Who Should Apply?

Qualified applicants should demonstrate a capacity for intense academic study, a propensity for mathematics and programming, and a basic understanding of business fundamentals.

  • Applicants must have completed at least one semester college-level Math course (e.g. Calculus, Linear Algebra).
  • Demonstrated competency in computer programming is required. The following programming languages satisfy the requirement: Python, R, C, C++, C#, VB, Java, PHP, Pascal, and Fortran

Note: International students who require an F-1 visa are not eligible for the Master of Applied Business Analytics program. Alternatively, the Master of Science in Business Analytics program is a full-time day program available to International students.

No programming experience?

Did you know that completing an online certificate course or program can satisfy this prerequisite? Learning platforms such as Coursera, Udemy and edX host online, university level courses where you can learn from a wide range of disciplines, including the fundamentals of a programming language. The following programming languages satisfy the requirement: Python, R, C, C++, C#, Visual Basic (VB), Java, PHP, Pascal or Fortran.

Tips for selecting an online certificate course:

  • Make sure the course you select is at least 20 hours in duration and provides a verifiable certificate of completion which you will upload and submit with your online application.
  • Since the Master of Applied Business Analytics (MABA) program starts with using Python, we recommend choosing this language for your certificate course.
  • Common course names or search terms include "for Beginners" "for Everybody" "Crash Course" "Basics" "Introduction" "Bootcamp" "Zero to Mastery" or "Zero to Hero".

 Application Deadlines

The Applied Business Analytics program begins only in the fall term (September start).


Submission Deadline

Round 1 December 1 (NEW)
Round 2 February 15
Round 3 April 15
Round 4 June 15
Round 5 July 15

Note: Applications submitted past July 15 will be considered on a space-available basis.

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