College