Carlson School Tour

Thursday, November 5, 2015

There is no better way to learn about the Carlson School of Management than through a campus visit. However, if you’re unable to make a visit happen, a tour through iPhone quality photos will have to do! You are cordially invited to shadow me as I go through my typical Wednesday as a second year MBA at the Carlson School!

My first class in the morning is Pricing with Professor Mark Bergen. He brings second year students into his “House of Pricing” every Monday and Wednesday with an energetic discussion that typically revolves around a business case. Today our class went through an interesting case on American Airlines’ pricing structure in the 90s. As you can see everyone is really excited to be there!

Students in Pricing Class with Professor Mark Bergen
Professor Writing on White Board

I head back to the Carlson Brand Enterprise to catch up on homework and hang out with some of my classmates in between class. I stop to vote on Raphael as the best Ninja Turtle and then confirm that they are all the same size (they are different sizes in the new movie which is inaccurate).

Ninja Turtle Drawings on White Board

I tell my classmate that I need to take a fun picture of the Carlson Brand Enterprise for this blog post and she promptly pulls out her selfie stick. Everyone puts on his or her most professional pose.

Students in Brand Enterprise Striking Fun Poses

I decide to ignore the salad I packed for lunch and head down through the atrium to the cafeteria in the basement. There are a lot of good options but the orange chicken calls my name, per usual. Look at all of those networking opportunities in the cafeteria!

Photo of the Carlson School Atrium
Students Working in Carlson School Cafeteria Area

Time to head to the Starbucks in Hanson Hall before my last class. The line typically overflows out the door between classes but I got lucky today.

Entrance of Starbucks in the Carlson School

Caffeine in hand, I head to Corporate Strategy to discuss Kodak’s strategy during the digital photography revolution.

I hope this tour has given you a glimpse into Carlson School’s challenging, rigorous, and fun MBA program!